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Christianity was tolerated by the Avars, but the Church as a well-organized institu- tion did not resist. The form Blazi Blasi used by him could also be encountered in Hunyarorum, c.

File:HU Budapest Anonymous – Wikimedia Commons

Thoughts of the Evaluation of Anonymus’s Gesta] in Hungarian. According to Anonymus, Tuhutum was one of the seven Magyar chieftains. The most ancient are: In the paragraph about the yearthe puszta between the Danube and the Tisza is called Pannoniorum et Avarum solitudines.

They were still found in the Hungarian words of the Regestrum Varadiensis The funeral rite and some objects indicate the presence of the Roman population besides Ostrogoths, Lombards and Franks within this ruling group.

His presence in the barbarian world, in the area con- trolled by the Hungarians, can be explained by the sending of a mes- sage to the commander of an Byzantine expeditionary corps involved in a conflict there.

The earthen wall was made taller, the watch way was restored with stone slabs, the ditch was enlarged, and the berm was eliminated.

On the other hand, Romanian historians have drawn numerous conclusions from the Gesta Hungarorum that are not warranted by the text itself, before one even questions the author’s credibility.

University of Toronto Press.

Its sur- vival was due to its topographical position, surrounded with swamps on three parts. The designation “Vlach” is referred by Anonymus in the Gesta Hungarorum as Blacus plural Blachii, Blasii, Blacorum and is associated with three events: A brief description of his chief work huhgarorum be given here, with most of the titles of his chapters and sections translated.


GH is a kind of literary work, 2 but this does not mean that it is also a fiction. Furthermore, writers of antiquity could not distinguish clearly between Dacians and Getae, the northern neighbors of the actual Thracians, who spoke either Thracian or a Thracian-related language.

The Roman roads often remained in use in the Middle Ages.

File:HU Budapest Anonymous statue.jpg

Since the work romanaa the Bul- garians as enemies hhungarorum the Hungarians, we think that this interpreta- tion is not plausible. The Deeds of the Hungarians ch. Both were killed by the hea- thens in the May Island.

The Moldavian and Muntenian chroniclers followed their sources, the Humanist authors, also insofar as they were not particularly interested in religion. No No No half of the phase 1 10th c. Hungarprum rights had been denied to them and, from a legal standpoint, the Romanians did not constitute a “nation.

He also considered that the population ruled by Gelou was composed only by Slavs. The territory between the Maros River and Haram Castle was said to have been ruled by Glad, who came from Vidin; but the ethnic character of his people was not specified. As can be seen from the interpretation of Kekaumenos’s text, contemporary Romanian historiography since puts the emphasis on the Dacian component of “Daco-Roman” rather than the Roman.

The preservation of the name of the town can be explained by the survival of the native Romanized population, which later trans- mitted it to the Slavs and hunngarorum the Hungarians. This means examining the reliability of the source and comparing hungwrorum information recorded by the Anonymous Notary with other written sources and with the archaeological evidence. Ut dicunt nostri ioculatores: This scholar was Ovid Densusianuwho, in addition to his great knowledge and ability to synthetize, also refused to be influenced by public opinion.


The Gesta contains a prologue and 57 chapters. The codex was preserved in Vienna since the beginning of the 17 th century, but nobody knows how it was obtained.

In fact, the text which will be discussed in part III of our work speaks about two peoples, Blasi and Sclavi, not about a people and a group of shepherds. Hinc enim episcopatus cognomen, hinc titulus est. In this way the irredentist ideas of the Transylvanian Romanians and the efforts to unite all territories inhabited by ethnic Romanians found support in the Romanian Principalities by the end of the nineteenth century. In his ideolo- gy and of the following Hungarian chroniclersthe Romaana kings were legitimized by the alleged descent from Attila, who defeat- ed the Romans.

The Magyars subsequently expelled the Vlakhs, took their land, and settled among the Slavs, whom they reduced to submission. The union between one faction of the Orthodox Church in Transylvania and Rome the Uniate Church was carried out in and by Bishop Teofil and Atanasie Anghel and 38 chief priests. During the debates between Bishop Arn of Salzburg and Patriarch Paulinus of Aquilea, the latter said that baptism could be given only after a serious preparation of the catechumens, made by competent hungaroruj.

He hunharorum, of course, very little about the real historical circumstances; he did not, for example, even have a correct gseta about the extent hungaroru Dacia Trajana.

Only the derivation is disputed: Wikimedia Commons has media related to Gesta Hungarorum. A Summary of the Gesta Hungarorum.