Senhor José is a low-grade clerk in the city’s Central Registry, where the living and the dead share the same shelf space. A middle-aged bachelor, he has no. #saramago stories you’ll love. Read new stories about #saramago on Wattpad. Jose Saramago – Toate numeleby StoicaDaniel icon view 25 icon vote. Toate numele – Jose Saramago America fara etaje – Ilf si Petrov Jocul de smarald – Ioan Petru Culianu La capatul lumii si in tara aspra – Haruki.

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You don’t win joae Nobel Prize for literature when you have such an annoying writing style if you just stick to fairly mundane stories. Nov 22, jeremy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Uma aventura que, para o leitor, chega a ter alguns momentos de suspense. Generally when I write a review, I do it straight off and don’t edit much.

All the Names

Secret door into Indian House of Records [s]. The reviews that concentrate on story, the plot, I think miss out on Saramago generally. These are books that will be easily spoiled if you know too much about them before you read them. Within the first few pages, Saramago establishes a tension that sings and rises, producing engaging revelations that culminates when the final paragraphs twists expectations once again. His prose style is so heavy handed and derivative in it’s originality that it turned me off of the towte after only a handful of pages.

Oct 29, Lori rated it liked it Roate Maybe this is the kind of story that should have been a story and not a novel and that there are reasons why Borges never wrote a novel. This is the first novel I’ve read by Nobel-winner Saramago, but it won’t be the last.

Küçük Anılar Çocukluk ve İlkgençlik Anıları – Jose Saramago

I’ve just read the first few pages of reviews and to be saramafo none of them saw in the book what I did. So now send me my check.

And if you read the books in the order I did, you will be stunned at his genius and hope that some day someone makes a film of these books. Saramago’s house in Lanzarote is also open to the public.


Küçük Anılar Çocukluk ve İlkgençlik Anıları – Jose Saramago PDF ( Free | Pages )

View all 4 comments. And taote the only glimmer of life and hope are may be in the cemetery; May be because the place is governed according to the same principles as the Conservatory. There were an awful lot of reviews in Arabic I could’t read though. Quotes from All the Names.

This book was suggested to me by someone who had read my novel, TITLE 13, and mentioned that they both shared a similar outlook, especially in terms of satirizing the lowly position of clerks within a government. It’s what is behind the story that is the genius, what you dimly perceive and is illuminated more as the novel progresses and you see the workings of the utterly original author’s mind. That was fortuitious, as the other way round would have spoiled the ‘joke’ of Death’s filing cabinet.

Finally it is the complex style of Saramago who remains in memory. One book was not enough for him to work out either the bureaucracy of death or unhealthy and insane obsessions with it, or of it come to that.

Open Preview See a Problem? Not entirely positive about it’s ending though, so a minor smudge there, but that aside, All the Names was a top notch piece of fiction.

A foundation with his name was saramagi in ; its main aims are cultural promotion, particularly of Portuguese literature and authors. View all 61 comments. Jun 09, Greg rated it liked it Shelves: Incorrect original publishing date.

Registered Redemption Saramao of Saramago’s themes are found here: Saramago should be smacked around with the pretentious stick. Maybe if the writing style hadn’t been so heavy handed and Kafka-like aka, German in it’s dense paragraphs. Blindness and Seeing left strong lasting impressions on me, and I expected this novel to do the same.

All the Names by José Saramago

See 1 question about All the Names…. Margaret Jull Costa Translator. Lists with This Book. Rewritten July 16th Particularly amusing, at least to me, are the scenes taking place in the city’s municipal graveyard, describing its evolution over the centuries, as well as its relation to and competition with the Central Registry.


However, his quest will be more complex sarxmago he predicted and obstacles multiply, taking the unknown away into the iose of possibilities. Maybe once one enters into the Borges realm one needs to have a lighter hand on the old pen. Jul 20, Nicole rated it it was amazing Shelves: The author writes in run-on sentences, does not use normal sarmaago, and his paragraphs can go on for jos to three pages without a break.

Exactly the kind of book your pretentious friend would recommend that you read, because they know that as short as it is, it’s still an endurance test, and your pain with it is nothing but proof that they have intellect and endurance beyond yours, which is the point in recommending it, Oh is it, I think so, But isn’t it pretty, Sometimes, Don’t you think his writing style is cool, Definitely, and I would furthermore ad Some nice passages, but otherwise wayyy too slow for how little was happening.

One I would think that a book that mixes the two great tastes of Borges and Kafka could do no wrong, but how wrong I one would be. I also don’t want to review the book s but sarakago give my reactions to them. I never thought a novel about a lonely and duller than dull file clerk could turn out to be so readable, but that’s josw how I found this, it was difficult to find a reasonable place to stop, of which I simply had to, as it’s a bit too long to gulp down in one go, although for those who don’t get fidgety cramps, don’t have much of an appetite, and with plenty of time asramago their hands, it may work out beneficial.

Cemetery where it intersects the amazing character of the pastor, element of liberating and creative anarchy in the ordered world and stuffy administration.