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Find great deals for Samsung Ltnp4-l02 ” Matte SXGA LCD Screen. Shop with confidence on eBay!. SAMSUNG LTNP4-L02, one of the most popular LCD screen that are used in Lenvov/IBM and Dell Laptop computers. This inch SAMSUNG. 10 products · Refund will be made upon receipt of the returned item when we hasn’t replacement. · Defective products must be returned within 7.

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It is not that it is particulary bright; it is just acceptable to my subjective taste. Know more about this protection. At least I have a working laptop again.

CCFL replacement for LTNP4-L02 – Thinkpads Forum

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Frankly, I feel l2 bit angry with lenovo for offering laptops wiht panels that should be put rather in museums of ltb141p4 history. Thank you also for the tip regarding the fuse. Is E-bay a possibility where you are? Some time ago I posted here asking for help re.

I on the other hand tend to feel sorry for chosing the one with standard LCD.

We welcome you to sell your spare parts on PcHub. The thinks that I dislike most in my samsung are 1 viewing angles; 2 washed out colours; 3 grainy look. If you know where I can buy one or have one for sale, let otn141p4 know. Message 5 of 5.

I’m not too knowledgeable about electronics yet, ltn141p44 I’ve just started to really dabble in it, but I can’t imagine what else might cause the symptoms I noticed.


I’ll post again if I figure something out. The replacement inverter is supposed to be new and it was shipped in a sealed anti-static bag.

No registered users and 10 guests. I love to tinker with computers and purchase my hardware there regularly. Well, all the TN panels I have seen are bad, but still there are some that are better than others. It is possible that the new one was soldered incorrectly, or do you think the new one was just defective?

Thanks for the input! The problem her is quality as I think that widescreen panels are much better o02 the terms of viewing angles and colour rendering. I’m not doing anything without consulting an electronic engineer. Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone See our Sustainability Report. De-soldering and then re-soldering the wires a couple of times, just to get a feel for it. And since apparently a bad bulb can harm the inverter, this would probably damage it as well.

Apart from what they simply call “wires” and “ends” I can’t figure out what exactly they meanall of the stuff contained within is standard off the shelf stuff, presumably cut to size.

I already took one with buying the used T60 and it turned out to have an aged panel lfn141p4 well I also have a 30W soldering iron with a conical point, which seems like it might be too much, but hopefully if I’m careful it shouldn’t be a problem.

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And finally, how do you think, is it worth the efforts to try to replace the panel that I happen to have with one manufactured by different supplier? E-Bay is a possibility, certainly, but ordering a complete LCD seems like another wager. Okay, that’s a lot of stuff, thanks in advance for any help. Besides, while the voltage inverter output is high, the maximum power that the circuit can provide is limited since the fuses on the motherboard are supposed to blow way before anything really dangerous would happen.


The T60, apart from the motherboard, is a fine machine and I hope to fix it eventually.

I’m thinking of maybe getting an anti-static wrist strap I’ve been meaning to get one for a whilealthough I can’t imagine the bulbs to be all that sensitive to static discharges in comparison to ICs. TMD is a complete unknown to me I’ve had that Hydis panel in a R60 and found it acceptable, which is more than I can say for Samsung.

In between there is almost no chance of failure a really low point like where lrn141p4 lay, in the bathtub. What do I have to be most careful about? I’d imagine if the joints were poor, it would not be so predictable, especially since applying pressure to the area where the joints are doesn’t have any effect.

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