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Hopefully you found a question to your answer but as per. FM lvl 3 instructors can only certified all other soldiers in lvl 1. Only a lvl 4 can certify lvl 1 and. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. provide extensive information about FM ( ).

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A program should not begin mf techniques that will take a long time to master. Ensure training areas are well maintained and free of dangerous obstructions. Maintain a buffer zone of 6 feet from retainer wall and demonstration area during all training, especially training requiring throws and takedowns by students.

Rake the training pit to loosen sawdust and remove all sharp objects.


The meter-long course consists of a series of targets to attack, and obstacles to negotiate. Assistant instructors must also be properly trained to help supervise and demonstrate maneuvers. Have buddy kneel rm you with his hands on your knees. They condition the body through motion in all ranges, accustom the soldiers to contact with the ground, and promote aggressiveness. Ensure the training partner offers no resistance, but allows the maneuver to be freely executed during the learning stages and while perfecting 25.1550 techniques.

Ensure instructors and assistant instructors are well-rehearsed and prepared before all training sessions. Hold ankles with hands.

The primary instructor talks the demonstrators through the techniques by the numbers, and then the demonstrators execute at combat speed. Training pads can be requisitioned through supply channels or purchased locally. Command emphasis is the key to a successful combatives program. The soldiers then execute this technique from start to finish. Instructors must be physically fit and highly proficient in the demonstration and practical application of the skills.


FM 3-25.150 Combatives

The instructor or demonstrator uses the talk-through method. Then, the buddy increases downward pressure on your thighs until stretch is felt Figure To prevent injury to the hand, the soldier must maintain 25.150 firm grip on the small of the stock.

When practicing throws or disarming techniques, soldiers need twice the normal interval between ranks.

Instructors should encourage spirited aggressiveness. Successful unit combatives programs continue to focus on the core techniques taught in the basic training or OSUT program. Other protective equipment, such as shin guards, can also be useful to practice with improvised weapons.

U.S. Army Combatives – FM

Stretching prepares the ligaments, tendons, muscles, and heart for a workout, decreasing the chances of injury. Primary trainers should be of the appropriate rank; for instance, a platoon primary trainer should be a squad leader or the platoon sergeant to ensure that the training actually occurs. Because inclement weather can be a training distracter, the best training area is an indoor, climate-controlled facility with both padded floor and walls. Regular training sessions with these trainers will ensure the quality of training at dm small unit level.

Alternate legs and 25.50 after two or three sequences.

The primary instructor is free to control the rate of the demonstration and to stress key teaching points. Sit on ground facing buddy with legs extended and spread as far as possible.

Formations used for physical training may also be used for combatives training FM It is based on ten hours of available training time, divided into five periods of mf hours each. Build artificial obstacles such as entanglements, fences, log walls, hurdles, and horizontal ladders Figure Ensure that soldiers understand the use of both physical tapping and verbal signals to indicate 2.150 the partner when to stop the pressure in grappling and choking techniques.


Encourage after-duty training and education for instructors. The buddy’s weight is supported by your shoulders while little weight is placed on the thighs. After the initial warm-up, training drills can be used to further warm up. Given seven types of obstacles as shown in Figures through Use occasional humor to motivate soldiers, but avoid degrading or insulting them.

Confidence, enthusiasm, and technical expertise are essential for success in teaching hand-to-hand combat. Pads can be tackle dummy pads or martial arts striking pads.

Any bag placed where personnel are likely to fall will be filled with the same consistency filler as the sawdust in the pit and will also provide a minimum of 6 inches of sawdust. Providing an opportunity for team and squad leaders to develop their leadership and control measures.

Hold for 20 seconds, then alternate positions. Include natural obstacles such as streams, ravines, ridges, and thick vegetation.

It is important to remember that combat speed gm not always mean very quickly. Properly inspect the pit so that all safety hazards are removed before instruction or demonstrations are executed.