Jilly Cooper is a journalist, author and media superstar. The author of many number one bestselling was appointed OBE in for services to. The Rutshire Chronicles is the name given to a series of romantic novels by Jilly Cooper. Riders (); Rivals (; also known as Players); Polo (); The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous (); Appassionata (); Score! (). Rivals is a novel by the English author Jilly Cooper. It is the second of the Rutshire Chronicles, a series of books set in the fictional English county of Rutshire.

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This page was last edited on 24 Octoberat Oct 19, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: Everyone is sleeping with everyone, friends are sleeping with their friend’s wives and yet they shrug it off and say “I drove her to it. Taggie’s story is probably my favourite, although she is a bit too good to be true in places.

Rutshire Chronicles

As the competition between rival television companies intensifies, Rupert finds himself growing more and more in love with Taggie under the guise of a platonic friendship. The review of this Book prepared by Hannah Warnaar. Here there is the definite focus of the franchise battle, which drives the plot forward.

Seven hundred pages consisting mostly of who’s-sleeping-with-whom is a bit much. As mentioned, Cooper’s plot is less convoluted. I actually loved this book for many reasons, some of which being: OK, OK, it’s only partially a favorite because of that. Jilly, my affection for you has lead me to keep reading, way, way past the point when you became unreadable.


The couple were unable to have children naturally so adopted two children.

Rutshire Chronicles – Wikipedia

Btw, this is one of the few times I don’t mind ‘rake redeemed by the love of a good woman’ set-up because it’s pretty clear that due to his lack of upbringing and personality, the guy needs a very sweet and loving domestic Madonna on a pedestal type of significant other.

Will Rupert boff every woman that crosses his path?! Why, they form their own consortium to pitch for the TV franchise, of course! March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Dec 30, Jean rated it did not like it. The Guardian — and The Observer — pg. Jilly Cooper’s writing is a lot tighter here and while Rivals doesn’t exactly break moulds, it’s a hilariously gripping read. These aspects are contrasted with details of the characters’ domestic lives, which are often far from glamorous.

Rivals (novel) – Wikipedia

Not to mention the fact that Rupert is 38 with two children and an inability to stay faithful to women, whilst Taggie is barely The plot this time involves a large franchise battle between Corinium – the incumbent television company, led by Tony Baddingham – and Venturer, formed by a number of larger than life characters who have had various run-ins with Tony and wish to see his downfall.

There are a lot of horses, dogs, quails’ eggs, muddy range rovers, agas and one hilariously snobby woman who puts toilet cleaner in her garden fountains.


There is a whole big thing about a television station bid that, my goodness, could of been pared down except the author seems to want to impress us with her research o I read until my eyes are bleeding. On top of that, the story is often unbelievable, there are far too many characters, Re-reading Rivals immediately after re-reading Riders, I was reminded of the crushing disappointment I felt when I first read it. His oldest daughter Taggie soon catches Rupert’s roving eye.

I have read this many times before There doesn’t seem anyone in that countryside able to stay faithful except the goodness of mother earth, Taggie. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Rivals Book Summary and Study Guide

He bordered on the unpleasant in the first book, but here, he So there is a bonkbuster before anyone had heard about Christian Grey. The stories tell tales of mainly British upper-class families, as well as the show-jumping and polo crowd, in numerous different sexually charged scenarios, often laced with adulteryillegitimate children, scandaland sometimes, even death.

Rivwls started reading these in my late teens and still read them now However, Cooper’s best-known works are her long novels. Re-reading Rivals immediately after re-reading Riders, I was reminded of the crushing disappointment I felt when I first read it.

Other books in the series.