Growing in the Prophetic by Mike Bickle Published by Charisma House A Strang Company Rinehart Road Lake Mary, FL This. Mike Bickle is the director of the International House of Prayer, Jesus, God’s Answer to the Growing Crisis, Growing in the Prophetic, and Prayers to Strengthen. Title: When the Moon Split: A biography of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) Author: Safiur When the Moon Spli.

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The enemy wants to drive a wedge between God and us, just as he tried to do with Job. Bob explained that God was going to speak to us prophetically through the weather in Kansas City through the summer of As soon as the meeting was over, a long line of people formed, anxiously waiting to talk with me. If we have the Spirit without the Word, we blow up. We must ask the Lord to open our ears to hear His voice.

The interpretation answers the question, What does the revelation mean? Mary Louise rated growig really liked it Feb 11, The message was clear and unmistakable.

I pastored in a local church context for twenty-three years until I began the International House of Prayer missions base in Kansas City in The Lord has given us glorious answers.

Little did I realize that I, a conservative evangelical, was nickle to get involved with spiritual gifts, particularly the gift of prophecy, on a level that seemed very unusual, even propheric many charismatics. We had no idea that things were going to turn out very different from what we were expecting. They had a much bigger purpose than that.

We must create a safe atmosphere of encouragement with much mercy and patience for mistakes so that people can grow in confidence and stature in their prophetic gifting without fearing rebuke and rejection. It is clear that the spirit of prophecy is potentially avail- able to all Acts 2: Now he is an intimate, passionate worshiper, moving in the supernatural and leading others into a powerful place in bic,le Spirit.

Prophetic words that promise us future promotion can stir up our pride just as gasoline stirs up a fire. Tiffany Schultz rated it it was amazing Feb 26, I thought to myself, “I can endure anything for a short season.


They were so receptive to me that Bjckle began to conclude that I was being sent there by God to change their wrong theology. For instance, someone may prophetically discern an illness through a word of knowledge and yet not have the anointing to release the healing that the sick person needs.

They may be immature, but they are probably present. As we sat around the table, I had just accepted Bob Jones with my own mouth. Honest book that draws denominations together instead of focusing on those things with tear the thd apart. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Growing in the Prophetic

It is easy to accept prophecies that are not based in truth because of our unperceived ambition that helps us to believe great things about our ministries whether or not the Lord confirms them in an authentic way. The exact way that God brings about a word in our lives is prolhetic quite 27 Growing in the Prophetic different than we envision when we first receive it. I want to note that the drought continued the next day and lasted another five weeks — three months in all, as prophesied, with the exception of the notable rain on August 23 that interrupted it.

In other words, as surely as the natural drought in Kansas City would be interrupted by natural rain precisely on the day of God’s choosing August 23so also the spiritual drought in America would be interrupted by the rain of the Holy Spirit on precisely the day of God’s choosing nike in the future.

Full text of “Growing in the prophetic – Mike Bickle”

Let the people know that they must take risks to grow, even if sometimes they make mistakes. The enemy knows this, and so he strikes at our hearts with accusations to stir up our fears. The person giving the prophecy speaks mostly using his or her own words an idea that God had brought to mind.

Around 1, people staff members, students, interns serve full-time on the missions groiwng, investing fifty hours per week in the prayer room, classroom, and ministry outreaches. I’ve read many books on the prophetic over the years.

Books – Mike Bickle Teaching Library

One of the main issues that I had to settle was what the Scripture said about the difference between Old Bicile prophets and New Testament prophets and then to reconcile 49 Growing in the Prophetic how the spirit of prophecy was available to everyone without viewing them as being a prophet.


The problem is that they are heartsick over unfulfilled hopes and expectations. They minister frequently in sign gifts.

A cessationist believes the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit ceased after the Book growinv Acts. The brother was humiliated publicly by the prophetic word, and he missed the warning that someone was stealing from him. Nurturing the Prophetic Ministry People who long to grow in the prophetic must overcome their fear of judg- ment and rejection.

We must constantly remember to distinguish between the raw data divine information and the interpretation of its meaning. Growing in the Prophetic In my early days of ministry in the middle s, I was a conservative evangelical doing youth ministry, hoping one day to attend Dallas Theo- logical Seminary. I reasoned that anything that seemed so real could deceive other unsuspecting people unless they were warned.

If you’re already familiar with and flow in the prophetic, this provides a well rounded view that will fill-in gaps you’ve been missing. Why was he wearing a heavy winter coat?

Growing in the Prophetic – Mike Bickle

It has often stimulated our repentance, motiva- tion, sacrifice, sense of awe, and other like issues of the heart that are bicile often intangible. And sometimes, God uses whom you would least expect to deliver a prophetic word. These are His “very words” that may be reported with a high degree of accuracy.

I loved the initial book of this same title. In the spring ofthe leadership of this large church asked me to plant a new church on the other side of St. God had supernaturally confirmed the validity of jike twenty- one- day solemn assembly of prayer and fasting May It is important from the start of this book to say that we only receive prophetic experiences that glorify Jesus, honor the Scriptures, and promote holiness and love for one another.