NEC Corporation FE pasolink/. NEC Corporation. Converged Packet Radio. iPASOLINK // . iPASOLINK / 6 GHz 10 Mbps DIGITAL RADIO SYSTEM TABLE OF CONTENTS. Uploaded by. Meghezi Mohamed. Download with Google. iPASOLINK iPASOLINK /A. iPASOLINK iPASOLINK E. iPASOLINK iX. iPASOLINK SX. iPASOLINK GX. iPASOLINK EX.

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MS is a sophisticated management system that provides these benefits for network administration: For instance, intensive rain causing receiving level attenuation at high frequency bands, AMR keeps the link availability by automatically and error-free ipasolonk of iipasolink lower threshold modulation.

Link oriented management and control To protect the network and network management system from unauthorized access or unauthorized modifications, the privileges are assigned to the groups rather than to the individual user.

All-IP migration strategy of existing 3GPP Release operators might be different from other mobile operators due to difference of mobile architectures adopted.

Alarm management The Active Alarm function supports monitoring of active alarms on all connected network elements. Hot Stand by, SD: The specifications or configuration contained in this document are subject to change without notice due to NEC’s continuing ipasolijk effort. Antenna 11 – 42 GHz Figure 5. STM-1 optical interface for optional card slot E1 interface for optional card slot 16 E1 can be added by adding optional E1 card.

These data can be exported for further processing or displayed in a graphical view for fast trend analysis. The connection line is only one coaxial cable.

The list also shows what alarm severities are currently active in the NE and whether it has been acknowledged or not. However; – Amount of required bits for data service is much larger than those for voice and significant bit-cost reduction is absolutely required.


iPASOLINK / Wireless Transport | NEC

This screen shows the list of active alarm information of NEs belonging to the same group. However, TDM network can not manage the growth of ipasolihk traffic efficiently.

These are briefly listed as follows; – Native TDM and packet 20 enabling to migrate into carrier-grade full packet radio with scalable throughput capability. LCT interface The local craft terminal is a useful tool to the installation and maintenance. Copy, reproduction, modification, or distribution without prior written authorization of NEC Corporation is strictly prohibited.

It is free from time and synchronization issues. Following functions are available.

Advanced QoS function Enhanced QoS functions control finely tuned bandwidth and priority on a per-flow basis without any impact on traffic forwarding performance to provide flexible and commercially viable packet traffic.

Traffic offload allows the operator to unload their IP traffic, including emulated ipasllink traffic, onto other cost effective IP network. STM-1 electrical interface for optional card slot Optimal transmission resource utilization Flexible transmission technology mix Transport lpasolink intelligence Optimized modularity and flexibility Service provider can not compromise above issues where they have to use one system and can be used in any strategy technical and management to keep ipwsolink market share and improve income.

Installation guide N Connector Figure This allows the administrator a high-flexibility of assigning not only the PNMSj functions but also the control and management of individual NE. PNMSj has the features as bellow: Additional capabilities and capacity can be latter scaled as the network evolves. The specific functions are made available with eligible combination of hardware and software.


iPASOLINK 100/200

Therefore, synchronization issue due to fluctuation of delay, latency or jitter must be carefully considered in transmission of mobile service. However, the right backhaul evolution strategy very much depends on the differing motivations of each operator such as preferences in OPEX, CAPEX, flexibility, ipaxolink and scale.

A card for synchronous Ethernet is provided.

The additional required components from single pole transmission are; dual-polarized antenna, one more ODU, associated software key in IDU.

The Lpasolink Information View is used to view the summary of current active alarms. Web applet is installed in IDU. Dual native transmission is ipaaolink most suitable solution in this application. They are designed to meet stringent requirements on mechanical rigidity.

Moving into unified IP packet networks and end-to-end network management allow you to offer premium services including conventional voice service over packet as well as sharing or reselling your backhaul bandwidth. This technical description shows all available functions. This information storage is used for equipment replacement and recovery of setting and configuration.

On the other hand, two-antenna has high system gain in the same non-protection type configuration. This technical document contains proprietary information to NEC Corporation.

iPASOLINK E: Wireless : Transport | NEC

In contrast, Packet data traffic is gradually increasing. PNMSj provides a single access point from where to monitor and control an entire network continuously. Measured at 64QAM 21 21 17 17 17 15 15 14 – 13