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Behold, they stand equipped and ready for battle behind the old city of Kadesh.

An Egyptian version survives on a papyrus. After this, Ramesses Bataklle called his princes to meet with him and discuss the fault of his governors and officials in not informing the position of Muwatalli II and his army.

Dardania allies of the Trojans, [47] northwest Anatolia. When they had been brought before Pharaoh, His Majesty asked, ‘Who are you?

Ramses 3: La Bataille De Kadesh : Christian Jacq :

Chief of the bodyguard [48]. Only with help from the gods did Ramesses Kadesu defeat his attackers and return to the Egyptian lines: This is especially true of Hattusili III, for whom the battle marked an important milestone in his career. Karesh the “Poem” Now then, his majesty had prepared his infantry, his chariotry, and the Sherden of his majesty’s capturing, The Hittite chariotry then rounded north and attacked the Egyptian camp, crashing through the Amun shield wall and creating panic among the Amun division.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Like his father Ramesses ISeti I was a military commander who set out to restore Egypt’s empire to the days of the Tuthmosid kings almost a century before. Journal of the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. New Kingdom of Egypt. Ramesses led an army of four divisions: Ramesses’ action bataolle successful in driving the looters back towards the Orontes river and away from the Egyptian camp, batalile while in the ensuing pursuit, the heavier Hittite chariots were easily overtaken and dispatched by the lighter, faster, Egyptian chariots.


Egypt of the Pharaohs. There was also a poorly documented troop called the nrrn Ne’arin or Nearinpossibly Canaanite military mercenaries with Egyptian allegiance [22] or even Egyptians, [23] that Ramesses II had left kaadesh Amurruapparently in order to secure the port of Sumur.

He has sent us to spy on oadesh. Scenes from Life in Imperial Egypt A second campaign led to his capture of Kadesh where a stela commemorated his victory and Amurru kingdom. The treaty that was established was inscribed on a silver tablet, of which a clay copy survived in the Hittite capital of Hattusain modern Turkeyand is on display at the Istanbul Archaeology Museum. Atlas of Military History. His victory proved to be ephemeral, however. James says ‘This romanticized record of the Battle of Qadesh cannot be treated as a truthful account of what happened, and I doubt whether many ancient Egyptians would have accepted it wholly as an historical record’ p.

They are more numerous than the grains of sand on the beach.

Battle of Kadesh

The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology. Healy, Qadesh BC: As a result of the dee Kadesh inscriptionsit is the best documented battle in all of ancient history. They are armed with their infantry and bbataille chariots.

Although he had suffered a significant reversal, Muwatalli II still commanded a large force of reserve chariotry and infantry, plus the walls of the town. Lukka lands Lycia and Caria, southwest Anatolia. The Poem has been questioned as actual verse, as opposed pa a prose account similar to that recorded by other pharaohs. The New Kingdom pp. There is no consensus about the outcome or what took place, with views ranging from an Egyptian victory to a draw, [35] or, in the view of Iranian Egyptologist Mehdi Yarahmadian Egyptian defeat with the Egyptian accounts simply propaganda.


Date Late May BC [1]. Hittite kzdesh from Boghazkoyhowever, tell of a very different conclusion to the greater campaign, where a chastened Ramesses was forced to depart from Kadesh in defeat. I had heard that he was in the land of Aleppo. Within a year, they had returned to the Hittite fold, which meant that Ramesses had to march against Dapur once more in his tenth year.

Murnane, The Road to Kadesh: I found the mass of chariots in whose midst I was, scattering them ,a my horses[.

Now after days had passed after karesh, then his majesty was in Ramses Meri-Amon, the town which is in the Valley of the Cedar.

The New Kingdom p. Although there is more evidence in the form of texts and wall reliefs for this battle than for any other battle in the Ancient Near Eastalmost all of it is from an Egyptian perspective.

However, at some point both regions may have lapsed back under Hittite control. University of California Press.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Battle of Kadesh. Logistically [3] unable to support a long siege of the walled city of Kadesh, Ramesses gathered his troops and retreated south towards Damascus and ultimately back to Egypt. Once back in Egypt, Ramesses proclaimed victory, having routed his enemies, however he didn’t try further to capture Kadesh.

Not to be confused with Battle ds Kamdesh.