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View LEGO instructions for Fire Truck set number to help you build these LEGO sets. 52 Items ItemName: Lego Fire Truck, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: , Buy and sell LEGO parts, Minifigs and sets, both new or used from the world’s largest. Buy LEGO City Fire Truck Building Sets – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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Fire Station, Fire Trucks, etc. So how do these new sets look like? How do they compare with previous releases from the past years?

Lego 60002 Fire Truck

In the final installment of this three-part review, I’ll be reviewing the Fire Truck. Usually fire trucks legl always been part of fire station sets like this years”sand ‘sbut this year there is a stand-alone Fire Truck set, whose design I must admit really piqued my interest. Normally fire trucks don’t interest me much, but there’s something about this particular fire truck design that made me want to purchase it and this is actually the primary reason for this Triple Lefo Special.

The whole set is lively presented in the boxart, with the full-blown image of the fire truck prominently displayed while our two fire-fighting heroes are getting ready for action! In fact, the fire-fighter in the left corner is already suited-up and ready to extinguishing any fire with his handy yellow fire extinguisher! And look at those water splashes — quite a nice touch I must say!

We are also reminded of the easy modular style of building for this set, as well as the other Fire-themed sets of this line-up.

Surprised to see loose parts once again conveniently excluded from the rest of the bagged pieces… not! Two numbered bags of precious LEGO, an instruction booklet, a sticker sheet, and the two loose fire hose reel pieces are what we get from this set. The single instruction booklet came in relatively pristine condition without any folds or creases unlike those of and I like the fact that the cover art image is different from the boxart, something most Licensed sets don’t follow.

The stickers in this set are quite minimal and IMO adequately serve its purpose in giving the truck the proper details. They’re of the same transparent waterslide decal material like most stickers in sets nowadays. Nothing to really to be excited about the piece selection in this bag. The same colors can be found in the assortment of pieces in the second bag. The contents in this bag are less but bigger vehicle roofs, windwhield, ladders, etc. Speaking of ladders, the ladder piece with side supports is a new element introduced this year and can only be found in two other Fire-themed sets.

I have mixed feelings about this new ladder piece: Two new pieces for a small set — not bad. Meet our ever reliable fire-fighting duo operating Fire Engine He sports a brown mustache and generally has light-hearted disposition. He wears a black overall, an orange safety vest with light-green reflectorized strip.

He never leaves the station without his two-way radio strapped on his torso. Just look at his “water splash prank” attempt above. Fred is one of the top fire-fighters in the service.

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He wears a black overall with light green 6000 silver reflectorized strips. A safety carabiner for dangerous high-level rescue and gas tank gauge dial is always attached in his outfit. Overall, I am quite satisfied with both 600022 these minifigures. The fact that they have different fire-fighting outfit torso is a plus, and the level of detailing is quite impressive if you take a closer look at the print details luminiscent green strips, silver legk strips, pants pockets, even stitches!


The build is fairly straightforward and is easily done in 28 steps. The second bag contents make up the fire truck’s roof, windshield, wheels, and ladder set-up, completing the whole set as pictured above.

Quite a solid-looking set I must say. Let’s take a closer look at the ‘star of the set’, the Fire Truck Different Views of the Fire Truck. This is considered as the “main view” as it features almost all of the primary features of the fire truck at one glance.

The set number is also emblazoned atthe front side as FIRElegl assuming the designated truck number of real-life fire trucks. This is probably my most favorite view of the truck, as it effectively shows the length of the truck – 20 studs long to be exact – resembling the long dimensions of real fire trucks. Right Rear Quarter View. The fire hose reel is located in the right rear corner and is prominently seen in this view.

The stickered dial gauges give also a nice touch of realism. Left Rear Quarter View. The left side is a bit ‘less busy’ than the other side and though not as ‘sexy’ as the right it still offers the same features storage compartment entry, water inlet, equipment attachments minus the fire hose reel.

Front and Rear Views. Somehow the large windscreen makes the truck look more like a bus than a fire truck when viewed up front. While this windwhield piece ain’t that bad, I still prefer the old 2x2x4 angled windshields used in previous fire trucks or for most truck for that matter. Also, the set number is once again displayed as a license plate number together with the letters “JC”, which is most likely the set designer’s initials. The back really gives an impression of a workhorse fire truck – with the white-red warning stripes, fire-fighting tools, and ladder entry.

