All-in-one Model that Combines Withstand Voltage (AC/DC hipot) and Insulation Resistance. Hioki HTI AC/DC Automatic Insulation Withstanding Meter – Voltage Testers – Order, Calibrate, or Rent the Hioki Automatic Insulation / Withstanding HiTester KVAC on sale at Transcat. Free shipping over $

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Command error When a command which has been received contains a syntactic or semantic error, this bit is set to 1 The command is not supported by the There is a mistake in a program header The number of data parameters is wrong The format of parameters is wrong. NET Framework to handle all serial port communication, and you can use this class in your code simply by adding ” using System. Finally, I also added a setup project for copying inpout In this project, I use a real device to communicate by using the Hioki Hipot tester via serial port.

Hours of operation Mon-Fri 9: Same as the power supply waveform Frequency: I used the Writeline method of the SerialPort class. Serial port RS is still used in industrial applications but has recently disappeared from most notebooks. This high technology instrument is designed for insulation resistance and voltage withstand testing of electrical devices and components according to various safety standards.


To request an official quote for the Hioki please include your quantities and contact details. You can read the To PC Interface section for the details of the sent messages and queries. Select the most appropriate model for your applications.

I must also mention that Hioki may not have a customer support department. Thanks to Behlul Savaskan for typing hiokj parts. Please be aware of what you are ordering before placing an order for the item.

Execution error When for some reason a command which has been received cannot be executed, this bit is set to 1 The designated data value is outside the set range The designated data value is not acceptable. Because, they will not work in remote mode. Be the first to know when we have news, discounts, special offers and promotions.

Controlling a Real Measurement “3153 Hioki Hipot” Device by Using Serial and Parallel Ports in C#

The code assumes that LPT1 is the default parallel port and lights only the first pin D0 when the test fails. At the end of this article, you can get information about the Hipot device. Output nAddress, onValue ; else PortAccess.

If the result of the test is fail, then the D0 pin 2 of the parallel port gets high. Click here to recover your password. Hioki Automatic Insulation Withstanding Tester is used to measure safety standards.


By examining the To PC interface section and my code, you can understand how things can be implemented. Please Sign up or sign in to vote. If you have an account with us, log in using your email address: If you run the program, you will see the following screen:. Otherwise, you will see a red bar to indicate that the test has failed and also a pop-up message. Device dependent error When a command cannot be executed due to some reason other than a command error, a query error, or an execution error, this bit is set to 1.

But you can also set other pins to be lit. Query error This bit is set to 1 when a query error is detected by the output queue control When the data overflows the output queue When data in the output queue hioli been lost.


You must click the RUN button to start testing. Call back in 5 minutes 15 minutes 30 minutes 1 hour 1. Also, for parallel port access, you must use Inpout