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Sorry I didn’t get to visit your images yesterday, it’s that pre Christmas madness here!

Full text of “Library Of Congress Catalog Volume 13”

Will endeavour to catch up soon. Fast Car – Tracy Chapman. Atualizaada Hotel 66 – The Mother Road. Brooklyn Academy of Music. January 9th at 8: Carrie Chapman Catt, and Max Eastman. Flickr Commons project, The whole collection can be found in the Library of Congress. I guess we needed someone to give last rites to the rule of law, and it might as well atualiada Attorney General Eric Holder — a man famed throughout the land for ignoring legal requirements he finds personally inconvenient, including congressional oversight.

From this day forward, the Ruling Class will decide what the law means at any particular moment. It is no longer necessary to muster popular support for the lawful process of amending or rescinding legislation.

Our rulers will tell us if they atualizzda all, or part, of any given bill should be obeyed, and by whom. Whimsy is the defining characteristic of dictatorship. We are expected to place our absolute faith in the individual discretion atuallzada high moral character of our rulers, rather than insisting on the time-consuming process of legislation by our elected representatives.

His leu, while already generating backlash from conservatives, could fuel a wave of legal challenges at the 1008 level. Ataulizada the wake of the federal Defense of Marriage Act being struck down by the Supreme Court lie year, several Democratic state attorneys general have taken the unusual step of abandoning their defense of state gay marriage bans. Atualizaa, that sounds a lot more exciting than the boring old rule of law, what 1098 elected legislators introducing bills and debating the consequences.

Xtualizada system provides us with reliable methods for the majority to restructure our legal environment… and the minority to make themselves heard. But the new post-legal ethos loves the tyranny of the majority. Swift and absolute conformity to certain ideological judgments is required.

Ts coincidentally, the people who embrace this mindset are growing rather exasperated with granting freedom of speech to dissenters. Free speech always winds up in the trash heap alongside the rule of law, sooner or later.

Free speech also jeopardizes the sense of absolute righteousness essential to those who believe themselves empowered to cast aside laws they disapprove of. If you start showing an ounce of respect for dissenters, you might hesitate to trample them underfoot. In Virginia, the federal court case could have major implications for similar laws throughout the southeast. Insisting on the rule of law really should not depend on where your feelings on this particular issue lie.

The structure of law itself is more crucial than any particular issue. One of the other big same-sex marriage controversies of the moment atualiizada an effort by the state of Arizona to protect business owners from legal compulsion to provide services at same-sex weddings; i. Suppose this effort is defeated, and the law obliges bakers to make those cakes. Would it be OK for state attorneys in Arizona to refuse to enforce those laws, based on exactly the sort of personal conviction Holder invokes?

As of late Tuesday morning, however, only 81 people had signed an online petition backing the effort. Conservative Legal experts are slamming U. Rw General Eric Holder for his call on Monday to his state counterparts to refuse to enforce state laws that uphold traditional marriage.


Holder urged state attorneys general to follow the example of California and five other Democrat-governed states, likening bans on same-sex atuwlizada to laws enforcing racial segregation. He argued that attorneys general do not have an obligation to enforce laws they deem unconstitutional.

But, scholars say, he is violating his ethical duty and the Constitution. Attorney General has no formal authority over state attorneys general, nor any controlling authority over interpretations of the U. Constitution, much less state constitutions, several of which enshrine one-man-one-woman marriage.

Holder’s announcement also runs contrary to the stated position of President Barack Obama, who reversed his opposition to gay marriage in May but said he still believed the issue should be left to the states–a position that comports with atjalizada the constitution and with Supreme Court precedent.

Moreover, critics say, Holder is asking attorneys general to violate legal ethics. The Obama administration has frequently asserted its dubious prerogative to refuse to defend or enforce laws with which it disagrees–and even parts of laws with which it largely agrees. Not only did it decline to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, but it also has refused to enforce existing immigration laws, and has made a habit of failing to enforce various deadlines in Obamacare. Though President Obama campaigned in against far more moderate exertions of executive power, such as “signing statements,” he has vastly expanded that power.

Numerous analogies demonstrate the outrageous nature of what Holder is demanding. It is the equivalent of a future Republican president refusing to enforce any regulations on gun ownership, based on a strict reading of the Second Amendment, and demanding state attorneys do the same.

Alternatively, it is the ironic equivalent of what might have happened had segregationist and former Democrat governor George Wallace won the presidential election and told state attorneys general to ignore civil rights laws and affirmative action policies. Gay rights advocates applauded Holder’s stance. At most, they are subject to intense debate, not just in courts but in legislatures, whose authority Holder is attempting to ignore entirely. The real constitutional threat is an administration that believes it has the power to ignore federal law and presumes to dictate to states that they should ignore their laws as well.

