This case shows typical right medial inferior pontine acute infarction; consistent with medial inferior pontine (Foville) syndrome. Atrophic brain. This syndrome may result from lesions to the dorsal tegmentum of the lower What are the signs and symptoms of lower dorsal pontine (Foville) syndrome in. Foville’s syndrome with ipsilateral internuclear ophthalmoplegia was diagnosed and the patient received supportive treatment. The patient later complained of.

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About Blog Go ad-free. Normal cerebellum and cervico-medullary junction. Brain herniation Reye’s Hepatic encephalopathy Toxic encephalopathy Hashimoto’s encephalopathy. Patient and observation We report the case of a 20 years old patient trader resident in Senegal with no known medical history.

Steven Feske translated the original article from French and revised the manuscript. Support Center Support Center. Conclusion We report a case of superior Foville syndrome due to a pontine hemorrhage in a young patient.

Degenerative SA Friedreich’s ataxia Ataxia-telangiectasia. He was admitted on August in the Neurology Department of Fovi,le National Teaching Hospital for an abrupt onset of left body side weakness, acute headaches and rotatory vertigo five days before admission.

Articles from Neurology are provided here courtesy of American Academy of Neurology. Sashank Prasad assisted with filming the video content, revised the manuscript, and edited xyndrome and figure content.

William Rondeau assisted with clinical care of the patient and with filming the video content. Our patient presented hemorrhagic stroke of the right posterolateral part of the pons corresponding to the right lower tegmentum.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided syyndrome original work is properly cited.


It is a rare clinical presentation of posterior cerebral fossa and represents a particular semiology feature of neurology.

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Brain MRI showed acute pontine hemorrhage extending dorsally and to the left. Anterior spinal artery syndrome Vertebrobasilar insufficiency Subclavian steal syndrome brainstem: Published online Dec 6. Sensory ataxia Tabes dorsalis motor: Please review our privacy policy.

Taiwan Journal of Ophthalmology.

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This article about a medical condition affecting the nervous system is a stub. Structures affected by the infarct are the PPRFnuclei of cranial nerves VI and VIIcorticospinal tractmedial lemniscusand the medial longitudinal fasciculus.

Physical examination found paralysis of right oculomotor movements, right facial palsy, and left hemiparesis sparing the face which constitute the superior pons type of Foville syndrome. He was admitted on August in the Neurology Department of Fann National Teaching Hospital for an abrupt onset of left body side weakness five days before admission.

Brain Encephalitis Viral encephalitis Herpesviral encephalitis Limbic encephalitis Encephalitis lethargica Cavernous sinus thrombosis Brain abscess Amoebic.

Foville syndrome A Normal right gaze. Inferior medial coville syndrome Facial palsy. The clinical manifestations were well correlated with anatomical involvement. Log in Sign up.

We report the case of a 20 years old patient trader resident in Senegal with no known medical history. And he has been discharge 10 days later. Unable to process the form. Mouhamadou Mansour Ndiaye professor and head of neurology syndtome encourage us in the choice of this case, in the writing and the reading. This section is empty. Stroke Syndromes affecting the nervous ayndrome Nervous system disease stubs.


Support Radiopaedia and see fewer ads. Abstract The Superior Foville Syndrome is a rare clinical feature of stroke or syndrime hemorrhage.

Foville’s syndrome is caused by the blockage of the perforating branches of the basilar artery in the region of the brainstem known as the pons. Poliomyelitis Demyelinating disease Transverse myelitis Tropical spastic paraparesis Epidural abscess. Footnotes Download teaching slides: The complete syndrome described by Foville also includes an ipsilateral fascicular facial palsy.

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B Complete horizontal left conjugate gaze palsy. Views Read Edit View history. Chindhuri SelvaduraiM. Atrophic brain changes with peri-ventricular arteriosclerotic leukoencephalopathy and bilateral cerebral small chronic vessel disease. Superior Foville syndrome is a rare clinical presentation of stroke and presented a rich semiological feature fkville the posterior cerebral fossa.

Focal Generalised Status epilepticus Myoclonic epilepsy. No cause of this hemorrhage stroke has been found.

Superior Foville syndrome due to pontine hemorrhage: a case report

A Normal right gaze. There’s involvement of the fifth to eighth cranial nerves, central sympathetic fibres Horner syndrome and horizontal gaze palsy. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Receptive aphasia Hemispatial neglect Gerstmann syndrome Astereognosis occipital lobe: