Citation: Matsuyama, Frank A. How to use the yawara stick for police. Berkeley, URI/DOI: Rights: The use of the digitized . Why You Should Learn to Use the Palm Stick for the purpose of self defense ( also called a kubotan or yawara stick in Japanese systems and an olisii palad or . Author: Matsuyama F. A. Title: How to use the Yawara stick Year: Link download: How the.

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P-2 Officer tips Yawara stick for- ward. With the Yawara stick I have endeavored to make arrest easier, foster, more humane, and with less exertion on the part of the Officer. Non — Officer’s foot position remains unchanged.

Palm Stick

Here are a couple of great examples of offensive and defensive techniques with the palm stick:. You’ll also see instructors teaching to strike the limbs when attacked with various grabs and chokes. The Yawara stick, devised by Professor Frank Matsuyama, now fulfills this requirement, providing that it is used as outlined in the present pamphlet.

Even If this should injure the adversary it is much better than having to shoot him.

Zone Theory is primarily about minimizing risk, particularly the risk of catastrophic failure. The Yawara stick is the answer. It is because I want to help you, our Guardians of Law and Order, that I have developed the Yawara stick and published this manual of instructions.

Officer uses left thumb to shove adversary’s thumb be- tween Yawara stick and palm of Officer’s hand. Officer then brings bottom of Yawais stick firmly against little fin- ger of adversary. If the palm stick is being used as a training aid to represent yawaea weapons such as the knife, as it is in many Filipino martial arts, this is not so much of an issue.

BB-1 Adversary attempts to stnke Officer as shown.

Palm Stick for Self Defense

Just enter your name and email below:. For most of my time teaching and practicing martial arts I’ve been against the palm stick for self defense. While you can purchase palm sticks made purely for the purpose of self defense also called a kubotan or yawara stick in Japanese systems and an olisii palad or pocket stick in Filipino martial artsit makes more sense to carry a tactical flashlight, which also gives you the ability to temporarily blind an attacker at night.


If adversary grabs Officer’s right wrist with either hand while Officer is driving car, Officer merely tips bottom of Yawara stick backward to- ward his own forearm. Officer begins “eomc-along by placing his left wrist to front of adversary’s right wrist as shown.

Below you can find more information on the use of flashlights for the purpose of “flash and bash”:. X-4 If adversary attempts to es- cape, strike hard blow with end of Yawara stick to kid- ney.

Still continuing the follow through, the Yawxra turns his own right wrist flat-ways, with Yawara slick horizon- tal, and forces his hand for- ward over the upper arm of adversary, hooking it firmly with the Stkck stick now in vertical position.

Should anyone attempt to take the Yawara stick from the Officer, these “spikes” will leave a very telling murk. Yet it is so flexible in its use that it can be used in either hand, forward or backward, or at any angle, with equal effectiveness. With the Yawara stick and this manual, the Officers cannot forget.

If adversary attempts to strike Officer while sitting in car or while driving. To remove stubborn adver- sary from car. For the Officer who wants to do his job better and enjoy the good health and happiness to which he is entitled upon retirement, the Yawara stick is the proper ” tool” for his -Police job. Par Aryana, mercredi 20 novembre How to use the Yawara stick Year: However, flashlights are legal to carry everywhere, including on planes. All offensive and defensive techniques may fail to work exactly as planned, and that’s ok.

Full text of “How to Use the Yawara Stick”

Such marks will prove valuable evidence, even yawarq later, should the culprit escape. Mushrooming without fear The beginner’s guide to collecting safe While I do prefer the LX2 due to the pocket clip for easier carrying and the fact that it hkw two output levels making it more practical as a regular flashlightthe 6PX Tactical is far cheaper and still an excellent light for self defense.


Or the Officer may turn the Yawara stick horizontally, with hla palm up, while hold- ing collar as shown here. And second, the majority of the time there are more effective targets than yawqra arm. Tliis manual jse in a very ccnclsc form a great amount of informa- tion.

It will help make their jobs more pleasant, their work more effective, and bring additional credit to their Deparhnent.

Continuing the follow through, the Officer pushes the elbow sharply with the Yawara stick, up, forward, then down, forcing the ad- versary down, and at the same time twisting his wrist continuously in the direction which brings the elbow for- ward.

Officer pivots on left toe and simultaneously steps around with right foot and delivers blow to solar-plexus of ad- versary with Yawara stick in right hand. Q-1 Adversary grips arms of chair and refuses to move Officer leans on Yawara stick as he presses il against thumb, thumb knuckle or thumb joint of adversary.

At one false move, the Officer strikes the chin of the adver- sary firmly with either end of the Yawara stick.

A palm stick can not only add significant damage potential to strikes, but will also protect your hand against injury. As instructor of Police, Police Departments, Police Schools and numerous Law Enforcement bodies, it became apparent that there was a great need for a police weapon which would offer more than ample protection to Police Officers, with a minimum possibility of injury to the person or persons on whom it was used.

Having observed also that some Officers unfortunately have to accept early yow, due to injuries or ailments resulting from altercations in the per- formance of their duties, and still others who could not enjoy regular retire- ment due to ill health, I decided to try and do something about It.

Officer now yawaa hand of adversary backward and downward as in Q-3, and leads him from car. Remember, the blow may be struck with either end of the Yawara stick.