LEGO set database: Metro Park & Service Tower. Find great deals for Lego Town Classic Metro Park And Service Tower (). Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Lego Town – Metro Park/service Tower 99 Complete Boxed Instructions Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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There’s always been some scale cheating in Lego Town and it’s perfectly fine the vehicle doors can’t open when the cars are parked close together. Only a few localized subbuilds are done in different steps, but otherwise there’s no focusing on just one corner of the building before moving on to the next. Posted April 15, The three small cars included all follow the same basic building pattern: It’s unique, it’s classic The three cars differ pretty much only in color and roof type.

The words Galaxy Explorer and Motorcycle Shop instantly come to mind for me Awesome review for one of my childhood favorites. This is my favorite Lego town set from my childhood and the biggest one too! I only have the boxes from a couple of my childhood sets – most have been long lost after more than 3 decades.

The height of the building can be dizzying for some. There’s a great amount of printed pieces and a notably different approach to stickering than we are used to today: As a wee lad I always enjoyed causing death leog destruction in this way.

Some small pieces are not included in the image below they are in the build sectionbut they are only minor exclusions.

This is truly one of those definitive all-time classic Town sets. Absolutely amazing review, Rapseflaps!

My battered instructions manual is another testament of times gone by. Okay, 63394 going to bliss out now I really like this touch. Sign in Already have an account? It should partially obscure the 1×2 plate from the angle the model is seen in the instructions.


I wouldn’t have minded if they’d taken off a few Guilders. I think I have a new favourite review.

Metro Park & Service Tower | Brickset: LEGO set guide and database

Like many models of its day, we start by laying out a simple floor plan, except here we are immediately thrown a lovely pillar to construct. I always admire the overall design, especially the multi-story car park and the amount of 4-studs wide vehicles inside this set.

The Shell signpost is three parts stickered together. It’s hard ldgo judge this twenty years later, but when looking at the catalogue it appears this set really towered over the rest in terms of price. Instead, the brick appears a bit to the side, appearing leto float in an illogical position. The front has sadly been lost in the destructive force that is our paper lrgo bin.

But when it comes to putting this model in a town made up of more recent City sets, you might run into a slight scale difference. We end with putting in lamp posts, the workshop’s jack, flowers and a lovely little tree. It really shows how much you like that set. The Shell sign in the foreground is three 63994 stickered together on both sides.

Instructions for – Metro Park & Service Tower |

6349 I doubt the kids that grew up with this set feel the same way about parking stations today. With no less than five separate vehicles included in this set, we start off with some nice small builds to get us going. Six minifigs is a fair number and if you’re nostalgic, you’ll get a kick out of the classic faces, striped shirts and “S” racer logo.

The 4×4 on the roof looks hilarious, as does your child-play re-construction. One interesting thing about building the car wash is that the car wash’s top part starts as an upside-down build. It was the first large Lego set I ever got, provided me with more building and playing pleasure than pretty much any other set and it spent many hours as the center of my town and my town 3694.


Posted April 14, It can make the set look a little out of lsgo when put in a modern town setup, but it also makes it a true testament of days gone by, a unique set in that 6349 fits everything we know and love from the classic Town era and that a modern remake, due to the sheer size needed to fit modern cars, is highly unlikely.

Posted April 15, edited. Register a new account. Two 1×1 headlight bricks put on their side will allow you to add parts at a 90 degree angle. Brilliant review of one of my all-time favourite sets.

For your viewing pleasure, I include a demonstration:. I also loved the comparison between the older levo newer LEGO vehicles. S Who’s the jerk that scored a 1 in the votes?? Fortunately, Lego released their Small Car this leo that goes back to the 4-wide scale and fits in perfectly with the cars in this set. Eventually the airport and racer themes took over and was dropped as well.

With the roof in place, we’re ready to put in the final details, like this little Shell-sponsored vacuum cleaner on the path to the car wash. I 63394 it right away, and still have it standing on my LEGO desk as we speak.

As such, you’ll have to make sure you take your time and scan the entire image for each step.

6394-1: Metro Park & Service Tower

These instructions go through the model swiftly and economically. The front of the instructions features an overview of the set as seen on the box’s front, as well as some of the set’s main features: It will disappear almost entirely into the body of the car. You take a car like the 4WD from and it simply doesn’t fit.