Let There Be Light, 9th edition (), Darius Dinshah his favorite quotations was from the Bible, “And God said, ‘Let there be Light ‘” which. Let There Be Light has 11 ratings and 1 review. Mary said: While Let There Be Light: Practical Manual for Spectro-Chrome Therapy by. Darius Dinshah. LET THERE BE LIGHT DARIUS DINSHAH, S C N. Eleventh Edition Practical Manual for Spectro-Chrome Therapy FULL-SPECTRUM ILLUMINATION 1.

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Spectro-Chrome may decrease blood pressure in a relatively short time to a level consistent with the demands of the body for adequate cir- culation but the underlying condition is likely to be chronic and take longer. And, Color selection at its simplest: Reveal filters out dull yellow rays, leaving only clean, pure light.

It means just that: These examples illustrate the reasoning for part of the Spectro-Chrome system. Red, Orange, Djnshah, Lemon, Green.

Some of the paragraphs answer often-asked questions; some is argumentative and you may draw your own conclusions. Chapter six catalogs 78 attributes, and how to use them without a differential diagnosis in many conditions. Ideally, sleep in a separate bed, especially when ill. Several answers can be given, each may be correct for a particular case or health condition.

A correlation has been noted some- times in New Moon and Full Moon days and to a lesser extent for about two days before and after them with the crisis or turning point of serious cases.

In he marketed a watt unit with the express understanding that even with this 4-times greater wattage it should be used only on acute cases. Later, other Society literature also was printed in German. Explained here is the “what and why” of four of these patterns.

Orange and Blue on affected area until it is draining freely; then stop Orange and Blue and tonate: Use whole-grain bread and flour, and brown rice; instead of white bread and flour, and white rice. Purple systemic front. The Color names explain vinshah Whether these 29 pages, with other available material, are enough to teach you how to use this Sys- tem effectively and with confidence is entirely up to you.


Lemon, Green, and Turquoise are usually given as systemic tonations even when the disorder appears to be a local affair. These differences are obviously of lght real consequence in the successful application of Spectro-Chrome.

Yet the satisfactory results obtained by him could be obtained by any person using Spectro-Chrome Therapy as per instructions laid down. The magazines span- ned over pages in those years a few years were skippedand while the case reports were in some respects repetitious, there were editorial remarks by Dinshah revealing tech- nique and details about Spectro-Chrome not found in any other writings.

Osagie Philip added it Mar 03, Learning to treat them by orthodox methods takes many years of arduous effort.

Let There Be Light: Practical Manual for Spectro-Chrome Therapy by Darius Dinshah

Why so few are trying it is a mystery; the Roscolene filters most already possess need only be wrapped around a colorless water-filled bottle cover any open spaces with cardboard and exposed to Sunlight for an hour or more. A series of Yellow tonations on the abdomen is begun while continuing with the medication. His research completed, in April he delivered the first lecture on Spectro-Chrome therapy.

Spectro-Chrome in Diagnosed Disorders Hysteria 93 Icterus 99 Icterus gravis Immune deficiency Impotence Incontinence, urinary Indicanuria Indigestion Infantile convulsions Infantile hemiplegia 58 Infantilism Infectious mononucleosis Infertility Inflammation Influenza Insect bites 7 Insomnia Intermittent claudication Intestinal parasites 93 Jaundice Kidney -also see: I f you reached this Website by chance, it will be worthwhile to read the four articles at the end of this Website, written to enlighten the open-minded to the possibility of using this therapy.

Let There Be Light: Practical Manual for Spectro-Chrome Therapy

pet Price of item S if ordered with an Information package. When the crisis has passed, the fever drops and urination nears normal, tonate Magenta on The involved technique is due partly to using additional charts for converting temperature readings to tonation Colors. For erratic heart beat cardiac arrhythmiasee Color schedule 71 in Chapter seven.


As knowledge in the therapeutic field grows in so many diverse directions, sooner or later conscientious healers will be impelled to take an eclectic view b their calling.

You may judge its contents’ validity. In this Chapter and the next four, there are 29 pages. T rue burns are caused by the destructive action of the red side of the spectrum, hydrogen predominating.

The quality of the Color is far more important than the quantity. For instance, a high fever with urine suppression -tonate Blue systemic front, Purple on areas and Scarlet on area 18 at separate tonations of course.

Tonating while lying down is pre- ferred; sitting for an hour is somewhat stressful. This marvelous ability of Spectro-Chrome to do more than is asked of it is due in part to the capability of each Color to generate a fraction of the effects of the Colors on either side of it. Do not be overly concerned about Light source power; use anything convenient, such as: The first class for training in the use of Spectro-Chrome began in De- cember with 27 in attendance.

In order that the whole body may function perfectly, each organ must be a hundred percent perfect. Babbitt and expounded in his treatise, Principles of Light and Color. Refresh and try again. T he next important development in color therapy Spectro-Chrome, was the codifying of colors with their chemical and physiologic effects as in the above paragraph by Colonel Dinshah P.

German version of item C above.