HDC-TM – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total : Manuals and User Guides for PANASONIC HDC-TM We have 2 PANASONIC HDC-TM manuals available for free PDF download: Operating Instructions. The Panasonic HDC-TM is the answer. This little camera (under 1) Press the A/Manual button to bring up the Menu. 2) Touch [MENU] on.

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Bdc-tm900, June 5, Charging and Recording Time: Opening the LCD monitor or extending the viewfinder turns on the camera. Operate the Mode Switch to change the mode to Motion picture recording mode, still picture recording mode, and playback mode. You can operate by directly touching the LCD screen with your finder. It is easier to use the stylus pen supplied for detailed operation or it is hard to operate with your fingers.

Move your finger while pressing on the touch screen. The touch menu will disappear when no function is performed for a specific period of time. To display it again touch the left and right arrow button.

Campbell Cameras recommend that you use at least a Class 6 card or higher when recording HD. We also don’t recommend using lower than a 32gb Class 6 Card. When this camera is accessing the SD card or built-in memory, the access lamp lights up. Never Remove or insert SD card while this light is manua.


Back up important files on your computer or an external hard drive. Selecting a Media to Record internal or SD card. This allows you to continuously record video to an SD card when there is no space available in the built-in memory. When it disappears, it means that the space in the built-in memory is going and the recording to the SD card starts. B- Recording Time Elapsed- Each time the unit is put into recording pause, the counter displays will manuzl reset to 0h00m00s.


C- Approximate remaining recordable time. To display it again, touch the screen.

There are 3 recording formats that can be used with this camera: The following modes appropriate for the condition are set just by:. This means that it will focus on the three limb that it is in front of the deer ndc-tm900 of focusing on the deer itself. Turning on the Quick Power On feature: The camera is put into recording pause approx.

This will allow you to turn your camera on really fast and press record when an animal approaches. Turning on the Quick Start Function: This camera is put into recording pause approx. This will hdc-hm900 you to take your camera from standby to on in 0.

For best picture quality always have this has your maximum zoom magnification. The zoom speed will be faster in this order: Hddc-tm900 operation can be done using the multi manual ring. You rotate the lens clockwise to zoom in and counter-clockwise to zoom out. Use the image stabilizer to reduce the effects of shake during recording. This camera is equipped with Hybrid Optical Image Stabilizer.

Panasonic HDC-TM Manuals

You can zoom by touching on the touch zoom bar. It is possible to set the focus and exposure to the subject specified on the touch screen. The focus and exposure will keep following the person or the hdc-tmm900 automatically even if it moves.

It will not track objects hdv-tm900 the scene is dark, or it has the same color as the background. It will be canceled and turned off whenever the camera is turned off or switched modes.


A scene that moves slowly for a long period of time is recorded frame by frame with an interval, and is recorded as a short time motion picture. A frame recorded with a set recording interval. Hhdc-tm900 white balance function will not give you natural colors depending on the scenes and lighting conditions, therefore we recommend adjusting the white balance manually. Adjust it when recording fast-moving objects.

Panasonic Hdc-tm Manual Pdf

It is always recommended to use some kind of stabling device at all times but it is particularly important when you lower the shutter speed to have the camera on a tripod or other support. Adjust the iris when the screen is too bright or too dark.

A good tool when manually adjusting your iris, is the Zebra function. Parts where white saturation is likely to occur extremely bright lit or shiny parts are displayed with diagonal lines zebra patterns. Perform focus adjustments using the Manual Ring:. While in mabual mode manusl the manual ring to adjust the focus. While you rotate the manual ring the in-focus area is displayed in blue. The normal screen returns approximately 2 seconds after you finish bringing the subject into focus.

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