Louis J. Freeh, who five years ago produced a scathing report on the culpability of Pennsylvania State University administrators in the Jerry. Note to readers: is using to annotate the Louis Freeh report on Penn State’s role in the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse case. Click on . Penn State officials reported today (July 17) on the rapid and federal Judge Louis Freeh in the aftermath of the child sexual abuse committed.

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Special Investigative Counsel Report Regarding Actions of Penn State

The Second Mile was a charity formed to help disadvantaged youth. Sandusky continued to maintain his innocence even after being convicted.

Retrieved November 9, On September 24,the NCAA announced that Penn State’s scholarships would be gradually restored until the total amount of scholarships reaches the normal 85 for the year, the first year after Penn State’s postseason ban. We do not talk about their specific circumstances.

July report on Freeh recommendations shows quick action by Penn State

The Chronicle of Higher Education Inc. Jerry Sandusky ran boys camps for years”.

Thus I feel strongly that the library’s name should remain unchanged,” Erickson said in the statement. Despite Penn State banning Sandusky from bringing boys onto the main campus in penm, he was allowed to operate a summer statd through his Sandusky Associates company [32] from to at Penn State’s Behrend satellite campus near Erie, where he had daily contact with boys from fourth grade to high school.

The letter also demanded answers to four specific questions about how Penn State had complied with NCAA policies during that time. Retrieved July 26, Alex June 22, Mike McQueary took the stand again and testified that, on the night of the incident, he saw a to year-old Caucasian boy standing upright in the shower, facing the wall, and Jerry Sandusky directly behind him, with Sandusky’s hands wrapped around the boy’s “waist or midsection”.


In announcing the sanctions, Emmert said that he intended the Penn State case to be “the cautionary tale of athletics overwhelming core values of the institution and losing sight of why we are really participating in these activities can occur.

Retrieved June 23, National championship seasons in bold. Archived from the original on May 22, On August 15,Penn State’s regional accreditation was put on “warning” status due to the Sandusky scandal. Retrieved January 3, However, a spokesman for the NCAA held that the sanctions are not subject to appeal. In FebruaryPennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association Insurance, Penn State’s liability insurer, asked the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas to limit its exposure from a lawsuit louls by an alleged sex-abuse victim of Jerry Sandusky due to both the time of coverage of the policies and possible “intentional conduct” of the university.

Although Corbett is an ex officio member of the board of trustees, Penn State was not involved in the suit. Retrieved January 14, The violations include failing to alert the public about Mr. The sanctions took the form of a sweeping consent decree in which Penn State accepted the findings of fact by the NCAA and waived any right to appeal the sanctions. Steve Garban, a member of the PSU board of trustees who had stepped down as chairman since the Sandusky scandal emerged and was named by Freeh as having received but not then disseminated information about Sandusky tsate the rest of the board, resigned from the board following the report’s release.

At least 20 of the incidents were said to have taken place while Sandusky was still employed by Penn State. Although the NCAA is required to consider handing down a death penalty if a school commits two major violations within five years, it has the power to shut down a program without any preliminary sanctions in the event of particularly egregious misconduct.


The suit alleges that McQueary was fired because he had cooperated with law enforcement and would serve as a witness in the trial of Schultz and Curley. On April 9,Penn State fereh voted to approve a settlement with “one or more” victims from the child sexual abuse scandal involving Jerry Sandusky. The board accepted it and named provost Rodney Erickson as interim president. Noting a surprising lack of documentation, the lawyer wrote, “It appears as though Penn State made little effort, if any, to verify the credibility of the claims.

Retrieved 23 December The two administrators were charged with grand jury perjury and failure to report suspected child abuse. While both the victims statee and the amount of the settlement remained confidential, another step was taken to provide justice to those whom had suffered at the hands of Sandusky. District Judge in Philadelphia ruled in favor of the university, stating that Penn State could sate legally be held liable for Sandusky’s actions simply because he was employed there.

On the day of sentencing, Sandusky was officially designated a sexually violent predator.

Archived from the original on November 19, They didn’t louus Sandusky was a pedophile; they thought he had “boundary issues. Penn State officially banned Sandusky from campus on November 6, It had nothing to do with what Coach Paterno had done, or hadn’t done.