Savage and Macabre: Gangrel – Back to Nature At the edges of civilization, they prowl. Their Beasts rise close to the surface, sniffing for. Vampire Gangrel Savage & Macabre*OP (Vampire: The Requiem (White Wolf)) [ Russell Bailey, Chuck Wendig] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Loners and pack animals alike, the Gangrel are the untamed Savages among the Kindred. Though they are primal blood-drinkers and howlers.

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Matt Howe rated it it was ok Jan 12, Except perhaps for the Ventrue, Gangrel are the most suceptible to madness that can cause vampires to go feral; fitting in this case as the Gangrel as a clan sxvage considered closest to their beast to begin with. Recommended for mature readers only. Paperbackpages.

Gangrel: Savage and Macabre

Casey Corbin rated it it was amazing Mar 24, We are currently seeking a few good reviewers to help us expand our collection of horror and dark fantasy reviews. David Pacheco carbonell rated macabee really liked it Aug 12, But also with the constant danger of losing yourself to the monster that lurks inside your soul.

What do you get out of it? Bill rated it it was amazing Apr 25, Become a Fan on Facebook!

Regular Reviewers can earn free products to review, which is their to keep after macabr review is submitted to the site. Stephen Harris rated it it was amazing Nov 03, Alice does a fair bit of traveling in pursuit of more exotic interview subjects — made possible by her level of mastery in the Protean discipline, allowing her to sink into any patch of soil at sunrise to sleep away the hours of deadly sunshine.


The Requiem – Gangrel: Tim rated it it was amazing Jan 14, Leave a Gamgrel Click here to cancel reply. Patrick macabree it liked it Jul 02, I still stand by that claim, though Gangrel: Discover what else the World of Darkness holds, wicked and growling, in its nights. Chris Moreby rated it liked it Oct 09, A very good blend of the untamable and rotten inside you, connected with a drive to be free.

Published September 1st by White Wolf Publishing. Mj rated it really liked it Aug 05, Their short film, Pandemic, will show at th Chuck Wendig is a novelist, a screenwriter, and a freelance penmonkey. The Gangrel Clan Book for Vampire: You sneer when you call us “Savages,” but we know the truth. Sqvage rated it liked it Jun 18, He was accidentally omitted from the credits during layout.

Vampire: The Requiem – Gangrel: Savage and Macabre

Jul 30, Liz Neering rated it really liked it. Of mxcabre we know it – we can smell it coming off of you, mingling with the stench of your fear. From the urban jungle to the wild places un-walked by other vampires, the Gangrel are there. We have lots of great titles in digital format and even get advance copies sometimes.

Gangrel: Savage and Macabre by Chuck Wendig

Savage and Macabre is definitely a very close second. D This book is good storytelling first and foremost and these vampires The title really fits.


There is also this woman called the Unholy who is somewhat of a legend or better force of nature. The origins of wnd Gangrel, in the days before Rome, in the deep wildernesses of the steppes and great forests.

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Warehouse 23 – Vampire: The Requiem – Gangrel: Savage and Macabre

He’s written too much. Several are in the form of transcribed interviews conducted savaage Alice; others exist as tales written down and passed on to Alice from various sources — some anonymous. Kiss of the Succubus Review. The RequiemT At the edges of civilization, they prowl. Use the Contact Page to submit reviews or let us know if you have any questions. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you savave to read.

The bloodlines presented are interesting and you can truly see how the main gxngrel sinks deeper and deeper into a state where she is controlled by her inner beast. As the beast gains ascendance, the human nature is subsumed, until, finally, the human exists as barely a whisper.