I found many carefully worded explanations as to why a method or product should be the . He calls the combination of the two exercises the “Maliniak Method”. The Maliniak Method: Read this Book and find out How to: Stop Hair Loss & Grow New Hair Naturally. No Drugs. No Lotions. No Surgery. A Book From Born. Those of you who have been following the MALINIAK METHOD on the world’s biggest forums on HAIR LOSS and MPB or who have reading these blogs know.

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Maliniak Method

This method like all other treatments, only works if you still have living follicles: Look for Al Sears site on my Reviews Page. What if the tight Galea is a major factor in male pattern baldness, but something else is causing the tight Galea?

I understand that not all of us are ready to look at our health seriously. I have a contact who is uses the Skull E methods. Okay, lets assume that a major contributor to male pattern baldness is in fact a tight Galea. This will take you mdthod to my detailed regimen which also has the photos. Leon Maliniak was not afraid of answering my questions by email. We all know that our bodies need some exercise. To see some powerful experimental evidence against the silly “galea theory” mxliniak by this fellow, see the first post in the thread I titled “Dispensing with old-fashioned male pattern mrthod theories, and one NEW one!

Maliniak vaguely mentions that it gets tighter because the muscles it is attached to “pull” it tight. If a nondrug option was available, that wouldn’t be good for them would it?


A Final Note I am aware of the controversy about diet and lifestyle in connection with hair loss. Menu Forums Forums Quick Links. As a lawyer, I am used to this type of anticipated confrontation, I have faced it in other areas where I malinika at televised symposiums and comment on blog sites dealing malibiak the issue of potentially valuable alternative medical sciences.

Taylor’s skull expansion theory theory about transplants was initially inaccurate and he admitted that. I’m extremely skeptical about both theories but why on earth aren’t these simple and fundamental questions addressed in our understanding of male pattern baldness I’m copying them from a Skull Expansion web site?

So, in conclusion, I submit that as you see in either example above, ONE of the TWO factors at play in my theory is not addressed in each case. DHT is still a factor but On Tom Hagerty’s page he mentions a positive correlation between a tight scalp and male pattern baldness.

I haven’t bought it. The first malinia, is to relax the galea.

He has another theory, although i don’t know malinak it is off the top of my head no pun intended Okay i have to go. Some recommendations are on my Reviews Page. It seems that maliiniak simple reasoning has been lost by the many theories about hair loss. Notice how there is a “valley” or small dip in-between the initial thinning spots. All the different things I have been asked and examined till now have only served to further reinforce the validity of this new theory.

Now im not sure if its like this for everyone, but it is for me.

Leon Maliniak (Author of The Maliniak Method – Stop Hair Loss and Grow New Hair)

Read all about it in five minutes at http: Our emotions have methodd great influence on our body chemistry with stress being the most common factor affecting hair loss. It is very easy and it is the least expensive method in the world. If that were true, transplants would not be as popular as they are.


This is just my hypothesis so im not saying its definitely true or whatnot. Using this machine after the galea is relaxed supposedly helps stimulate the follicles to a much greater malibiak. His approach is threefold. He shows a way of training these muscles, so that the whole scalp can move backward and forward.

Maliniak Method Blog

Do not waste any more time and money with the OLD failed technology. It involves a very cheap and natural way to CLEANSE the follicles which are so clogged with dirt that they will not allow even a new revived hair shaft to emerge.

The second uses a device called a Violet Ray machine. Hey Leon, Keep up the good work!

Once they do ill purchase it right away. I could actually see some logic in this in regards to the Maliniak method, but I doubt you can simplify matters such as just saying it is scalp tension although it might play a part to a certain extent.

Looking after ourselves can actually be fun, in particular when we start feeling good about ourselves and our improved mdthod. Therefore you must decide for yourself what methd need to do based on good judgment without being swayed by commercial hype.