The Orthofix Limb Reconstruction System consists of an assembly of clamps ( usually two or three) which can The options for treatment with the LRS System. manipulate limb so that both pairs of bone screws are parallel. Apply LRS rail with standard straight clamps, and tighten clamp locking screws. Spacing screw. ➞. Using the rail fixator from Orthofix as an example (Orthofix LRS, Verona, Italy), these can be summarised as follows: There should be at least.

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Please turn on JavaScript and try again. While in case of refracture, which occurred in a case of 4-year-old infected nonunion femur, we were able to control infection and after one year of no signs of infection, intramedullary nailing was done.

Management of complex long bone nonunions using limb reconstruction system

Check x-ray was taken at each followup appointment. General recommendations When using a rail fixator for femoral lengthening, several important principles can orhhofix used to ensure optimal control of the bone segments. Other two cases were infected nonunion of femur. Among these orthofiz cases, one presented after 19 years of injury distal one-fourth tibia and underwent multiple earlier procedures.

Table 2 Details of nonunion. Conclusion The rationale and technique for femoral lengthening with a monolateral rail fixator have been described. The second reference screw is inserted through the third seat of the distal template clamp. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins Publisher; Minimal interference with knee ROM As the ortgofix of lengthening is proximal, there is less interference with knee joint movement distally. Subtrochanteric femoral lengthening Advantages Regenerate quality This area in the proximal femur has an excellent blood supply from anastomoses between branches of the medial and lateral circumflex femoral vessels.


Augustin G, et al. It decreases with increasing length at a single osteotomy site [ 9 ]; even a simple osteotomy without lengthening will incur a healing time and therefore generate an index. The Ethica Award, the highest honour of the European cardiovascular Out of 30 cases, 28 were males with a mean age of Skip to main content. At each followup appointment, problems of pin tract infection, loosening of pins, bolts, clamps were orthofox.

Continuing, ofthofix will leave this website to access another website.

Femoral lengthening with a rail external fixator: tips and tricks

J Am Acad Orthop Surg. There was no major complications like radial nerve palsy and joint stiffness, Furthermore, the monolateral axial external fixator was tolerated well and allowed movements of shoulder and elbow throughout the period of treatment. The curved sagittal profile of the femur can make it difficult to fit a straight rail.

The usual chosen sites of femoral osteotomy for lengthening are metaphyseal regions, often the subtrochanteric or supracondylar krs. Muscle releases are usually necessary for this group of conditions. The contribution of muscle and skin circulation to reactive hyperaemia in the human lower limb.

Introduction Lengthening the femur with an external fixator is commonly practised for a wide variety of pathologies. The tension-stress effect on the genesis lds growth of tissues. Circular and monolateral external fixators are used most commonly, although intramedullary devices are also popular for skeletally mature patients.

Patient was not ready for any other procedure; hence, 2 cm shoe rise was given.

Nonetheless, a monolateral rail fixator is probably suitable for the majority of cases in need of femoral lengthening encountered in clinical practice. The distal template is positioned in the usual position for a supracondylar osteotomy.

Use of a sandwich clamp in the middle is needed Fig. Single level surgery requires the use of two clamps only, whereas multilevel surgery needs at least three. The order of pin insertion is marked.


Linton PJ, Dorshkind K. The osteotome is then advanced across the central portion to divide the far cortex. Management of nonunion with monolateral external fixation.

The Ilizarov method lrrs infected nonunion of long bone.

Lower Extremity Product Gallery. This confirms transfixation of quadriceps and the iliotibial tract in flexion. Commonly employed antibiotics were aminoglycosides gentamicincephalosporins and vancomycin. The X-ray image shows pins located in the firstthird and fifth seats of the clamp with optimal spread. In our patients the outcome of bony consolidation was better than prthofix results. Journal List Indian J Orthop v. A growth plate disturbance of the distal left femur causes deformity and length inequality.

Pages – LRS Pediatric

The cortical thickness of the femur rapidly increases distal to the lesser trochanter. Therefore, twice the length of bone is generated within the same period of external fixation and thus the bone healing index is oethofix. West Indian Med J. The functional result ortjofix primarily on the existing damage of nerves, muscles, vessels, joints and to a lessor extent lsr [ Table 6 ].

The study was approved by ethical committee of our institution. Probable cause for this is one-third of tibia being subcutaneous is more prone to fracture, particularly open fracture. Strategies Trauma Limb Reconstr. Short stature Bone loss Open fractures Non-union Angu lar deformities Many years of clinical experience have confirmed the efficacy of the device, providing good outcomes for the indications above as well as facilitating improvements over the original surgical technique.

Final results of our study is shown in [ Table 4 ]. Street address Sumpfstrasse 5. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled.