Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma Maya and Lochan are brother and sister, living in London with their mother (nominally, at first) and their three. Book review – Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma. August 16 It takes the concept of a “forbidden love” to a whole new level. It does not have a. I never thought I would write a review on any book specially when my blog doesnt state it specifically. Nevertheless, I am doing one; because I.

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I don’t think she was saying the subject was verboten per se, just the people. But if you like me, have preference for books in which love is challenged, where the characters have to fight for their love, you have to read this. Tabigha the very worst ways, in the very best ways.

He was my firstdoor neighbor for so long,friend,companion,so many things. And every time I witnessed a moment of intimacy, it tugged at my heart, knowing that none of it was possible and could never work out.

I absolutely love and slightly curse this book for how and what it made me feel and I know for certainty that I’ll read it over again… and again… and again. Instead of being brutally realistic, straight-talking and heartbreaking, this pushed things into the realms of PNR-style tropes and creepy wish fulfilment for me.

Forbidden will take you on an extraordinary emotional journey.

I want too keep writing about how it has affected my views on how hard life is and how fantastic this book is, but all I can say is read it! Lochan is a shy boy who has social anxiety that stops him speaking in public Only at home and around Maya can he be himself.

So, first let me say that this was a very brave book to tackle such a controversial subject matter and the author must have some real bottle to take it on. Seventeen-year-old Lochan and sixteen-year-old Maya have always felt more like friends than siblings.


They loved each other so much and they just wanted to be together. I will say I txbitha end up calling him Loki the whole time so sorry about that Tabitha. It is a extremely hard issue to address, much less in this manner.

It was haunting, beautiful, agonizing and tragic. The ending just ripped me to emotional shreds. Since I knew where this story was heading from the start, I wasn’t surprised at all when the siblings’ relationship started to take on a more romantic feel. Its about two people drawn together by their circumstances, who are as close as two people can be, who rely on each other, support each other, have been through hell together… The pain, lonliness, and desolation of their life pushes them together.

She is not saying “incest is okay”, that’s not the point. But here, in this beautiful heart stopping story, we have two young adults that even pressed by the weight of the world, knew, without a doubt, that they love each other.

The two people just happened to be brothers and sisters. You will feel their love, anger, and desperation, even as you curse the injustice of it all.

I thought the characterisation of the younger siblings was well done, and although Kit occasionally read a little older than his thirteen years, I did sympathise with him. Falling in love only complicates matters – their relationship is sinful yet impossible to stop, and they will do whatever it takes to keep it hidden while allowing it continue I hate this book!! Just wow, wow, wow! This book involves incest. And wish, and wish and wish that they were left to tend to the smaller children until one day they could have a world in which to hold hands, kiss,and love as with nobody condemning them for it.


They are prompted to feel that they are related by some biological accident. Maybe the ending was harsh and unnecessary.

A Review of “Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma” – Sulfur reviews

And let me tell you. I was sexually assaulted by my older brother for years when I was just a kid; would this still be readable for me?

Two people in love- a love that nobody else could possibly understand. Now, I’m going to be very blunt about So No one, Maya, no one can ever take that away from us.

And the amazingness of it all. You are commenting using your WordPress.

A Review of “Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma”

It’s hard-core, and Tzbitha goes all out with poetic prose and cheesy statements. Lochan and Maya are best friends who have known each other their entire lives and have helped each other and fiercely loved one another through the many brutally painful experiences of growing up. Destroy all of them in a cruel joke of destiny. Subscribe to Read More to find out about similar books. D This book broke my heart into pieces and I am still trying to recover from this emotionally intense and chocking reading!!!

And I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it was to write it.

Keep an open mind about the subject matter. Tabitha Suzuma is award-winning author who never shies away from challenging subject matter for older readers. You could feel it building from the start. In a way I wish I had never read this book, because it is so sad, but every time I think that, I regret it instantly.