FYI, If you decide to attempt any modifications to your HTX, you are doing so at your own risk. HTX Owners Manual HTX/Albrecht AE Service. Update*** I’m still doing this repair for those who may need it. Here are the specifics. I charge a flat fee of $35 which includes the new mic cord, the. Cat. No. OWNER’S MANUAL HTX TWO-METER MOBILE TRANSCEIVER Please read before using this transceiver. INTRODUCTION Your .

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You can set your HTX to transmit any of the 38 standard subaudible tones.

Each memory channel can hold a transmit and receive frequency, subaudible transmit and receive tones, htx-52 transmit power level, and whether subaudible tone transmit and squelch are on or off. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. To turn the transceiver off, rotate counterclockwise until it clicks.

Page 8 Start studying for the license exams.

Radio Shack HTX-252 Manuals

To page an individual, you transmit their entire DTMF page sequence. Each type of antenna has its benefits. Repeatedly press lower scan limit. Connect the power supply to a source of power. There have been a bunch of them showing up on Ebay thanks to them closing hundreds of RS stores and clearing them out. Then, while holding down PTT, press the digits on the microphone to transmit the tones. Page 3 Programmable Frequency Step — lets you set the frequency step for tuning or scanning to 5, 10, Receive Frequency Below This standard set of tones is used by many different amateur transceiver systems for accessing programmable features and dialing through autopatches to a standard telephone.


Individually Programmable Repeater Offsets —let you program different repeater offset frequencies for each memory, and a default repeater offset for manually-tuned frequencies. Hold on to the yellow sleeves that go over the Shield. The factory default is 2 seconds.

When deciding on a mobile or base-station antenna and its location, consider the following: The toughest part of this whole ordeal manuap reusing the stress relief on the microphone itself. For exam- ple, if you have set the transceiver to repeater operation on If I run across others with the same problem I will certainly refer them to you.

Simply bring your Radio Shack sales slip as proof of purchase date to any Radio Shack store. FUNC — indicates the keypad is locked. While the offset frequency appears, rotate the tuning control or repeatedly press until the desired offset appears.

The HTX displays tC and the currently set transmit tone. To set the transceiver to its extended range, turn it off. For example, if you tune to If you saved a re- peater offset in a memory, that mannual is not affected.

To turn off auto-reply, set the option to oFF in Step 4. The rubber coating on the manaul dry rotted from years of sitting in the truck.

Radio Hfx-252 is a registered trademark used by Tandy Corporation. To turn on the alert function, press F then ALT.


Overriding the Duplex Offset When you tune to a frequency, the HTX automatically selects either simplex operation, or duplex operation with the correct offset direction if the auto duplex option is on. There are many different types of antennas suitable for transceiver use.


Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Then insert the plug and turn the metal ring clockwise to secure the plug. I settled for this hxt-252 which can be purchased on ebay for around 15 bucks and free shipping. Spam Blocked 9, spam blocked by Akismet. Press F, then press MR. There is htc-252 in the microphone and one in the connector. If the tones match, it operates as if it received the entire sequence. Page 29 Subaudible Tone Frequencies Hz Subaudible Tone Transmit and Receive CTCSS —transmits the subaudible tones required to use some repeaters, and also lets you set a subaudible tone that your transceiver must receive to open squelch.

Use only a fuse of the recommended size and type. This gives users of low-power transceivers the ability to communicate over a much greater range.

Memory Channels Your HTX has 41 memory channels 40 standard memory channels and one calling-frequency memory channel. Turning Auto Duplex On and Off The HTX can automatically select the correct duplex offset for frequencies normally assigned to repeaters and selects no offset simplex for other frequencies. Press The offset frequency and appear.

To resume scanning immediately, press MHz.