A Jessner peel is a medium depth chemical peel that is done by a dermatologist. It is one of the most effective peels to remove superficial layers. The Jessner Peel was designed to remove superficial layers of skin, dry out active mild stinging, mild swelling and redness, mild crusting and finally peeling. An aesthetician told me i needed a jessners peel for sun damage i have Chemical peels differ according to their strength, or how deep they go.

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What to expect during the procedure.

Difference Between Jessner & TCA Peels

I have had a Jessner Peel done before. Pregnant woman, those that are breastfeeding, and those with chronic skin conditions will not be good candidates for a Jessner Peel.

Grimes; Hospital for Special Surgery: Cold sores could also appear, but will only appear if you are already susceptible to them. Taking care of your skin after a peel.

Jessner Peel: What You Should Know

A Jessner peel, according to the book “Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery for Darker Skin Types,” is a superficial peel that is used to treat photoaging, age spots, acne, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma and freckles.

After that, the swelling will go down and your skin will begin peeling. I have seen that those with dark skin tones should not have this done.


They involve the use of chemicals such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid, Jessner’s solution, trichloroacetic acid TCA and phenol. Some symptoms of salicylism are ringing in the ears, dizziness, confusion or disorientation. Some people are allergic to resorcinol, and because of this Jessner’s solution can be modified to exclude this component.

Jessner’s solution is available in one strength only, but the depth to which it penetrates your skin can be increased by applying several layers of the solution during a Jessner peel. The stronger the solution is, the deeper it penetrates the different layers of your skin. I look so much better.

However, at-home peels are less effective at removing dark spots and reducing the appearance of deeper scars than a medium peel from a dermatologist. Unna described the use of trichloroacetic acid as a peeling agent in A Jessner Peel is great for those with acne, thick skin, skin discoloration, moderate wrinkles, and oily skin.

Baking soda is great for making your tub sparkle and neutralizing unwanted body odor, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to rub it on your face…. Did you know that a Jessner peel removes up to 7 layers of skin?

Jessner Peel — by Advanced Dermatology

My skin peeled for a week but then fresh skin that jesnser yes, glowed! Sale ends December How to prepare for a Jessner peel.

A calming mask will then be applied to the skin. I love the effects. He formulated this solution out of several different chemicals to reduce the toxic effects of each individual component.


ppeeling It is not recommended for those with darker skin tones. Your Anxiety Loves Sugar. It was one of the wisest decisions I have made about my skin yet.

After three to five minutes, your doctor will remove the peel and apply a cool compress and lotion to soothe your skin. Do you think that it would be OK for me to have a Jessner peel done? I am sure that all dermatologist ask, but wanted to throw that out there in case someone is thinking of getting this procedure done.

If there are skin lesions or broken skin, the Jessner Peel will not be preling to be peeilng.

The complexion will be improved greatly, and pores may be reduced in size. Max Jessner and has been in use for over years. Is the Jessner peel applied to the entire face, or jesner it be used for spot treating, such as just around the lips? How deep the peel penetrates depends on what kind of chemical peel you get — superficial, medium, or deep.