Manfred Steger, professor of Global Studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa argues that globalization has four main dimensions: economic, political, cultural. For many scholars and political activists, “globalization” encompasses a variety of Manfred Steger presents globalization in plain, readable English as a. Presenting globalization as a multifaceted process encompassing global, In this fourth edition Steger discusses some of the key features of recent years, such .

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David Held’s book Global Transformations is organized around the same dimensions, though the ecological is not listed in the title. He makes a point to emphasize that economics is only ONE aspect of globalization: This disastrous result was only nar- rowly averted by globalisatjon combination of international bail-out packages and the immediate sale of Southeast Asian com- mercial assets to foreign corporate investors at rock-bottom prices.

Presenting globalization as a multifaceted process encompassing global, regional, and local aspects of social life, Manfred B.

1. Globalization: a contested concept – Very Short Introductions

All of these empires fostered the multiplication and extension of long-distance communication and the exchange of culture, technology, commodities, and diseases. Hence, scholars who explore the dynamics of globalization are particularly keen on pursuing research questions related to the theme of social change.

Global crises and the future of globalization References Index. Topics of ecological globalization include population growth, access to food, worldwide reduction in biodiversity, the gap between rich and poor as well as between the global North and global South, human-induced climate change, and global environmental degradation. However, it is important to note the occurrence of dramatic technological and social leaps in history that have pushed the intensity and global reach of these processes to new levels.

Showing of reviews. The Southeast Asia Crisis In the s, the governments of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, and the Philippines gradually aban- doned control over the domestic movement of capital in order to attract foreign direct investment. Most criticisms boil down to the charge that such a vision indulges in an abstract idealism that fails to engage current political developments on the level of public policy.

As the Spanish sociologist Manuel Castells has pointed out, the current rise of the global ‘network society’ would not have been possible without a technological revolution – one that has been powered chiefly by the rapid development of new information and transportation technologies. This book is fantastic. Transnational production networks augment the power of global capitalism by making it easier for TNCs to bypass nationally based trade unions and other workers’ organizations.

Unfortunately, however, large portions of the ‘development loans’ granted by these institutions have either been pocketed by authoritarian political leaders or have enriched local businesses and the Northern corporations they usually serve. But his assumption that all forms of national identity should be given their territorial expression in a sovereign ‘nation-state’ proved to be extremely difficult to enforce in practice. At the same time, however, it must be emphasized that even those voices that oppose modernity cannot extricate themselves from the very process of globalization they so decry.


Promotion of foreign direct investment; 8.

I was recently advised by a friend to abandon the term: Special thanks are also due to my colleagues at Illinois State University, particularly Jamal Nassar and Lane Crothers, for their willingness to read parts of the manuscript and offer helpful suggestions. Yet, in the decades following World War II, even the most conservative political parties in Europe stteger the United States rejected those laissez-faire ideas and instead embraced a rather extensive version of state interventionism propagated by British economist John Maynard Keynes, the architect of the Bretton Woods system.

Hence, it is not surprising that the authors of the few existing short introductions to the subject have opted to discuss only one aspect of globalization – usually the emerging global economic system, its history, structure, and supposed benefits and failings.

Globalization: A Very Short Introduction

The importance of these inventions for the strengthening of globalization processes should be obvious. He also served as a globalization consultant for the U.

Scholars not only hold different views with regard to proper definitions of globalization, they also disagree on its scale, causation, chronology, impact, trajectories, and policy outcomes. In order to prevent the complete financial and social collapse of his nation, Eduardo Duhalde, the country’s fifth president in only two weeks, fur- ther limited people’s access to their savings deposits and decoupled the peso from the dollar.

2. Globalization and history: is globalization a new phenomenon? – Very Short Introductions

Daring to resist powerful governmental controls, economic entrepreneurs and their academic counterparts began to spread a philosophy of individualism and rational self-interest that glorified the virtues of an idealized capitalist system supposedly based upon the providential workings of the free market and its ‘invisible hand’. Steger does an globaliastion job breaking down the essential elements and turning it into a more substantive discussion albeit very brief that helps one get past the morass of rhetoric so often heard when the term “globalization” is tossed around.

Given that ylobalisation competing labels have very different meanings, their indiscriminate usage is often obscure and invites confusion. The ensuing decade was characterized by global economic instability in the form of high inflation, low economic growth, high unemployment, public sector deficits, and two unprecedented energy crises due to OPEC’s ability to control a large part of the world’s oil supply.

Legal System and Practice. The fourth man felt its sharp globalisqtion and declared it to be like a great spear. Political globalization and global governance Political globalization is most visible in the rise of supraterritorial institutions and associations held together by common norms and interests. However, their collective mistake lies in their dogmatic attempts to reduce such a complex phenomenon as globalization to a single domain that corresponds to their own expertise.

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The ecological dimension of globalization. Presenting globalization in accessible language as a multifaceted process encompassing global, regional, and local aspects of social life, this VSI looks at its causes and effects, examines whether it is a new phenomenon, and explores the question of whether, ultimately, globalisatlon is a good or a bad globaliisation.

This allows us to offer the following definition: The construction of vast irrigation systems consisting of hundreds of small canals enhanced the region’s agricultural productivity while at the same time providing for one of the best river transport systems in the world. Some scholars argue that economic xteger lie at the core of globalization.

I welcome the progressive transformation of social structures that goes by the name of globalization, provided that the global flow of ideas stegwr commodities, and the rapid development of technology, go hand in hand with greater forms of freedom and equality for all people, as well as with more effective protection of our global environment.

The political dimension of globalization 5. But it would be a grave mistake to cling to a one-sided understanding of globalization. These British philosophers considered that any constraint on free competition would interfere with the natural efficiency of market mechanisms, inevitably leading to social stagnation, political corruption, and the creation of unresponsive state bureaucracies.

It will soon become fairly obvious why a deconstruction of those images provides important clues to the nature and dynamics of the phenomenon we have come to call ‘globalization’. The successful endeavour of the South American nomads rested on the migratory achievements of their Siberian ancestors who had crossed the Bering Strait into North America a thousand years earlier. Jurisprudence and Philosophy of Law. Overall, an excellent introduction to the various facets of one of the most important issues of our time.

Ideologies of globalization market globalism justice globalism religious globalisms. By the early s, national joint stock companies like the Dutch and British East India companies were founded for the express purpose of setting up profitable overseas trade posts. However, these unwelcome by-products of unfolding globalization processes did not reach their glboalisation horrific manifestation until the fateful 16th-century collision of the ‘old’ and ‘new’ worlds, when the nasty germs of European invaders killed an estimated 18 million Native Americans.

The demise of the nation-state? I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Regional clubs and agencies have sprung up across the world, leading some observers to speculate that globalisaton will eventually replace nation-states as the basic unit of governance.

Steger and Paul James