age, Witold Gombrowicz might have enjoyed the privileged life of the scion of a wealthy Polish family. Yet Polish life during the middle decades of the 20th. Kosmos (Polish Edition) [Witold Gombrowicz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Caution! No English version! Polish release. Results 1 – 30 of 36 by Fieguth, Rolf, Fritz Arnold und Witold Gombrowicz: and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles.

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It is weird and the narrator is a weirdo So I do, sometimes, agree with the college student. God himself and Man? Dal caos al cosmos. How was it that I was always so sure? And yet somehow, Cosmos is a detective story. The plot of this novel is highly secondary, and consists of the narrator, a college youth on holiday named Witold, accompanying a classmate to an out of the way pension in order to study in peace. The reader is lost.

But the two become embroiled first in a macabre event on the way to the pension, then in the peculiar activities and psychological travails of the family running it. You might argue that we impose meaning on the world because otherwise it would be too overwhelming, too chaotic, too frightening. The narrator is constantly on the lookout for associations, often staggering when another character mentions something offhanded that can vaguely associate with the thoughts in his head.

Can’t pick out ugly star from hot star from her sun star on his glow-worm. But I am letting that strand slip. Young intellectual in Paris. The salient characteristics of Gombrowicz’s writing include incisive descriptions of characters’ psychological entanglement with others, an acute awareness of conflicts that arise when traditional cultural values clash with contemporary values, and an exasperated yet comedic sense of the absurd.

And it is through ridiculing the limits that Gombrowicz creates his dark, nonsensical humor here.

Feb 05, Mariel rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Here is where we also find the priest, lost in the wilderness as Gombrowicz takes his standard jabs at religions method of proclaiming meaning in a meaningless world. Kosmoz would be interrupted regularly with painfully brief moments of narrative coherence, before resuming. It would be very much advisable to have read his earlier novels first to fully appreciate the ideas at play here and to draw many of the connections left open for the reader, plus I cannot recommend many novels more highly than I do Ferdydurke.


Gombrowicz spent a year in Paris where he studied at the Institut des Hautes Etudes Internationales; although he was less than diligent in his studies his time in France brought him in constant contact with other young intellectuals. I can relate to that!

Come chiamare storia questo continuo … addensarsi e disfarsi … di elementi … Un passero impiccato, una freccia sul muro, un labbro femminile deformato, un gatto strangolato, le mani di una timida ragazza, un albero preso a martellate. I am convinced that most people read novels such as this, can make neither hide nor kosmoz of it, but gombrowwicz afraid that admitting as much is to admit that they are unable to grasp depth and meaning in the depthless and meaningless.

In the s he started writing.

Witold Gombrowicz

Il sogno era una voce. Trying to see if something new would happen, if meaning would crystalize? I tried to focus only on what was happening in the story itself trying to ignore the knowing way Witold was leaning on his chair next to me – but NOTHING was happening.

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Cosmos (Gombrowicz novel) – Wikipedia

They make order in their lives with marriage, religions, and divine a clear explanation for any of their actions. A Noveland his masterpiece Ferdydurke. Stage adaptations of Ferdydurke and other works of Gombrowicz were presented by many theatres, especially prior tobefore the first 9 volumes of his works were published. In he published his first novel, Ferdydurkewhich presents many themes explored in his further writings: At the turn of the s and s he started to write short stories, which were later printed under the title Memoirs of a Time of Immaturitylater edited by Gombrowicz and published under the name of Bacacaythe street where he lived during his exile in Argentina.


When one considers what a great number of sounds, forms reach us at every moment of our existence. Witold e Fucsio non fanno eccezione: The narrative revolves around two young men who seek the solitude of gpmbrowicz country; their peace is disturbed when a set of random occurrences suggest to their susceptible gomrowicz a pattern with sinister meanings.

Gombrowocz it stands, I was not and am not — Polish, laughing, or weeping. Gombrowicz is remembered by scholars and admirers as a writer and a man unwilling to sacrifice his imagination or his originality for any price, person, god, gombriwicz, or doctrine. Overall, the book offers maybe a 3: He gombrowjcz that car crashes happened somehow on account of him.

A surreal, nightmarish, perverted detective story, but a detective story nonetheless in both plot and form. In the novel Trans-Atlantyk Gombrowicz juxtaposes the traditional vision of a human that serves the values of the new vision, according to which an individual frees oneself of this service and basically fulfills oneself.

We manage to solve some mysteries kosmod on the way we create the new ones.

If I were to designate a worthy successor to the Joyful science of Nietzschean criticism and poetry in twentieth century literature, I would answer: No combination is impossible It’s also clear that he was also not thinking for kosmo. I almost winked at him, but that would have taken away from our now private joke. Cosmos by Witold Gombrowicz.

Two novels by Gombrowicz were adapted for film: But to chose which meaning is impossible.