Forge Motorsport twintercooler for the VW Golf GTI MKV. Tools required: Vehicle ramp or jack and axle stands, T20 torx driver, T30 torx driver, pozidrive. DIY: Forge Twintercooler Install DIY + Maintenance + Tips/Tricks. So last Friday i finally got a chance to get over to Forge here in Orlando to get my Twintercooler installed. Here are some pics. Mike painting the.

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VW Golf GTi Mk5 Front Mount Twintercooler Kit

I won’t go through the whole install, but I’ll give some tips on points that I had trouble with. The logo is, indeed, optional. The time now is This piece runs from below the foam twintercoooer support, to behind it, to on top of it.

Contact Us Archive Top. Just kidding, Forge has all kinds of tubes and pipes so we fofge this up to hold the fluid in For those of you familiar with Mike and some of his stories falling through the ceiling you may get a kick out of this pic Intercooler on Detail of the inside of the fwintercooler Finished Product I could feel a bit of a power increase after install, there was no change to intake or exhaust sounds.

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Originally Posted by Red5pade Really? Pay attention when you use the included mounting screws.

If you are DSG, you will end up trimming down that middle piece quite a bit to get it to fit right. The larger length and width core is designed to provide a better cooling capacity. Get it on fully, and then you can rotate the hose upwards and easily connect your middle coupler, and put the locking bracket over it.


Forge is pleased forrge present the all new Froge 2. For twintercoolet information click HERE. With this quality approval in place Forge continues with its commitment to bring the best products and manufacturing processes to the UK, Europe and North America. Do you rub a bit of oil on it before sticking it in the hole? I hope these tips help other people out.

I literally just grabbed the top of it, and broke it off with brute force, then broke the bottom part off, and wiggled all the pieces out.

When putting the couplers onto your new intercooler twwintercooler, make sure the 2 “teeth” on the couplers are directly on top and below You won’t be reusing them. This kit still utilizes the stock intercooler and we add our own in a parallel configuration. Next, remove the wind deflectors.

The time now is Yes you should use them or you’re going to cause stress to the hoses. Comparison runs were carried out on the same day on the same dyno and in ambient temperatures of 6 deg C 42 deg F. If you have a nice and sharp Exacto Knife, I would suggest you use that.

Originally Posted by Wideopentuning Pay attention when you use the included mounting screws. The front mount intercooler kit includes new Samco silicone hoses which connect the intercooler to the turbo piping and throttle body piping. Originally Posted by DerekKanarek I picked up a used forge twintercooler with the hoses for it and I was wondering if you need the usually included screws and brackets to install it on the mk6 gti because I don’t have them.


This kit is available with red, blue or black hoses. Find More Posts by charrigan. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. One to the intercooler, one to the turbo discharge pipe. Links Advertising Privacy Policy About us….

VW Tuning Mag keeps you up-to-date on the latest developments in the VW tuning scene from across the world. Find More Posts by DerekKanarek. When you purchase from Forge Motorsport you are assured of quality products and a service to match. If you are pretty familiar with the car, and not afraid to take some stuff apart, you will be good.

Mount your hoses and eyeball the excess hosing you have Originally Posted by BoostedVW11 you drive a shadow blue gti Has anyone done the install and know if you need them or does it just bolt up to the stock intercooler without drilling or anything.

Originally Posted by Red5pade. It’s actually really straight forward, just time consuming. I used a regular razorblade, which was a bit tricky. Over the last two years we have opened our sales and distribution facility in Orlando USA and increased our production and development forve in the UK to allow us to better serve our growing customer base. VW Golf mk6 tuning pictures February 6, Views.

VW Golf GTi Mk5 Front Mount Twintercooler Kit

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