Oct 24, Looking to hike in Landmannalaugar in Iceland? Here are 6 best hiking trails in Landmannalaugar that will take you through its stunning. Landmannalaugar is a major hub for hikers with numerous trails to explore, is one of the brightest jewels in Iceland’s crown. Read about Landmannalaugar (‘The people’s pools’), a vast area of stunning and unique beauty, which makes up the true heart of Iceland’s southern Highlands.

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The value of the information landmannalaugaar knowledge offered can’t be measured. The majority of people visiting Landmannalaugar travel via the Laugavegur trail. You will need a 4×4 vehicle. It was just the best!

Landmannalaugar : Iceland Highlands : Travel Guide : Nordic Visitor

After a days hiking coming back to soak in the tub is one of the best feelings. Total waste of money, the old ones were better. The Laugavegur hike to Thorsmork is a demanding, multi-day hike with huts and campsites en route.

If you hike during the colder months – May and September – take note that the amount of snow cover is increased, which may make it difficult to navigate in unfamiliar territory.

The old route continues north of the hill Satubarn and south of hill Langsata. First one during the day, turning it into a loop, which I mentioned before, and the second time I went up for sunset. He even made the effort to try and speak to my 9 year old son who only speaks french, I can tell you he had lots of questions!


You can also plan your bus travel from A to Z and add numerous bus rides to your cart. If i drive to landmannalaugar, leave my car three and hike the 3 day trail to porsmork, how do i get back to my car?

You can probably get a ride back. See All Landmannalaugar Conversations. On the second day, the first part of the trail will lead you through a valley with small ravines. In the Fjallabak Nature Reserve, campsites are restricted to designated locations at Landmannalaugar, Landmannahellir and Hrafntinnusker.

Laugavegur Hike tour from Landmannalaugar

I learned about this hike from others staying at the campsite in Landmannalaugar and I definitely plan on doing it in the future when I return to Iceland. Travel along the dirt road northwest from Landmannalaugar, then turn off at the signpost for Lake Frostastadavatn. As we get closer to the green valley of Thorsmork we get an understanding of why Iceland is called the land of contrasts.

A black obsidian lava stream forms a magnificent contrast to the green, white, red and yellow hills. Mp sure to have plenty of gas, the nearest station is nearly 40 km from Landmannalaugar!


Landmannalaugar derives its name from a hot pool that rises from under the Laugahraun lava field. We will be driving so we don’t wanna leave our 4×4 there for camping.


Read here to find out other exciting hot springs in Iceland. Hrafntinnusker is not a caldera afaik. Official travel guide to South Iceland. This short, one to four-hour hike takes you up Mt. This is also the best time to visit this area.

Hello, You will be able to take an easy walk hours walk and of course enjoy the bath in the geothermal area Always check landmannalaugat road conditions The weather is not the same in different regions of Iceland.

Pei Yeng Chan 27 August at Is it worth doing such a short hike?

Read our community guidelines. Hop on this super jeep excursion to the Highlands for an unforgettable adventure out in the Hi, we plan to go to Landmannalaugar on Aug taking f from south. lanmannalaugar

Landmannalaugar – Nature Reserve

I have visited the highlands in August, some would say the middle of European summer. Simply click on the region you want to explore and read about towns, attractions, hiking, accommodation and more. Planning to visit late august.