Sacred Fate By Eresse – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards , publishing history, genres, and time period. Sacred Fate introduces you to an amazing world from the imagination of fantasy romance author Eress—Ď. Some things are worth fighting for, which both. “Sacred Fate is a captivating and distinctive story of a dual-gendered world. A magical medieval era with fiefs, swords and war steeds The well written plot is.

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Yes, I’m writing Book Eight right now. The political aspects to the plot as well as the romance are very familiar for readers, just set in a new and interesting world. Ascred generally dislike stories where the main character is taken as a mistress or leman, as the term is here, to the other main character. This was me before starting this: Plus there are a heap of other characters with weird names who are all basically good guys.

In the dual-gendered realm of Ylandre, the great divide between the high-born True Bloods and the lower-ranked Half Bloods is deemed impassable by most. They were always so much more than king and concubine, they were lovers and mates from the beginning. Then, to find out that Rohyr and Lassen were actually soul mates and sacres Rohyr had known from the first time he set eyes on Lassen that he was the man that he had loved in a previous life and had lost.

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Sacred Fate

Lassen took what was thrown at him in stride. View on the Mobile Site. Did you really think mind-reading Rohyr would not discover your scheme to eliminate Lassen? How could he repeat this mistake? It didn’t feel sexist to me because she build sacrrd people up as hermaphroditic aliens.


Feb 26, Elisa Rolle added it. He put important people to him first and had a great deal of understanding and compassion. I want to read much more about this world and the secondary characters. It’s cuz they also have penises and balls, so their hips can’t dislocate for fatw or whatever it is female bones do to get out of the way of the birth canal. No jarring modern language here. With a blinding smile that was equal parts disbelief and joy, Lassen went into his embrace and laid his head on Rohyr’s shoulder.

All of that, plus knowing Rohyr lived his life as the eresze of Arden to the point, that without Lassen, he would have forgotten how to be simply a man, made him redeemable in my eyes. I was my first m-preg book as well. Just wondering how you are. View all 6 comments. He fats such care with introducing Lassen to the sexual tate he would now be expected to attend to. It reads like fairy tale, cinderallaish story where the main characters have to overstep a lot of intrigue and misunderstanding to end up together.

If you you haven’t guessed it yet, I really recommend this story. I love epic fantasy. The son of one of the minor gentry Lassen is expected to be present when the delegation from I am immediately reminded of all the things I love about this genre.

Lassen here is the submissive lover, the bottom, and even if he can enjoy a variation in the bed role, in life he will never consider to be the eesse, that role is of Rohyr, and to Lassen that is how things should be. A worl Main Characters: Sadly, I am only magical in my dreams.

I could not help but adore this read. Rohyr should have less of a baby face or something. In fact this race has adapted themselves to be completely hermaphroditic. Lots of world building I do realise it’s not fair to compare post-apocalyptic, speculative evolution, science fantasy to what is basically eresze romance novel – so we won’t go there He may not be as physically strong as Rohyr, but he has his qualities.


Rohyr is also very stubborn.

The king is welcome to his concubine, but must have a proper mate, one of status. I wanted to hate it from the start, but found I couldn’t dammit. He was a spolied bully and really not much more than that. Royal aid to the Autonomous Province of Velarus is rare and everyone is waiting on baited breath to see what the king might request of them in exchange for his aid with the bandits threatening the countryside.

Though the sex didn’t evoke the oh-la-la dacred, but it was touchingly sweet. There are a few problems with switching point of view, but this is very minor and not a problem. If so, I wish the world building had been spread out instead of crammed into a shorter novel and thus with slow periods of information dumping which almost caused my eyes to glaze over.

Sacred Fate by Eresse – FictionDB

All around and in between the above mentioned events we have: View all 17 comments. This question just bothered me throughout. He cared for his biological family, Ylandre and its people, charity work, and he loved Rohyr deeply. At first, I had Faet idea what da fuq was going on. That would just be View all 4 comments.