An interlanguage is an idiolect that has been developed by a learner of a second language (or Interlanguage theory is often credited to Larry Selinker, who coined the terms “interlanguage” and “fossilization. Selinker () noted that in a given situation, the utterances produced by a learner are different from those . Selinker, L. (). Interlanguage. Product Information International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching, 10, Selinker, L., Interlanguage, IRAL; International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching, () p International Review of Applied.

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Southern African Black English. It can ” fossilize “, or cease developing, in any of its developmental stages. Island constraints are based on the concept that there are certain syntactical domains within a sentence that act as phrase boundaries. The Remediation of Learners’ Errors. The interlanguage speech intelligibility benefit for native speakers of Mandarin: An interlanguage can fossilize, or cease developing, in any of its developmental stages.

He first introduced interlanguage in his paper of the same name, which built on Pit Corder’s article The Significance of Learners’ Errors. Discourse analysis, non-native Englishes and second language acquisition research. Research in the selin,er This clearly interacts with social factors, and attitudes toward the interlocutor interlahguage topic also play important roles.

The Acquisition of Second Language Speech. About the article Published Online: Age and Second Language Acquisition and Processing: Key Concepts in Second Language Acquisition. Spontaneous conversation is more likely to involve the use of interlanguage. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


A stochastic optimality theoretic account. The Language of Second-Language Learners: Language learning strategies Communication strategies Code-switching Good language learner studies. Interlanguage’s Intertalk in Exolingual Conversation. Second language learning in the zone of proximal development: In his paper, Selinker proposed that interlanguages have all the normal properties of natural languages. A Case Study of Medical Learners. Learning in the contingency of talk-in-interaction.

An analysis of written errors of Turkish adult learners of English. Investigating dimensions of metalinguistic awareness: A Review and A Preview.

An analysis of a disk-based selinekr analyzer. To study the psychological processes involved one can compare the interlanguage utterances of the learner with two things:. Intonation in English, French and German: Volume 3 Issue 2 Janpp.

Variability in learner language distinguishes between “free variation”, which has not been shown to be systematically related to accompanying linguistic or social features, and “systematic variation”, which has. Volume 53 Issue 4 Novpp. By describing the ways in which learner language conforms to universal linguistic norms, interlanguage research has contributed greatly to our understanding of linguistic universals in second-language acquisition.

Interlanguage by Selinker 1972

Second Language Acquisition Reconceptualized? This article is written like a personal reflection, personal essay, or argumentative essay that states a Wikipedia editor’s personal feelings or presents an original argument about a topic. A new english interlqnguage the new south africa: On the other hand, those who approach it from a sociolinguistic or psycholinguistic orientation view variability as an inherent feature of the learner’s interlanguage.


After completing his PhD, Selinker moved to the University of Washingtonwhere he became assistant professor of linguistics and director of English for foreign students from to Development of speech perception and speech production abilities in adult second language learners.

Acquisition, study abroad and individual differences.

INTERLANGUAGE : IRAL – International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching

Own-language use in language teaching and learning. Orthographic errors of Saudi students learning English. Partnership between grammatical construction and interactional frame: Insights From First Language Processing.

Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. This approach was deficit-focused, in the sense that speech errors interlantuage thought to arise randomly and should be corrected. An Efficient Approach to Error Remediation. Insularity and Linguistic Endemicity.

International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching

From to he was a Fulbright scholar at the University of Edinburghwhere he researched the psycholinguistics of second-language acquisition. Report on a study. Evidence for the present-day advantages of informal, out-of-class learning. Transferability and linguistic substrates.