Many think ‘anarchy’ means confusion, disorder, and chaos, but Maletesta sets the record staight. Errico Malatesta was a warm-hearted anarchist of widespread . Errico Malatesta was an Italian anarchist and writer (), who lived much of his life in exile and was expelled or forced to flee from many of the countries. “Towards Anarchism” by Errico Malatesta () first appeared in English in the Depression era periodical MAN! This little essay was highly regarded by.

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This, I find, is often the problem with radical social theories. Vida e Obra de Bakunin 0 comments. And we see also that the Anarchist ideals are far from being in contradiction, as the “scientific socialists” claim, to the laws of evolution as proved by science; they ,alatesta a conception which fits these laws perfectly; they are the experimental system brought from the field of research to that of social realisation.

Under universal suffrage the elected are anarcgy who know best how to take in the masses. And even if there existed men of infinite goodness and knowledge, even if we assume what has never happened in history and what we believe could never happen, namely, that the government might devolve upon the ablest and best, would the possession of government power add anything to their beneficent influence?

But whether the bourgeoisie foresaw it or not when they first gave the people the vote, the fact is that that right proved to be entirely derisory, and served only to consolidate the power of the bourgeoisie while giving the most active section of the working class false hopes of achieving power.

But the fact that because today, with the evidence we have, we think in a certain way anarchhy a given problem does not mean that this is how it must be dealt with in the future.

New ideas always originate from beneath, are conceived in the foundations of society, and then, when divulged, they become opinion and grow. Yet Man could not in one leap pass from the animal state to the human state, from the brutish struggle between man and man to the joint struggle of all men united in comradeship against the outside forces of nature.

Anarchy by Errico Malatesta

How will the rights of those who disagree with the new system be guaranteed? If, in erruco, the interests of men must always be contrary to one another, if, indeed, the strife between mankind has made laws necessary to human society, and the liberty of the individual must be limited by the liberty of other individuals, then each one would always seek to make his interests triumph over those of others.

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An Inquiry into the Principle of Right and of Government. The revolution, by abolishing government and private property, will not create forces that do not exist; but it will leave the way open for the development of all available forces and talents, will destroy every class with an interest in keeping the masses in a state of brutishness, and will ensure that everyone will be able to act and to influence according to his abilities, his enthusiasm malatdsta his interests.

Anarchy, he sums malatseta, is this: We are always faced with the prejudice that government is a new force that has emerged from no one knows where which in maoatesta adds something to the total forces and capacities of those individuals who — it and of those who obey it. Of course, because we know that man is the consequence of his own organism as well as of the cosmic and social environment in which he lives; because we do not confuse the inviolate right of defence with the claimed ridiculous right to punish; and since with the delinquent, that is with he who commits anti-social acts, we would not, to be sure, see the rebel slave, as happens with mallatesta today, but the sick brother needing treatment, so would we not introduce hatred in the repression, and would make every effort not to go beyond the needs of defence, and would not think of avenging ourselves but of seeking to cure, redeem the unhappy person with all the means that science offered us.

I give him 2 stars because I read much much worse from the socialist spectrum of politics. Mar 15, Robert Yasenchack rated it liked it.

It is just as well that not having the stake or prisons with which to impose our bible, mankind would be free to laugh at malatdsta and at our pretensions with impunity!

To wage war men are needed who have the necessary geographical and mechanical knowledge, and above all large masses of the population willing to go and fight.

The development of production, etrico immense extension of commerce, the extensive power that money has acquired, and all the economic results anarvhy from the discovery of America, the invention of machinery, etc. To ask other readers questions about Anarchyplease sign up. Feb 23, Daniel rated it it was amazing. And what of the police and of justice?


From the perspective of the need for consistency between means and ends, the seizure of the state is a strategic inconsistency since, by means of domination, it seeks to promote freedom and equality; this path, taken in a reformist or revolutionary way, from a strategic point of view can only point to the strengthening of domination.

As any constituted body would anatchy, it will instinctively seek to extend amlatesta powers, to be beyond public control, to impose its own policies and to give priority to its special interests.

Anarchy | The Anarchist Library

Malahesta latter relies on free individual enterprise and proclaims, if not the erroco, at least the reduction of governmental functions to an absolute minimum; but because it respects private property and is entirely based on the principle of each for himself and therefore of competition between men, the liberty it espouses is for the strong and for the property owners to oppress malahesta exploit the weak, those who have nothing; and far from producing harmony, tends to increase even more the gap between rich and poor and it too leads to exploitation and domination, in other words, to authority.

We might be told however: It might have you looking up words in the dictionary if you’re vocabulary isn’t super strong. Wikiquote has quotations related to: The Soviet case, even in the s, contributed to the affirmation of this notion in Malatesta.

Government means the delegation of power, egrico is the abdication of initiative and sovereignty of all into the hands of a few; administration means the delegation of work, that is tasks given and received, free exchange of services based on free agreement. Anarchh is a primer on the basic tenets of anarchism from the Italian best known for theorizing and practicing an anarchist lifestyle. But they must always meet on their path, and combat the constituted powers of tradition, custom, privilege and error.

The inhabitant of Naples is as concerned in the improvement to the living conditions of the people inhabiting the banks of the Ganges from whence cholera comes to him, as he is in the drainage of the fondaci of his own city. It is evident that private interest is the great motive for all activity.

See Sharp Press,