Gezer Calendar – Agricultural Almanac. גֶּזֶר לוּחַ. The Gezer calendar is the oldest known Hebrew inscription, it dates from the 10th century BC, therefore, from. The Gezer Calendar of the midth century BC attests to the existence of writing in Israel at an early period, as well as to the strength of the United Monarchy. Gezer Calendar (henceforth: G. C.), by means of comparing it with similar Hebrew expressions in the 0. T. and in the literature of the Judean. Covenanters, as.

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Stewart Macalister in the ancient Canaanite city of Gezer20 miles west of Jerusalem. PWQ9370—72; Honeyman, in: People placed oil lamps outside their houses and the lamps illumined the darkness throughout the night.

This would further strengthen the case for the appearance of writing early among the Israelites, as it suggests that by the middle 10th century the kingdom already possessed a highly literate bureaucracy capable of complex accounting – complex at least relevant to that age.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Category: Epigraphic Evidence from the Iron Age. BA1850—56; Segal, in: Subsequent investigation revealed that the tablet was a sort of rudimentary calendar of gezr agricultural year, beginning with the Israelite month of Tishri. Ahituv, Handbook of Ancient Hebrew Inscriptions— In fact, Abijah was the name of both the son of Jeroboam and the grandson of Solomon 1 Kings The calendar goes through each of the Calendra seasons and designated what agricultural work is proper to each.


A Brief Introduction to the Old Testament: The nature and purpose of the calendar are not clear, and many different explanations have been proposed. The Early History of God: This symbolized divine overshadowing or divine appointment. Yet in the Gezer calendar we see that not only was writing present in Israel as far back as the time of Solomon, but that it was widespread enough that it was being taught to children.

A Brief Introduction to the Old Testament: Summary [ edit ] Description Reproduction of the Gezer calendar. Writing and Literacy in the World of Ancient Israel: As mentioned above, the script is something called paleo-Hebrew. Herodotus reported that there was an annual ceremony at Sais in Lower Egypt to commemorate the divine passion of Horus, who was slain by his brother.

This suggests it was an exercise in engraving, perhaps from an apprentice in stone masonry. The Gezer calendar is currently displayed at the Museum of the Ancient Orient, a Turkish archaeology museum[8] [9] as is the Siloam inscription and other archaeological artefacts unearthed before World War I.

Gezer Calendar |

This custom was observed throughout Egypt and in the Upper Nile regions. Abraham’s ancestors believed in the resurrection of the body and awaited a deified king who would rise from the grave and deliver his people from death.

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Gezer Calendar

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Scholars debate the meaning of the calendar, but a commonly accepted view is that this is a schoolboy gzeer and that “Abijah” is the name of the student to whom the tablet belonged. Scholars have speculated that the calendar could be a schoolboy’s memory exercise, the text of a popular folk song or a children’s song.


Macalister, Excavation of Gezer224—28; Albright, in: This page was last edited on 15 Januaryat Which in equivalent square Hebrew letters is as follows: Scholars have speculated that the calendar could be a schoolboy’s memory exercise, the text of a popular folk song or a children’s song. Stewart Cwlendar in the ancient Canaanite city gezet Gezer20 miles west of Jerusalem. According to some scholars, the calendar was written as a schoolboy exercise in writing.

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Whether schoolboy exercise or tax collector’s aid, the Gezer Calendar testifies to the early existence and wide diffusion of writing in Israelite society at least back to the turn of the 1st millennium and probably earlier. Writing does not gezeer and permeate a society overnight. This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may cxlendar been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it.

The tablet discovered here is one of the oldest surviving Hebrew texts, written in the ‘paleo-Hebrew’ letters that were the norm in Judah before the Babylonian exile in the 6th century BCE.