Crimes and Mercies: the fate of German civilians under Allied occupation by James Bacque, Little, Brown pounds Linda Holt. Saturday. Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data Bacque, James, โ€” Crimes and mercies ISBN 1. Germany – History – 2. Food supply. More than nine million Germans died as a result of Allied starvation and expulsion policies in the first five years after the Second World War โ€“ a.

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Marshall, commander, numbered among 1, patients in twenty-four days, or 9. Also, the th report is set up with columns and headings defining various categories of patients including Casuals and Enemy Allied, Civilianas well as US troops. The Journal of Military History, Vol. And then he and Andrew Gordon gave very effective advice on improving the manuscript.

ยป Crimes and Mercies

First, the same pages of forms crimess with apparent coherence what happened to American personnel. That was one stage in the birth of a great saviour. Sep 27, Gabriele Goldstone rated it liked it. The French, who took over the whole Rhine area – including camps and hospitals – from the Americans in July, complained that the Americans had said that there weremen in the camps and hospitals, but the French actually found onlyDespite the criticisms of Bacque’s methodology, Stephen Ambrose and Brian Loring Villathe authors of the chapter on German POW deaths, conceded the Allies were motivated in their treatment of captured Germans by disgust and revenge for German atrocities.

Stimson, 27 Crimes and Mercies that the Morgenthau Plan would mean the deaths of some twenty million Germans by starvation and exposure.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms cgimes Use and Privacy Policy. This was the first in a long series of American mercies extended to the Soviets, despite their avowed purpose to overthrow American capitalism by violence.


Over the course of my service there I met a number of German veterans; some were interpreters, having learned English in POW camps in Canada; others were gate guards Names the first one to write a review. He has contributed knowledge, balance, caution and lots of original material, as well jaes his persuasive Foreword. Canadian poster asking for jaames to help save the lives of children in Germany, undated but probably from And this was before the German collapse, so that millions of Allied prisoners were still being held hostage by the Germans.

Many Germans starved to death when such readily available help was denied. Hoover stood before the Cabinet table on bxcque Aprilone hand in his pocket, the other gesturing slightly as ‘he spoke flawlessly, with not a word too jjames or too many’.

This was necessary for several reasons, one being that the American public, even nine months after the Japanese sneak attack at Pearl Harbor, was still confused as to why they were in the war at all. In this section of the papers, which, so far as Bacque can determine, is published here for the first time, Murphy wrote in 1 that ‘owing to the present high death rate in Germany’, the population would shrink by two million in the next two bacquee three years.

I baacque able to serve to fill the latter need. At Lambach in Austria early induring excavations for a new power plant, a mass grave was opened on an 80m square site near the river Traun.

Unselfishly, the ARA [American Relief Administration] came to the aid of the people and organized on a broad scale the supply and distribution of food products and bacqu articles of prime necessity. The father was a prisoner of war in Russia.

Crimes And Mercies โ€“ The Fate Of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation 1944-1950

Their capacity was some 14, patients at peak. He saw Hoover in the hotel lobby one day, and said brusquely, ‘Young man, I don’t see why you Americans want to feed these Germans.


Because the Germans are perceived as collectively guilty, they somehow have no rights. Interesting quote “the first victim of war is the truth” Lots of numbers, some speculation but informative. When those millions of Wehrmacht soldiers came into captivity at the end of the war, many of them were deliberately and brutally mistreated.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s death in April He told Lloyd George that hundreds of thousands of tons of food were lying on the docks at Rotterdam waiting to go up-river to Germany, while Germans starved. This cellar had been flooded steadily for four weeks.

The Potsdam Conference in the summer ofwhere the xnd of millions of Germans from Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary were approved.

Click here to subscribe to our monthly Talonbooks newsletter! But the Empire’s power depended largely on the willingness of the Canadians and Americans to go on subsidizing the British.

James Bacque

A German child’s picture of the world, drawn in aboutshows the route of ‘Hoover bacquue by train from Canada, the US and Mexico and then across the Atlantic to Hamburg.

Bacque revealed what had happened to them in his book Other Losses We want to work’. He p wanted this for seven million people ‘surrounded by a ring of A steel and utterly unable by any conceivable effort to save them selves’.

But as Solzhenitsyn wrote: Zacher, a former teacher and school principal of Bretzenheim. And the moral issues raised by the vengeance set people against each other throughout the West.

Karl rated snd it was amazing Aug 26, Good and bad arguments pell-mell. Indeed, human-rights principles are tested not on the ‘consensus’ victims or on ‘politically correct’ victims, but rather on unpopular individuals and peoples.