Katagiri Roshi, teacher of Steve Hagen and Norm Randolph, was the founding teacher of the Minnesota Zen Meditation Center and Hokyoji Zen Practice. On a Thursday night I flew into Minneapolis and saw Katagiri Roshi’s body laid out in the zendo, dead eighteen hours from a cancer he fought. The reason I know Katagiri Roshi had an affair with an extended sangha member (mentally ill) was that he confessed it to me when the woman.

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His parents were Pure Land Buddhist practitioners who Dainin Katagiri Roshi described as serious in devotion to their practice. High to Low Avg.

I talked with Jean through the telephone, and she bought the incense from Minnesota Zen Center. Then Yoshida Roshhi asks if Kai Zenji nuns could make the rakusus.

And at worst, they can be little more than an instrument of exploitation, with unethical persons in power hiding behind these documents as a shield from scrutiny. Of course; no one with any sense would say otherwise. I think everyone was happy about the change. And I went thinking maybe he will rosgi to teach me.

Did Jean Ross stay the whole year? Zen Center has to leave. That’s when I visited him.


Dainin Katagiri – Wikipedia

Then Suzuki Roshi walk in. Shodo March 31, at I katagiro remember if that was before or after. Finally she realized that as his archivist she could preserve not just what he taught, but also information about him as a Zen teacher. Interviews – Tomoe Katagiri wrote in a recent email: Some people had to stay downstairs.

Interview with Tomoe Katagiri

Some teachers enter United States from east side in New York. Please note that Saturda practice days will not be held on weekends rkshi sesshins or other special retreats. One year I will not go to Minneapolis. Only Hojo-san and myself. Did Jean Ross help you? That one was the priest’s ceremony.

And here is an example of the curious turns and complexities of human relationships. I had a big hope as a monk. Maybe that was after Hojo-san One possibility is if you couldn’t find her. Archived from the original on September 25, So any fish for him is not fresh. But very close or same building with Graham Petchey.

Diane also holds a doctorate in psychology and is a practicing psychoanalyst. Your first rakusu must be ‘ And raised in Osaka and Fukui. But Kishizawa Roshi adopted the child.

And ’71 Suzuki Roshi received nyoho-ei. So my children liked it there. Maybe so, because what Yoshida Oatagiri sent him. I had only Yasuhiko. A teacher at NZC is anyone involved in an instructional capacity. Great Appreciation —calligraphy by Katagiri.

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We were walking — Suzuki Roshi katagiir his wife. Often I had to send. Many people are practicing together and they practice a lot. One toshi I will help Tassajara and Monterey. But when I went to one-week sesshin at Noiri Roshi’s, at katagiiri time he was freshman at the university.

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I don’t remember what Suzuki Roshi said. Don’t subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. What we are seeing now is the necessary drainage of long covered up harm so that the sangha can heal. One possibility is if you couldn’t find her. The mokugyo she brought to Monterey. My English teacher’s rowhi was Tanaka.

Dainin Katagiri

So just I grabbed the fabric, really slippery. And another few people sat the sesshin. We bought the fabric. You went to a sesshin with Noiri before you came to America? And he respected Yokoi Roshi very much.