Introduction. (This introduction is not part of IEEE Std P, DraftStandard for a Common Mezza- The mezzanine card’s local bus can be PCI, SBus orother local buses as they are developed in the . Relationship Between VME, VME64 and VMEbus. .. Other Host PCB Mechanics. Compatibility – IEEE P PMC module which complies to PCI Local Bus Specification Revision Provides one multifunction interrupt. 5V signaling. Created for compact PCI Mezzanine Card site rack-based system designs, the read-writer’s form factor (PMC) conforms to the PMC IEEE P/Draft

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For single slot hosts, the connectors shall be labeled J11 through J Recommendations as to which combinations are used are left to the child standards which use this standard for the mechanical card definition. See Figure for this dimension. CMC bezels shall be electrically isolated from the mezzanine card’s signal ground plane and shall meet the minimum requirements in section 4. If a selected mode is vraft supported by a CMC card then it shall disconnect itself from the bus, i.

This minimum time period shall be 10 bus clock cycles long.

Common Mezzanine Card – CMC – PH

They are also used when extending this standard with additional dimensions where such extensions are permitted and when alternative positions of piece parts are described.

See Figures for this illustration.

This defines the actual dimensions of a 25 mm metric equipment practice. A connector or component of any kind shall not protrude outside this specified envelope.

BWI Master Product Information for BVM PMC DIO32

The values in the table p138.1 taken relative to the signal levels presented on the bussed signals. The height of these legs shall be the same as the two standoffs used near the CMC connectors. Pxi preference should be to use the U shaped front panels, in all Eurocard type applications. There are three critical dimensions that shall be measured to verify that a CMC will fit properly in a host computer’s CMC slot.


PCI Bus, PC CardBus, PCMCIA, Reader Writer, Mezzanine PMC

No component is allowed to protrude through this envelope, except the CMC ieee, standoffs and bezel retention screws. Whenever the PCB’s vertical position is changed, the corresponding standoff and connector’s seating surface shall also be changed. Once the host has determined which modes the CMC cards can support, it sets the mode of operation to that which all the cards are capable of supporting. Placing a small ground trace around the perimeter of the mezzanine card may also be used to bleed off any potential static energy, if the handler first touches the mezzanine card’s edge when picking it up.

The logic levels used by these signals shall be the same as that used by the other bussed CMC signals.

These connectors shall be referred to as the receptacle, or “Jn” connector. The maximum height of this area depends on whether the reference plane of the mezzanine card is 10 mm or 13 mm above the host. Note that the P There is less mechanical flex strength in the flat front panels versus U shaped front panels. It is recommended that mezzanine card vendors list the shock and vibration standards, and to which level s that are met in the product specifications.

This kit is essentially a grounding strap and a wire that connects the mezzanine card handler to the host’s chassis ground prior to installing a mezzanine card in to the host. For CMCs that do place components, other than connectors in the connector area, these components shall not exceed a height of 4.

Note that warpage of the PCB shall be included in the component height on both sides. All signal pins are surrounded by either voltage or ground pins. Limits and Methods of Measurement, www. Figureshows the mechanical design of the CMC bezel. Mezzanine card suppliers may design and manufacture mezzanine cards to meet higher shock and vibration performance levels as well as meet other national and international shock and vibration standards, so long as the minimum requirements specified in this standard are met.

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In these situations more height is needed for the component vertical space. In event a different stacking height of 10 or 13 mm is used, the shoulder and host receptacle connector heights shall all be increased by the same height.

Definitions, Abbreviations and Terminology This logic should be combinatorial in nature as there is a minimum time of 10 bus clock cycles in which to respond to a change in the BUSMODE[4: The angular mis-alignment of any connector shall not exceed 1.

Depending on the functionality of the host, anywhere from one to four connectors may be used, and in any combination.

NVME-PMC (Bridge: VME-to-PCI) from – Embedded Computing Design

Whenever a shoulder is needed, the shoulder on the host module shall provide a 2. The second goal of this draft standard is to only have one mezzanine card mechanical definition for a specific type of local bus rather than having multiple mechanical implementations as has happened in the past. The size and shape of desktop computers, portable computers, servers and other similar types of computers varies considerably, depending on specific target markets and associated needs.

The rest of the mechanics are found on the single or double CMC dimensions. Integrated, Kbyte, 4-way, set-associative internal L2 cache operating in 2: