This explosively entertaining memoir abounds in gossip, satire, historical apercus , and trenchant observations. Vidal’s compelling narrative. Vidal’s account of his first 39 years includes his reminiscences of a host of prominent Gore Vidal, Author Penguin Books $20 (p) ISBN Aside from being an essayist, novelist and screenwriter, Gore Vidal in his memoir Palimpsest that he was “attracted to adolescent males”.

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His decision led to Hollywood and Broadway, experiences that ultimately made up for the early rejection. Kennedy, neither particularly innocent any more than idealistic, was innocent enough not to see that the Security State was already burgeoning behind his back; he was soon to find out. I had one major beef. I suppose if you can easily switch between novels, TV and film, if you’re stepbrother to Jackie O, and your grandfather was the first Senator of Oklahoma, you’re not exactly disenfranchised.

This is a memoir of the first 40 years of Gore Vidal’s life, ranging back and forth across a rich history. Vidal spent much of his life abroad, living in Italy and taking regular vacations in Thailand, which must raise the possibility that, like many men with taboo sexual desires, he satisfied them in regions with looser laws.

So much of his writing is light, easy and well written palimpsewt a joy to read. Nov 18, Thirstyicon rated it really palimpsesst it Recommends it for: Concerning his own life, Vidal hated his mother, and had only one true love, Jimmy Trimble, whom he met at school, and they were lovers from the age of 12 until the age of 19, when Jimmy Trimble was killed in the Second World War.

Senhor de um estilo exuberante, multifacetado e sempre surpreendente, publicou, ema autobiografia Palimpsest: The Gospel According to Gore Vidal. It is typically well written, entertaining and, even when it seems merely to resort to idle gossip about movie stars, writers, his bizarre family or life among the American ruling class with which he was associated, it seems perfectly justified as the bore within it are some of the juiciest one is ever likely to come across.

People, places, and vocations change and flicker constantly. He says that his one great love died when he was young and he was unable to really love again. Parts of it were good.

It is via the Jimmy Trimble romance that the madeleine of these memoirs is unwrapped, and it is with that incomplete or uncompleted love that it closes. Pali,psest with This Book.


Palimpsest: A Memoir

Vidal’s life might even be his greatest work. Paperbackpages. The thing that really struck me is his selfishness. But Vidal does kee The worst part about this book is that in it, GV dishes out scandal like the rent is due tomorrow.

Something amusing and — I think — Italian…. The chief enchantment of this book has not to do with the celebrated dust-ups between himself and Mailer, himself and Capote, himself and Tennessee Williams, or himself and William Buckley.

I have always really liked Gore Vidal’s historical fiction “Burr” is one of my particular favorites, as well as the followup “” and I knew he had a reputation for being kind of an asshole in real life, but in this book he doesn’t come off so much an asshole as he does cold, distant, and disaffected. He spent his childhood in Washington DC, in the household of his grandfather, the blind senator from Oklahoma, T.

Fun, if not necessarily truthful, read. The book papimpsest with – what else? Dec 21, Adrian added it. I opted for the first of his memoirs and vdial very glad to have done so. Recommended to Thirstyicon by: We know that the composer was a virulent antisemitewhose work became the mood music of Nazism, but it is generally accepted that performers and audiences have a choice over whether this ideological toxicity invalidates his work: There is also quite a lot of political gossip, which throws an interesting light on American politics in the early s.

Because, really, all this sordid titillation is by-the-bye.

Nor is it entirely convincing, for once: I read, or rather raced through almost in one sitting, Palimpsest when it first came out, with unalloyed if sometimes rather startled attention.

Literary in its approach and style [of course]. Of course not explicitly because he wrote the book about himself, but there are little red flags in the text that remind me of patterns of palimpsezt and behaviour of people who put their own interests in the centre of their actions and disregard pa,impsest feelings and views of other people. As he writes, “Jackie, Lee, and I were brought The metaphor of a palimpsest for writing a memoir is an ingenious palimpeest, and there are scraps of Gore Vidal’s well-textured parchment that are genuinely fascinating.

In the end it seemed more like a coward’s excuse to not have to love again. Gossipy but in a good way [what could I have meant when I wrote this in my reading journal?

By the time we reach the final act of the book, he meets with the woman Jimmie was engaged to at the time of his death. In the quoted words of J. It’s a very good read.


Palimpsest: A Memoir by Gore Vidal – Books – Hachette Australia

His ideas about himself and others are sometimes farcical. Palimpsest is a gift from Vidal. He died on 31st July Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. The Carl Rogers Reader. Death, summer, youth — this triad contrives to haunt me every day of my life for it was in summer that my generation left school for war, and several dozen that one knew but strictly speaking, did not love, except perhaps for one were killed, and so never lived to know what I have known — the Beatles, black power, the Administration of Richard Nixon — all this has taken place in a trivial after-time and has nothing to do with anything that really mattered, with summer and someone hardly remembered, a youth so abruptly translated from vivid, well-loved if briefly flesh to a few scraps pakimpsest bone and cartilage scattered among the volcanic rocks of Iwo Jima.

Palimpsest by Gore Vidal

The memoir is filled with names and places and discusses quite openly his own sexuality and sexual desires and conquests. Vidal would be misogynistic if he didn’t view men with equal contempt.

What is an exile cosmopolitan doing in this Wasp rockery in the District of Columbia? Perhaps foolishly, I didn’t expect the quality of the book. Of a disastrous visit to Cambridge, provoked by an invitation from E. Step-brother to Jackie Kennedy Onassis nee Bouvier and her sister Caroline Lee, and palikpsest very well-connected from an early age, Vidal is nevertheless at pains to observe throughout the book that vudal essential choice he made was never to let his possible privileges make him passive.

Vida in the sumptuously arch manner familiar to anyone who has seen a Vidal clip on YouTube, the memoir establishes a warm if prickly tone, and treats the reader as an intelligent This memoir covers the first forty years of the Vidal saga, alighting on his blind senator Grandpa, savage alcoholic mother, childhood sweetheart, licentious sex life, and endless hobnobbery with the most prominent actors and politicians of the period as he mosies up the Hollywood ladder and cosies up with Kennedys.