And please, do not laught at my “impeccable sticker-positioning expertise”. Passenger Area and Exterior Handle Bars. The truck comfortably seats the two minifigures inside, with the driver in front obviouslywhile the fire-fighter can sit oego the passenger seat at the back.

Alternatively, the fire-fighter can ride the truck outside using the external handle bars four of them, two on each side.

This is one of my most favorite details in this truck, since I’ve seen real firemen do this kind of fire truck riding which is more ‘macho’ and ‘adrenaline pumping’ yeah, leave the sissies sitting inside the truck. Located at both bottom corners at the back are water inlet which allows attachment of a water tube to transfer water from the hydrant to the fire truck’s water hose and thereby justifying the presence of the fire hydrant in this set.

Thanks to Marv for the info. A compartment in the middle of the truck allows for storage of the fire-fighting gear helmet, oxygen mask and the ‘water-splash’ add-on for the water hose, using the yellow crate.

After suiting-up with his fire-fighting gear, Fred is ready to extinguish some fire with the dedicated water hose! An observation though, it takes some efforto to completely roll out the water hose string as the reel is quite tight to rotate. The set gives us a generous amount of essential fire fighting equipment: It seems everything is covered except for one minor add-on I would’ve wanted – a simple flash light.

The ladder has five angles of elevation by virtue of the pre-set angles of the click hinges. The sturdiness of the click hinge angles, though, make up for this limitation. For any modular city set-up, this fire truck can adequately attend to any multi-level fire-fighting needs of your modular buildings.

The ladder can also be rotated on either direction afforded by the turntable mechanism. However, I found it surprising that it cannot be rotated a full degrees as there are two door rail pieces acting as stop mechanisms. Though after second thought this set-up does make sense as real life fire trucks always situate in front or at the side of the fire area, and never with their backs facing the area with fire.


Comparison with Real-life Fire Trucks. I’ve scoured through hundreds of fire truck images on the internetz trying to find the closest real life fire truck resembling this Fire Truck model, and this is the closest match I’ve seen: Though I understand the designer most probably didn’t base the Fire Trucks’ design on a single reference model but rather got inspiration from various real-life fire truck models.

Below is the comparison image of these fire trucks though in my hast forgot the fire truck from Fire Station. From Left to Right: BrickWild -roamingstudio -Costy – I think for the most part I like the overall design of better than the previous fire truck models. For me, this year’s version closely resembles the general look of real-life fire trucks on top of the essential fire-fighting features. Though this is not to say that is perfect, I actually have a couple of constructive criticisms about it: The good thing though is that these perceived minor shortcomings of this model are easily addressed through simple modifications that’s the beauty of LEGO afterallso it’s not really a huge issue at all.

PsyKater – Sjuip -Costy – My initial concern that this fire truck ‘could’ve been longer’ seems to be justified in this comparison pic – as it is clearly shorter than most of the other CITY trucks – which is a bit disappointing since I consider fire trucks like the reference image above as ‘monster workhorses’. Here is another view comparing the lengths of the trucks:.

Everything was just the standard straightforward building process we’ve all been accustomed to. The reds will definitely be useful in MOCs for other themes. Also loved the fact that both figs have distinctly different roles outfit and personalities facial differences. We’ve come to the end of our Triple Review Special, and after reviewing three sets of this year’s new Fire sets, I feel that TLG did quite a good job at reinventing the CITY Fire product line, giving us fresh takes of the Fire set regulars that are significant improvements over previous releases.

IMO, it was a good idea for them to release three small sets featuring three different Fire-themed vehicles that would work as stand-alones or as a combined group, like this batch I got! What more could you ask for? Thank you very much for taking the time to read and take a look at this series of reviews. You could also look at my previous reviews if you haven’t seen it yet. Thanks for the nice review. Didn’t like the look of that one and surprised it lasted so long but must have been a good seller.

This Fire Truck is similar in looks to but much better. The comparison you made to this new Fire truck to the real one is realistic.

It is a more all round fire truck, like a “Quint” compared to which is more a turntable ladder. I will definatley get this set. I like the introduction of the new ladder piece that lego have made, but wish they would bring out a ladder peice that is the same length as the truck, even though its a kids toy after all,it would maybe look realistic.

Ive not voted yet on the “which is the best fire truck” vote yet as up until now was my favourite so still undecided. You should edit your original post to include the picture of the Fire truck from Fire station.

Now I will get a little picky now, pick one