This book on Gyokko Ryu Kosshijutsu’ contains all of the kata the school, from kamae to Ge Ryaku No Maki. Each Kata has the name in English, Japanese. This “modern” Densho should primarily be regarded as basic manual for daily training. The feature of this book is that the individual motion sequences are. Everything in Ninjutsu is the basics. Whether you’re just beginning to research the art, or a long-time practitioner, the basics form the foundation of your training.

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About Shindenfudo-ryu I understand that they are some rare sources about the founder of the Shito-ryu, Kenwa Mabuni, who was taught Shindenfudo-ryu in Okinawa.

Gyokko Ryu’s Internal Power Training

Are this stories true? When force is reflected back this is what is known in Japanese as Yamabiko, or Mountain Echo.

Anyone who has trained with him can tell you that! Again, thank you very much. I do believe that they have more than one skeleton in the closet, so that is why I am looking for another branches out of the Denshi thing, but I have not got any of it yet.

It is a very brutal system. Log in Forgotten Your Password? So technically the Gyokko Ryu and therefore Gikan Ryu dnesho Koto Ryu complement each other really well, and they form the basis of self defense in the Togakure Ryu too. It could also have easily originated from a monk, Xing yi being a popular Taoist martial system. Conditioning for Martial Arts, and since then has created numerous other online training and coaching programs helping people around the world become the strongest, most capable versions of themselves!


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Gyokko Ryu Densho, Budoya

More importantly, how can YOU develop it as well? Considering there are branches of Gyokko-ryu completely unrelated to Takamatsu or the ninjers The angling of the attacks can often be at 90 gyokok to the opponent, so the timing and rhythm of the practitioner must be excellent in order to be successful.

Like Gyokko Ryuit is thought to have originated from China, gyok,o brought to Japan by a monk called Chan Busho, but when, or even if this is true, remains a mystery. However, there are instances of many ninja knowing both, so it would appear that this was not a steadfast rule.

Gyokko Ryu Koshijutsu Archives – Todai Bujinkan Dojo

Leave A Response Cancel reply. However, you should not forget that the Koto Ryu is also a system in itself, independent from the Gyokko Ryu, with unique ways of moving. If you’re really interested in digging into this, your best bet is to find people who care — a lot. Warrior Membership Login You are not currently logged in.

Gyokko Ryu Koshijutsu

I love that you delve into other areas of training. Koto Ryu is a hard natured discipline, so it really requires conditioning and tough training. Traditionally only the next soke was taught the Koto Ryu, whereas any student could have been taught the Gyokko Ryu.

Combined, these 2 forces are controlled by Jin man in the middle and manipulated through intent. Any other information about Gyokko-ryu?

I believe he made-up Togakure-ryu, Shindenfudo-ryu, Koto-ryu and Gyokko-ryu with what he could had learned in China and then he combined with the lots of Densho that he collected during his live, but there are some people who affirm that Shindenfudo-ryu, Koto-ryu and Gyokko-ryu “can dennsho traceable before Takamatsu”.


All are based on yin-yang or in-yo theory – the union of opposites. Your email address will not be published. More Posts – Website. Log in Remember Me? The more you try to follow one thread and unravel the tangle, the bigger the mess you make.

InJon wrote the book, Warrior Fitness: When talking to Bujinkan folks, you could try Paul Richardson who in my brief encounters with him, I found to be pretty straight shooting who can be reached through his website: You can also try Kacem Zoughari, who has done extensive historical research.

At the very least you will find a lot more people interested in the topic. I appreciate your contributions. So, what is the real story of this? What I have done is pull out a few references from the Gyokko Ryu kamae that specifically discuss known concepts of internal power training.

However, the starting drnsho in the densho for the Koto Ryu are often quite far apart, so this would indicate that it was designed more for the battlefield, rather than confined spaces.

You might try reposting yru in the ninjutsu section of MAP.