James Randi, the celebrated magician, has written a damning indictment of the The Faith Healers examines in depth the reasons for belief in faith healing and. James Randi, the celebrated magician, has written a damning indictment of the faith-healing practices of the leading televangelists and others. A VISIT BY James Randi is always interesting and exciting. This past February The big news was that Randi was investigating faith-healers. On February

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Self-annointed ministers of God heaers the gullible that they have been healed – and that they should pay for the service.

After that it got somehow exiting, because it was more like a thriller.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Fiore rated it really liked it.

The Faith Healers by James Randi | : Books

The Healerw Healers examines in depth the reasons for belief in faith healing and the catastrophic results for the victims of these hoaxes. May 11, Mark Dunn rated it really liked rxndi Shelves: Ironically enough, even with the scientific progress we’ve made many laypeople still denounce it as either an object of Satan or incapable of bringing the blessings of faith.

Want to Read saving…. Feb 04, David Ward rated it liked it Shelves: Stay in Touch Sign up. The Financial Aspects, 5. A well-written, well-thought out book that is fascinating, and infuriating. The gentleman was so angry and so frustrated that this woman continued to delude herself, that he refused to help her.


Time after time, a faith healer demands that a “healed” devotee fling away their crutches, back braces, or other medicinal aids, and run up and down the aisles for the benefit of the TV cameras.

The Faith Healers

The ministries, they discovered, were rife with deception, chicanery, and often outright fraud. It is baffling that the vulnerable, knee deep in debt, do not ask why their stone-deaf and stone-blind friend in the sky would want a million dollars.

No eBook available Amazon. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Open Preview See a Problem? Prometheus Books Still, even Randi admits there are psychological While a bit dated, this book is a must-read for anyone healsrs remembers the hey day of evangelists such as Oral Roberts or Jimmy Swagart.

The importance of instilling unquestioning faith. James Randi is not a great writer; you will not be dazzled by his prose. But part of it is that all the te I remember watching a documentary featuring James Randi back in college; he was debunking Uri Geller.

They lie and cheat, the confound and trick their taith, and they usually get away with it” The book was so and so it the first When i started i thought of reading about frauds which are In “The Faith Healers” he recounts his stories of rahdi so, particularly on the subject of people who claim to heal sickness through the power of religion. If you read no other Randi book, you should at least read “Faith Healers”, to understand the damage that these scammers cause.

The Lesser Lights, One thing I really love about James Randi is not only is he a firm rationalist, but he also has an unwavering moral compass. So called “healees” exposed.


Many known frauds tried and without a surprise got insulted and exposed by Randi. James “the Amazing” Randi is at his angry best here. Although I didn’t really care for Randi’s narrative style primarily paragraph sections that are often non-linearhe provides an absolutely overwhelming amount of evidence for fraud among a number of faith healers.

Does tend to get a little redundant after a few hundred pages, but the sections on investigation are fascinating. I have only heard of a few of the people he mentions and takes aim at, but it doesn’t take away from the effect.

Some of the faith healers investigated are W. The book itself, though, is rather boring; Randi goes through each case in excruciating detail, and rarely does he tie them all together into a cohesive narrative.

He also discusses various faith healers he has investigated, and his real motivations in doing so. In this interview with D. Mar 28, Caroline rated it liked it.

Practical Limitations of Medical Science, The Psychic Dentist and an Unamazing Grace, It’s also a lesson to jamse who say that religion and faith do no harm.

What areas concerning people’s beliefs are most easily exploitable by con-artists?