12 Results Visit ‘s Flavius Vegetius Renatus Page and shop for all Flavius Vegetius Renatus books. Books by Flavius Vegetius Renatus. Showing. Vegetius. The most influential treatise on military strategy between the age of the era was written by the Roman citizen Flavius Vegetius Renatus in (approx.). Flavius Vegetius Renatus. A number of maxims have their origin in Vegetius, the most familiar of which is “He who desires peace, should prepare for war” (III.

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Vegetius on Strategy The work of Sun Tzu was unknown to western civilization for many centuries. Its bulk makes it slow and unwieldy in its motions; and as it is obliged to march in columns of great length, it is exposed to the risk of being continually harassed and insulted by inconsiderable parties of the enemy. The number of legionary troops in an army is generally much more considerable than that of the auxiliaries.

And their marches, in that season of the vegwtius when the heat is excessive, should begin by break of day so that they flavis arrive at the place of destination in good time.

A strategy of invasion against a traditional defending army and that of an occupation in the midst of insurgency vegetiue two different things.

Nothing does so renatuss honor to the abilities or application of the tribune as the appearance and discipline of the soldiers, when their apparel is neat and clean, their arms bright and in good order and when they perform their exercises and evolutions with dexterity.

The Roman soldiers, bred in war’s alarms, Bending with unjust loads and heavy arms, Cheerful their toilsome marches undergo, And pitch their sudden camp before the foe.

Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus

The Metatores are ordered before the army to fix on the ground for its encampments. Tactics, in warfare, the art and science of fighting battles on land, on sea, and in the air.

The Tesserarii deliver the parole and the orders of the general to the different messes of the soldiers. By this neglect our forces have been often surprised by day and night by the enemy’s cavalry and suffered very severe vegetuus. They exercised them with these at the post both morning and afternoon.

In stock on January 10, When the preparations of the enemy were formidable, they sent a general of consular dignity with twenty thousand foot and four thousand horse. A German translation by Reatus Hohenwang appeared at Ulm in He explains the use of reserves, attributing this invention to the Spartans, from whom the Romans adopted it.

The peculiar strength of the Romans always consisted in the excellent organization of their legions. Punishment, vegeius fear thereof, are necessary to keep soldiers in order in quarters; but in the field they are more influenced by hope and rewards.


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The ancients, knowing the ranks were easily disordered in the confusion of action, divided the cohorts into centuries and gave each century an ensign inscribed with the number both of the cohort and century so that the men keeping it in sight might be prevented from separating from their comrades in the greatest tumults.

It is better to send men forward with hatchets and other tools in order to open ways that are narrow but safe, without regard to the labor, rather than to run any risk in the finest roads. The chief praefect of the Praetorian Guards rises by the same method of rotation to that lucrative and honorable rank.

All these were under the direction of the officer called the praefect of the workmen. If they exceed this pace, they no longer march but run, and no certain rate can be assigned. Constantine I, the first Roman emperor to profess Christianity.

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In the centuries to come, though, his work became a staple for strategists and leaders throughout Europe. To continue this drill without interruption during the winter, they erected for the cavalry porticos or riding halls covered with tiles or shingles, and if they were not to be procured, with reeds, rushes or thatch.

My design in this treatise is to exhibit in some order the peculiar customs and usages of the ancients in the choice and discipline of their new levies. He states quite frankly that his purpose was to collect and synthesize from ancient manuscripts and regulations the military customs and wisdom that made ancient Rome great.

In the first place every century has a balista mounted on a carriage drawn by mules and served by a mess, that is by ten men from the century to which it belongs. It is an observation of Cato that. But on a march the soldier is less on his guard, has not his arms always ready and is thrown into disorder by a sudden attack or ambuscade.

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It is the head of the legion and is always first formed on the right of the first line when the legion draws up in order of battle. It has indeed reached our cimes, although little regard is paid to it at present. The military mark, which is indelible, is first imprinted on the hands of the new levies, and as their names are inserted in the roll of the legions they take the usual oath, called the military oath.


Please try again later. The flanks of the baggage, exposed to frequent ambuscades, must also be covered with a sufficient guard to secure them. It was first published in English by Caxton, from an English manuscript copy, in Hence a relaxation of military discipline insensibly ensued, then a neglect of it, and it sunk at last into entire oblivion. The Librarii keep the legionary accounts. The Tiber was then their only bath, and in it they refreshed themselves after their exercises and fatigues in the field by swimming.

There were, for the same reason, Candidatii Duplares, and Candidatii Simplares. The latest event alluded to in his Epitoma rei militaris is the death of the Emperor Gratian ; the earliest attestation of this work is a subscriptio by one Flavius Eutropius, writing in Constantinople in the yearwhich appears in one of two families of manuscripts, suggesting that a division of the manuscript tradition had already occurred.

At last, after the defeat of many consuls and the loss of many officers and armies, they were convinced that the revival of discipline was the only road to victory and thereby recovered their superiority. Troops are not to be led to battle unless confident of success.

The name of the legion remains indeed to this day in our armies, but its strength and substance are gone, since by the renaths of our predecessors, honors and preferments, which were formerly the recompenses of merit and long services, were to be attained only by interest and favor. All of this will enable us to take the most proper measures to distress them and for our advantage.

The ‘Roman Art of War’.

And in this I was not a little encouraged by the late instance of Your Majesty’s vegetiuus. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. It is concerned with the approach to combat; the disposition of troops and other personalities; the use made of various arms, ships, or aircraft; and the execution of movements for attack or defense. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. They will acquit themselves well when they know it is impossible to escape and are certain of being rewarded for their fidelity or punished for their perfidy.

Vegetiks fonti rnatus Mulomedicina di Teodorico Borgognoni: These are of interest only to military antiquarians and for that reason have not been included.

It seems to resemble a fortified city which they can build for their safety wherever they please.