View presentations and documents with title La delfinoterapia on SlideShare, the world’s largest community for sharing presentations. · La delfinoterapia. Es un método que fué utilizado en Inglaterra por el doctor Horance Doobs en el año Preguntas y respuestas sobre la terapia con delfines: Como puedo registrar un paciente? Está permitido asistir durante las terapias con los delfines? Que tengo .

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On receipt of our cost estimate you will be requested to send us the medical diagnosis, medical history, a photo of the patient and a medical certificate stating that the patient is fit to travel and to take part in dolphin therapy for epileptics a recent EEG is also required to cc83cffaeffffa On receipt of confirmation to take part in dolphin therapy delfinoferapia our Herr Wiengarn, the wheelchair patient will be asked to fill out and send the:.

Having filled in the oa, hotel, number delfinoteerapia adults travelling and, also very necessary, the dates of birth of children travelling, you receive within two days of receipt of the questionnaire a complete cost estimate covering travel and dolphin therapy from our travel agency Megasport Reisen in Germany, according naturally to free places in our dolphin therapy schedule.

Now it costs money! Our Herr Wiengarn Mega Sport Reisen has informed the airline with which you have booked of the disablement status using the wheelchair registry form. It is the responsibility of the travel agency with whom you have booked through us to render the standard service for disabled persons.

With delfinotera;ia a few exceptions it is quite uncomplicated for a disabled person to fly using the special services of the chartered airline. One is attended to as a privileged person.

Beneficios de la Delfinoterapia en Trizomia 21 by andrea virginia ramirez romero on Prezi

At the check-in desk one is presented with a wheel chair from the airline, together with an attendant who accompanies one through passport control, delfinoterapai the special bus to the aircraft and to the appropriate seat on the plane. If one is unable to walk one is carried to the seat. This occurs before anyone else has entered the plane.

The same procedure is carried out when disembarking. One waits until everyone else has disembarked, a special bus will be waiting to which one is helped or carried and an attendant delfinogerapia accompany one through passport control, attend to the luggage and take one to the awaiting transfer, or to the all-inclusive tourist bus, with the luggage. So one has help the whole time and one is not left alone for a delinoterapia.


There should be no long queues at passport control and at flight transfers one is allowed with the attendant to take the shortest route to avoid any waiting. The hotel personnel have mainly delfinotegapia with tourists but they are glad to help for a small tip. However you cannot count on continual assistance.

At the dolphin therapy centre delfinotterapia during the therapy sessions there are always trained staff on hand who will take care of transport. The best alternative, as described in our offer on our homepage, is to rent a trained nurse, supervisor or assistant for 14 days.

P40. Beneficio de la delfinoterapia.

Therapist students can be made available for supervision only for short periods. All necessary documents required for the dolphin therapy application must be submitted for scrutiny by our doctors. After the doctors have confirmed eligibility your requested appointment will be confirmed by our Herr Wiengarn at Megasport Reisen. You are charged only for the dolphin therapy package. You will arrange travel, transfer and accommodation yourself. IIt is best to change only a small amount at home or at the airport.

At the Change-Office here you get a much better deal. You can pay with your Credit Card everywhere in turkey and you can draw money from your account in all banks. Please click on the following link to discover the rate to date:. There are even specialists for heart and brain surgery present. The hospital has all main departments and medical facilities.

7 best Terapias con animales images on Pinterest | Therapy dogs, Cutest animals and Pets

Charges are made for services rendered. These will be re-instated by all German medical insurance companies. We cannot recommend the cheaper state hospital as the services there do not compare with those of west European hospitals; unless it is only for simple dslfinoterapia. Danone Yoghurt is available in all the shops.

Homoeopathic baby food is not available. Nappies delfinotrrapia as Pampers are readily available but we do recommend that if special nappies are required that you bring them from home. However no special provisions have been made there for the disabled and there are four to six steps. The hotel Mares is very helpful towards families with special needs. A chat with the Chef ensures that the food conforms to your wishes — gluten-free food for example.

Distances from hotels described in our website to the dolphin therapy delifnoterapia are as follows: Grand Yazici Mares Hotel mtr.

For patients in wheel chairs we recommend the four-star Caprice Beach and five-star Club Turban hotels as between them they have 12 family rooms specially adapted for the disabled. Click on the link in our homepage and you will find answers to all of your questions in the photos and descriptions. delfinoterapiia

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Generally there are no rules against a therapist and up to four family members being present during the dolphin therapy sessions. In certain cases the therapist may decide on them keeping a bigger distance from the therapy platform. It is not rare that Mum or Dad sits on the platform next to the therapist delifnoterapia is even in the water with the dolphin.

Brothers and sisters are allowed to play with selfinoterapia dolphin in the last session. Of course you can. The therapist will show you from where you delfinoyerapia take pictures so that the therapy will not be disrupted. Naturally our therapists and doctors must be able to work unimpeded. On receipt of confirmation to take part in dolphin therapy through our Herr Wiengarn, the wheelchair patient will be asked to fill out and send the: In our homepage menu see the: Megasport Reisen Bank Code: DE60 General Manager: I am travelling alone with a wheelchair patient weighing 80 kg.

I am making my own way with my family to Marmaris because we have relatives there or because we are receiving special conditions from a travel delfinorerapia ANSWER: Wieviel Gepaeck darf ich mitnehmen? Where is it best to change currency? What is the currency in turkey and how does it compare to the euro?

Please click on the following link to discover the rate to date: How far is it to the nearest hospital and what is the standard of medical assistance and treatment? What is the situation in marmaris as to baby food and nappies?

In Marmaris you will find 20 Chemists that have a wide range of articles. All general goods and foodstuffs are readily available in Marmaris.

We require for our patient a family room with kitchenette. For a small tip small miracles can be performed, especially in the hotel Mares. How far away are the hotels listed in your website from the dolphin therapy centre? Is it allowed for our therapist to be present during dolphin therapy sessions? Are brothers and sisters allowed to play with the dolphin in the water? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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