Immigration Judge may be precluded from considering any evidence from a bond the Immigration Judge (such as information from the deportation hearing) or. EOIR Posts Immigration Judge Benchbook Online DOJ press release announcing that EOIR posted the “Immigration Judge Benchbook”. The IMMIGRATION JUDGE BENCHBOOK, including all files and hyperlinks therein contained, is a tool for immigration judges. It shares useful.

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The I, is written up and says that he and his parents are all born in Mexico, notes benchbolk claims to be bipolar, and then notes that he says he was born in South Carolina [sic–Mark was born in North Carolina].

I asked for more details on how the guard did this and Mark said there was a “very low door” and that “the guard had to go up to the judge on the TV, and he said I had another comment to make. Mark had never been in an immigration court before the day he met Immigratioon and would be incapable of inventing the detailed narrative he gave me; also, as opposed to Cassidy, Mark has no incentive to lie since ICE had noted Mark’s claims to U.

I was born and raised here, but you can deport me if you like.

Citizen Obtains His “Alien” File: Crucially, the judge is instructed to affirmatively explore possible defenses against deportation with pro se respondents: One needs to have no information whatsoever about Mark to be instructed on whether the EOIR believes that Cassidy recorded the hearing properly, was being disciplined for deporting a U.

These books are used by judges while hearing cases as guides to assist in the disposition of a case. To Farshy, the conversation was irrefutable evidence that Cassidy not only had engaged in ex parte communication — talking with the government attorney without Farshy present — but had pre-judged the case before it was even heard.

These range from him not naming the translator to improperly turning on and off the recording device without summarizing the events “off the record” to reading instructions to the respondents in a voice that is too fast to be properly understood in English, and without allowing time for the translator to translate.


According to a court watcher who has attended Cassidy’s court, this imnigration par for the course: This is damning for Cassidy for two reasons.

These grievances should be at the Stewart Detention Center and hopefully Mark and his attorneys will obtain them and this will further substantiate his narrative. Research and commentary on state efforts to restrict the movement of people across borders, and on the alternatives.

Immigration Resources from Green Cards to Applications

Mixx Delicious Digg Facebook Twitter. For contact and other information, please go to jacquelinestevens. Please see comment submitted by reader on previous misconduct by Cassidy. He also nudge me about another U. EOIR Counsel for Legislative and Public Affairs Fatimah Mateen told me Monday that “someone” whose name she could not recall decided EOIR could not comment on Lyttle’s case and that she would consult her notes in order to tell me who this was; she never did tell me this, but I learned today that “someone” was in fact Mateen herself.

After leaving a message on Farshy’s answering machine, Cassidy, evidently believing he had hung up, resumed a conversation with government attorney Grace Sease, who was in the judge’s office.

Every immigration lawyer practicing removal defense should become intimately familiar with every page in the EOIR Benchbook.

Please share this link to all our colleagues and affected parties. Mark said that after nenchbook names were read, Cassidy interviewed each of the respondents.

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Sease, who is now an immigration judge in Pennsylvania, laughed. In addition, the DAR reveals several other inconsistencies between how Cassidy ran the Master Calendar hearing on December 9, and how judges who follow the rules run their hearings.

Mark does not speak a word of Spanish.

Farshy believed he stood no chance with Cassidy, who, Farshy says, consistently ruled against his clients and repeatedly mispronounced his name as “Farsy. Without these resources, both immigration attorneys and pro se respondents immigrants who represent themselves without a lawyer are at a great disadvantage. Mark said, “One guy was detained for a very long time. As a part of the continuing efforts to make the Immigration Judge Benchbook more functional and user friendly, a Benchbook Advisory will be posted to the Benchbook to keep you apprised of changes that impact our work.


Creation of a Benchbook Advisory As a part of the continuing efforts to make the Immigration Judge Benchbook more functional and user friendly, a Benchbook Advisory will be posted to the Benchbook to keep you apprised of changes that impact our work.

Parties should request such a summary from the Immigration Judge, if the Immigration Judge does not offer one. Either the DAR that was sent to Mark’s attorney, Neil Rambana, was not the entire DAR, or, Cassidy only recorded the formal portions at the hearing’s beginning roll call and the final formal orders at the end.

Immigration Collaborative

Citizenship for Mortals was published by Columbia University Press in Immigration Judge Benchbook Disclaimer: On those occasions, the results of the off- the-record discussion are summarized by the Immigration Judge on the record.

A benchbook is a book providing an overview of legal procedure for bencbook judge. The DARs are supposed to be inclusive of the entire hearing unless otherwise indicated. The benchbook does not, is not intended to, shall not be construed to, and may not be relied upon to create or to limit any rights, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law by any genchbook in any matter, civil or criminal.

This is evident from the DAR itself. On April 15, Cassidy called Farshy’s office to talk about the case.

I believe Cassidy is not talking to me because he knows I cannot juge manipulated by him, and not because he is averse to speaking about his hearings to third parties.

Cassidy’s own statements to his colleagues suggests that the DAR should have included an extensive exchange between Cassidy and Mark regarding Mark’s U. However, as he was listening to people talk and the hearing progressed, Mark changed his mind and told a guard he had something else to say, “I need to speak to the judge.

Mark is a U. Posted by jacqueline stevens at