LXP -1 Owner’s Manual. 1. Installing the LXP Specifications. The following specifications are subject to change without notice. Frequency Response. View and Download LEXICON LXP-1 owner’s manual online. Multi-effect processing module. LXP-1 Recording Equipment pdf manual download. Lexicon LXP-1 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Lexicon LXP-1 Owner’s Manual, Manual.

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Inspect the external AC power transformer for any signs of physical damage. Swap right and left channel audio connections and repeat steps 1. Lexicoj circuit board slides out of the box with the front panel attached. Under normal conditions the LXP-1 requires minimal maintenance. Both jack inputs are shorted together, allowing a single input source to be applied to left and right input circuitry.

If not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, it may cause interference to radio communications. Q5 controls U9 CE2 pin A full description and timing diagram of DAC control circuitry is explained in the Lexichip section of this manual. Set Level Meter to measure right channel output as the 0 dB janual.

Audio output cable from right channel output to Level Meter input 4.

CW refers to a clockwise knob setting and CCW refers to a counter-clockwise setting. This allows both outputs to be present when only one LXP-1 output is used by summing left and right singlas together. This is the heartbeat interrupt for the software operating system. Position 1 3 CHORUS 2 Loads a program which tests the specifications of the converter circuitry by Audio Test mode producing a digitally processed output signal which is identical to lexjcon input signal.



Acceptable output level should measure between A familiarization with block diagram and descriptions in the Qrcuit Description section will also be helpful in isolating specific problems. Set Level Meter to measure the right channel output as the 0 dB reference. First, however, it is coupled into U32, a 15kHz low pass filter. Qosed condition enables defeat mode. Processing of data and instructions to and from the UART 2. Left and Right channel outputs from deglitch amplifiers are filtered by 1 5kHz low pass filter modules U25 and U This determines if the current DAC output is equal to the sampled input, if not, a new data value is latched out to the DAC for comparison.

Sweep from 20 Hz majual 15kHz.

Swap all right and left channel audio connections sind repeat steps 1. The audio output current from the Pre-Emphasis circuit develops a voltage across storage capacitor C B Control Knob Input Level: A Control Knob Input Level: Checks the interrupt timing by comparing it to coded timing loops.

Full text of “Lexicon: lexicon lxp 1 sm”

Observe whether the malfunction is intermittent, heat related or shock related. SI is connected to a pullup resistor in RP2.

Filter outputs are applied to de- emphasis circuits C48,R43 for left, C56,R44 for right to compensate for the pre-emphasis of U31, and are amplified by a dual op amp U IUF 4 yTv C30 0. U27 outputs are applied to one end of one of the ganged linear 50k ohm pots R It operates at a This charges storage lcp C41 or 52 depending lx the channel being output to the DAC output level.


The user control varies the wiper position of R39 in order to control the percentage of Wet processed and Dry unprocessed signals on LXP-1 outputs. Check all power rails with a scope or multimeter. This short is disconnected when plugs are connected to both outputs allowing for the full stereo effect to be utilized.

Occasional oscillations and noise appear on output, even while sitting idle, and disappear when a new program is selected. This lexiconn that the Z80 is the last device enabled and that all other devices will be in an active known state after Z80 Reset is removed. Schematics and Assembly Drawings. FB3 lexion Cl 1 provide filtering from noise spikes emanating from the AC line. OluF capacitor is connected across the AC input to reduce noise spikes from the line voltage input.

IUF C59 4 O. This permits the summing circuit R56, 57 and 58 to function properly for single-ended input signals.

LEXICON LXP-1 Owner’s Manual

A data value is latched into conversion latch. This test takes approximately 30 seconds and the results will be displayed immediately upon completion. Avoid using abrasive materials such as steel wool or metal polish.