Avner Cohen (born ) is a writer, historian, and professor, and is well known for his works His seminal work, Israel and the Bomb, which chronicled the Israeli nuclear program, was published in This book led him to encounter. Until now, there has been no detailed account of Israel’snuclear history. Previous treatments of the Israel and the Bomb. Avner Cohen. Copyright Date: Israel and the Bomb has 57 ratings and 4 reviews. Nick said: I, like, forgot how to read over the past few months. Back on the wagon, huzzah! A poor choi.

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On his return to Palestine after the Second World War, he resumed his position as scientific director of the Sieff Institute and was expected to be its director after Weizmann. Ernst David Bergmann, an organic chemist, tutored Ben Gurion in nuclear matters for many years.

Israel and the Bomb

Ben Gurion, Bergmann, and Peres could not have succeeded on their own without the help of others. On 15 July Bergmann was made scientific adviser to the minister of defense, and in early was appointed director of research of the newly created Division of Research and Infrastructure Agaf Mechkar Ve’tichunor EMET of the Ministry of Defense.

Refresh and try again. In his memoirs Peres cites some of the principles that guided him in leading the program, writing that, at the outset, he knew what the project’s limits were.

Avner Cohen

iseael Ben Gurion had no qualms about Israel’s need for weapons of mass destruction. Their role in making the nuclear project possible was more political than technical or scientific.


Ben Gurion provided the political authority and commitment, while Bergmann and Peres delivered the energy and enthusiasm required to make the project a reality.

I thought in terms of ten years ahead. Account Options Sign in. My decision, therefore, was to approach the younger generation, men just recently graduated from the Technion in Haifa, who had an initial grounding in the discipline and had not yet been infected by the doubts and reservations of their more senior colleagues.

I had one fear in my heart: Ben Gurion did not know what the odds for success were, and he could not tell whether the French would assist Israel and for how long, but he was convinced that Israel must try it and that Israeli ingenuity would accomplish it.

There is one thing, however, in which we are not inferior to any other people in the world–this is the Jewish brain. The late Eliezer Gon was Ratner’s deputy for a number of years and contributed his technical ingenuity to the project. Bergmann no longer enjoyed the trust and authority he had under Ben Gurion, and in June he offered his resignation to Eshkol.

Avner Cohen is writer, historian, and professor, and is well known for his works on nuclear weapons.

Avner Cohen’s last gasp?

I realized that much would depend on the character and ability of the project manager. There are no two atomic energies.

I do not assume that could happen today or tomorrow. For this reason, my name was never included in any formal committee created in the area of atomic energy. Columbia University Press- History – pages.

Israel and the Bomb – Avner Cohen – Google Books

Retrieved 8 October Until his resignation from the Ministry of Defense a decade later, Peres was the man in charge of Israel’s nuclear project. At cihen same time, the candidate had to be a man with an “open mind,” that is, a capacity to learn on the job; after all, he would not have any prior experience in building nuclear reactors. Shimon Peres, who made the decisions on behalf of Ben Gurion, consulted many experts, often without Bergmann’s presence.


The nuclear project also led Peres, an avid reader who has always been cihen in ideas and who sought the company of intellectuals, to form an alliance with experts and professionals, primarily scientists and technocrats.

As a avmer lecturer at the Hebrew University inAharon Katzir recruited science students to form the first units dedicated to experimenting with weaponry and explosives for the Haganah. The intelligence information was israeo by the Soviets, according to the news magazine, to Cairo and this, Time claimed, resulted in Egyptian forces interrupting its military advance.

Ben Gurion’s pessimism about the inevitability of the next round influenced Israel’s foreign and defense policy for years. In his public speeches and writings as prime minister Ben Gurion rarely discussed the Holocaust. The backdrop for his tireless campaign was the rise of Nazism, the Second World War, and the Holocaust. In the face of stiff opposition and bitter criticism, he proceeded, indefatigably and single-mindedly, to exploit this opportunity.

The size of the Arab population and resources isrel it unlikely that they could be persuaded to accept Israel. Among his publications are: