A Revolução dos Bichos [GEORGE ORWELL, ROBERT GOLDSTROM] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Convert documents to beautiful publications and share them worldwide. Title: A- Revolucao-dos-Bichos-George-Orwell, Author: Sílvio damascenosjd, Length. A Revolução dos Bichos has ratings and reviews. Douglas said: The book Animal Farm I hated so much. I have never read a book that bore.

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I also must mention, this book was conveniently used as propaganda in 3rd world countries during the Cold War. More to the point, his list orell classified people as “communist” which for him meant “anti-democratic” if they were gay, jewish, or black i.

Granted most people who read it did so in the context of highschool classes with teachers who actually believe this is a proper understanding of the Russian revolution, but come on people… now we’re far enough away from the collapse of the Eastern Bloc and the end of the Cold War recolucao, if we’re critical enough, we should begin to realize how much this asinine book played a part in the construc Orwell’s a snitch who turned people into state security and this book should be read bkchos that light.

I understand the allegory Orwell does this in several of his other books Down and Out is a good example but it shines through particularly clearly here.

The novel had a predictable ending. This prevents the effect the style and content could have had, which in turn limits the appreciation one may have for this implementation of a theme. Obviously, Snowball’s plan is way better, so he wins. Hardcover96 pages. This phrase also has an absence of contractions, which takes away from the ability to relate to the audience and therefore rdvolucao effect of the fable form, as said before.

The gist of the book is that it’s supposed to be analogous to the USSR in the early part of the 20th century after Stalin’s rise to power. The rdvolucao, the bourgeoise class, and the Western countries. These exact words coming from Benjamin, who knowingly allows his life to be ruined by the pigs, makes him the much bigger fool and this ironic word choice takes away from Benjamin’s character development.


To tell the ‘real’ story of the Russian Revolution and the failings of communism or to make some comments about human society? Is it a brilliant allegory? Therefore, the development of the theme of human nature through Animal Farm, in a fable form with these techniques, leads it to have a completely contradicted purpose and audience.

A Revolução dos Bichos

They consfiscated a couple puppies at a young age from their mother in order to train them to become bodyguards for both the two pigs. Animal Farm is an allegorical story bihos tries to use its fable form to convey the theme of human nature, which evidently contradict each other, and the thematic concern of betrayal, which with his use of style, does not appeal to a wide audience.

His work is marked by keen gforge and wit, a profound awareness of social injustice, an intense opposition to totalitarianism, a passion for clarity in language, and a belief in democratic socialism.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. But if you like these types go for it. Although there was cleverness in the idea of using animals to represent different elements of the revolution, the idea was only so intriguing and eventually became tiresome to read about. Lists with This Book. If you want to read socialist fiction read Les Miserable it’s infinitely better in terms of prose.


His execution of the themes of human nature and betrayal are never supported and he therefore fails ods purpose. I would have to agree with others that this book is crude and too simplistic. These themes limit the messages Animal Farm tries to tell to a select group of people who have analysed the context of Orwell thoroughly, which in turn limits the novella’s audience and literary value.

So this is a book by an anti-semitic, racist, homophobe who seems to think he can write a moral tale about humanity when he’s a collaborating piece of shit.


So Orwell what was your point? Compared to bichoe rest of his works it fairs pretty badly too, was better as it actually posed some interesting questions and Homage to Catalonia was better, even if it does distort the history of the Spanish Civil War, you still have to respect a man that volunteered to fight the fascists.

Why is this man considered a legitimate source and voice of reason on what happened in the USSR?

In summary, these reasons and stylistic faults are why Animal Farm should not be considered a novella of value. Sad that all the things we fought so hard for back then are being taken away by the pigs.

Between andOrwell worked on propaganda for the BBC. Animal Farm begins with a very drunk Mr. Stalin, the Old Major: However by then they had escaped from Spain and returned to England.

George Orwell, A Revolução dos Bichos e a Modernidade. | Meleca cósmica

The idea of an animal uprising and running a farm is stupid and I would like to ask, what is the point? One lesson i learned from the book was if I know something and i’m not planning to help anyone then there is no point in learning it. Again, Orwell was not some objective journalist of events: Heitor Aquino Ferreira Translator.

I just finished this book and I had a hard time getting through it. At the beginning of the book, the allegorical style revoucao not needed much, but is used to represent Karl Marx. I felt that Animal Farm was a terribly boring book. Honestly it’s truly, truly incredible how people accept the baseless idea that Marxism and by extension communism is inherently tyrannical and corrupt because some old English hack wrote a book with talking animals about it.