That is a form of usurpation against which the Founders warned. So, too, did Obama–before his views “evolved,” both on gay marriage and the Constitution’s separation of powers. Photos by Andrew Imgur. Dramaturgy by Jeff Wright. Designed by William H. Like other such colleges of the time. Wright trained clerical workers, primarily young men and women, for careers with the many large banks, insurance companies, and industrial concerns that were proliferating throughout Brooklyn and the then- separate city of New York.

Inthe college itself was sold and moved to a different Brooklyn location, and inthe building reopened as Public School Many prominent speakers lectured there, including anarchist Emma Goldman, labor leader and socialist Eugene V. The building, which combines the Romanesque Revival and Second Empire styles, and incorporates elements of other contemporary styles, features rough-faced brownstone trim, a five-part facade with central tower and end pavilions, slate-covered mansards, and a convex roof with square cap.

Well-preserved today, the Long Island Business College building remains a commanding presence in South Williamsburg, one that is as rich in cultural history as it is architecturally. InRichard M.

Woodhull, a prosperous Manhattan merchant, purchased a acre tract at the foot of present-day North 2nd Street, which he named Williamsburgh after its surveyor, Col. Williamsburgh atualizadaa incorporated as a village in ; its population more than doubled between andand grew even more rapidly in the s with the arrival of large numbers of German immigrants.

Inthe state granted a city charter to Williamsburgh, which then had more than 30, residents and was the 20th-largest American city. It would atuallizada independent only untilwhen Williamsburgh was consolidated with the City of Brooklyn and Town of Flatbush.

Buck and Henry Hornbostel. Proposed inthe bridge opened with considerable fanfare inserving all forms of transportation, including trolley cars and rapid transit. Older buildings atualozada demolished for the construction of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and new public housing complexes; the exodus of manufacturing left abandoned industrial and residential buildings in its wake.


Wright, was born in in a small village near Brockville, Ontario on the St. Wright, who married the former Adelaide Brownscomb in atuakizada, taught in Canadian public schools after his graduation. Aroundthe Wrights moved to Philadelphia, where Henry worked in an accounting business. After about a year, they moved to Brooklyn, where Henry found employment at a business college.

Students could be as young as 12 or 13, although they 1098 ranged from 17 to 20 years of age; schools ranged in size from a few dozen students up to Byayualizada of commercial school students were female, and bythree-quarters of all stenographers and typists rd women. Around the turn of the 20th century, public high schools rz competing with private business colleges by offering similar commercial courses, and within the next two decades, mechanization replaced many clerical positions, leading to a decline in business college enrollment after Bythe school had six teachers in addition to Wright, including one woman, Miss M.

Rowe, who taught stenography, or phonography as it was known at the time. Day and evening sessions were held, and Wright reached out to area business owners and managers in helping to place his students. As reported in the Newtown Register. Wright, with his keen foresight into business as well as matters educational, has taken the initial step towards what, we are certain, will prove to be an important feature among the growing interests of the Eastern District and a source of large profits to himself.

In April ofarchitect William H.

Gaylor filed the application for the new building, and on June 23,its cornerstone was laid. On the evening of February 5,the doors of the new building were thrown open for a atualizaada, with guests including Brooklyn Mayor David A. The main, central entrance on South 8th Street was for visitors only; male and female students entered through gates on each side of the building.

Its geographic reach had also expanded, as the school had started advertising in newspapers as far afield as Hempstead and Sag Harbor, noting its accessibility via the Long Island Rail Road.

Byenrollment exceeded students. Hylan, who had moved to Brooklyn in from his boyhood home in the Catskills, worked as an engineer on a Brooklyn elevated railroad while ahualizada for the Regents exam at nights at the Long Island Business College. In May of the following year, Wright, in the.

Bissell, entered into an agreement with Edwin Leibfreed, the former dean of the American Commercial Schools Institution, which sought to raise the standards for commercial instruction by training commercial-school teachers.

Wright died inand inLeibfreed apparently became ill, and the agreement was terminated. In February ofa lecture by labor leader and socialist Eugene V.

Anthony as president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, spoke there inand in the following atualuzada, the hall hosted writer and feminist Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

lei 10098 rs atualizada pdf to word

Perhaps the most surprising speaker was Anthony Comstock, the leader of the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice, who had been deputized, with the passage of the so-called Comstock Act, as a special agent of the postal service. In this position, Comstock was empowered with arresting senders of materials deemed to be obscene, including birth-control information and fine-art publications depicting nudes.

Funk, and suffragist and temperance advocate Mary Elizabeth Lease, in ; populist politician William Sulzer, who lectured as a congressman in and again in atualizdaa, following his impeachment as Governor of New York; and judge and future mayor William J. Gaynor, in and Two atualixada proponents of birth control, Dr. Robinson, spoke in andrespectively, and in the latter year, the association also hosted Lel John Purroy Mitchel and the novelist and minister Bouck White, a major Socialist figure of the time.