Aus dem Weltraum zu euch by Howard Menger(Book) 1 edition published in in German and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. The Song . Menger, Howard: From Outer Space to You, New York: Pyramid Books TT; Virginia: Saucerian Books ; deutsch u. d.T.: Aus dem Weltraum zu Euch. Menger, Howard: Aus dem weltraum zu dir. $20 $ Menger, Howard: From outer space to you. $ Menzel, Donald H. & Ernest H. Taves: The UFO enigma.

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An encyclopedia of extraterrestrials and otherworldly beings. Den oknda vrld vi lever i.

Andrews, Colin with Spignesi, Stephen J.: Inside the space ships]. Timothy Green Beckley’s The riddle of Hangar Cosmic forces of Mu.

AFU Book Library

Seven incredible true stories of alien abduction. The flying saucer in America Samtaler med fremstende tenkere.


Om ider som banat nya vgar.

Personer med frmga att skda in i framtiden, bota sjuka, kommunicera med de dda eller utfra andra mrkliga ting. The encyclopaedia of alien encounters. UFOs, ritual land-scapes and the human mind. One hundred years of strange events. People in flying saucers? The Starseed transmissions] Carey, Ken: UFOs, the global view. Calkins, Carrol C ed. Profeten Hesekiels rymdskepp i den moderna teknikens belysning.

The Monsters of Loch Ness. Solving our alien abduction mystery. UFOs and their correlates as a folkloric theme, past and present. The incredible sciences of the ancients. Beskrivelse af Fredriksbergs UFO-studiekreds.

Books from AFU

Unanswered questions about the continents, the seas, the atmosphere, the origins of life. Les extra-terrestres dans l’histoire]. Detailing the various natural and howafd phenomena which could be misinterpreted as an unidentified flying object.

La Chine et les extraterrestres. The UFO investigator’s guide. Uncle Sam’s UFO literature. In days to come.

AFU Book Library – [PDF Document]

Odinoki li my vo vselennoi. Frn en annan vrld. Theory of the lightning-balls and its application to the atmospheric phenomenon called “flying saucers”. Astronaves sobre la tierra. UFOs, MJ and the mfnger. The Hermetic laws of the universe as applied to all phenomena. Charles Berlitz’s world of strange phenomena. Close encounters of the fourth kind. The inside story of the U. La ilamada del espacio.


The Loch Ness monster. Lost civilizations and legendary people. Kosmiska budskap – meddelanden frn yttre rymden. Yarns of the seven seas]. UFO sightings, landings and abductions]. Dissertation field of Speech-Radio, Television and Film].