Farmacología en enfermería by Castells Molina, Silvia, Hernández Pérez, Margarita and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available. : Farmacología en enfermería () by S., Hernández Pérez, M. Castells Molina and a great selection of similar New, Used and. Available now at – ISBN: – Soft cover – Elsevier – – Book Condition: New.

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Farmacoologia is a science of the utmost importance in the professional practice of nursing. Knowledge of pharmacological treatment and its influence on health is necessary to make appropriate decisions in a multidisciplinary working framework. To understand the subject correctly prior knowledge based on an understanding human physiology and biological foundations is required. Its relationship with nursin care,surgical nursing 1, 2, 3 and professional seminar 1,2 and 3 reinforce essential training which farmaclogia vital to a nurse.

In order to develop the programme, interactive resources are used which allow for the use of the blink intranet service. Background reading is suggested sequentially and must be done to follow the course satisfactorily. Conventional classes are a platform for discussion and debate of related topics, and also as a source of lecture style presentations for the newest topics of especially difficult contextual complexity.

Activities taking place efnermeria conventional classes include:. This focus r equires continuous and systematic self-directed study on the part of the student research, reading, reviews, problems Assessment of theory-based credits is continuous. It consists of enfermerja the following during the semester:. Pharmacology and the nursing process. Study guide for pharmacology and the nursing process.


Malseed RT, [et al]. Page CP, [et al]. Raffa RB, [et al]. Churchill Livingstone Afrmacologia Farmacologgia subject aims to introduce students to issues of pharmacology, which are basic to be able to understand the effect medicine has on the organism. Students of this programme castepls develop the following skills and acquire the following knowledge:.

Identify the different and most commons ways of medicating, and their peculiarities and influence when applying a course of treatment. Understand and satisfactorily resolve numerical exercises related to the administration of medication.

Use the corresponding numerical units correctly. Monitor the application of different pharmacological courses of treatment. Understand and develop critical awareness where pharmacological course of treatment are concerned.

Discover la importance of the knowledge of this discipline within the framework of nursing competences. Correctly interpret cases arising and be able to seek the necessary information to resolve them.

Activities farmaco,ogia place in conventional classes include: Problem-solving involving numerical bases. Reading, explication and discussion of articles published which deal with subject-related topics. Methods of assessment include: The continous assesment will apply in 1st term january and 2ond term julyif the student has not been realized “on-line” exerccises the mark of this part will be zero. Identify the common ways of administering medication, with their peculiarities and influence when preparing a course of treatment [A, C].


Describe pharmacological mechanisms and pharmacinetic behaviour. Understand and satisfactorily resolve numeric exercises related to administering medicine.

Use corresponding numeric units correctly. Monitor the application of different pharmacological treatments. Educate the patient about the course of pharmacological treatment followed. Recognise therapeutic groups and the most important medication [A, C]. Understand and develop a critical knowledge of pharmacological treatment. Value the opportune considerations when applying a course of nursing treatment. Farmacolpgia the importance of knowledge of famacologia discipline in the framework of nursing competence[A, C].

Interpret case studies correctly and be able to locate the necessary information to framacologia able to solve them [A, C]. Hahler D’Angelo H, [et al]. European medicines agency; [citat 31 d’agost ]. National Library of Medicine [homepage a internet].

Adherence to Treatment of People with Arterial Hypertension

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Farmacología en enfermería

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