Ensoniq DP4 Audio Effects Processor. There were four ESP DSP chips* designed into this unit, which means four distinct channels of processing. The Ensoniq DP4 is a unique multi-effects processor, capable of processing up to four stereo effects at once. It’s got all sorts of different effects in this digital unit. Find great deals for Ensoniq Dp4 Parallel Effects Processor Item. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Routing trs pushed the possibility of used 1,2,3 or 4 channels. Certainly the individual “units” are mostly very use-able. The DP4 is a great mixing tool for effects, especially if you want multiple effects at once.

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While the large number of reverbs and the large number of parameters to manage propose to find happiness if you do not seek super clean reverb, because here the sound is rather fat and a “dirty” choya finally I understand.

That necessitated highly efficient real-time programming. Smith of Aviom Inc.

The delays are great too, I do not know ennsoniq if I will use them because Ehsoniq like those of bcp SXbut make no mistake, they are super nice, special mention tempo delay that can sync via midi.

Getting basic sounds is easy, but it takes a bit of use to understand using multiple effects at once to have complete control over the unit. All instruments work with DP4, the violins with 8 voices chorus, guitars with amp simulators, but the synths with the time, phaser etc They certainly aren’t hi-fi.


Ensoniq Dp/4 Parallel Effects Processor 4 Channel Studio Unit Dp4 Plus

Nord Rp4 G2 http: There may be some differences, but I’m not aware of any major ones. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. For the reverberation of the voices you should use a Lexicon but it’s so much else that we forgive him not to be excellent everywhere.

The accounting and other treatments on the dynamics, I have not yet tested properly, so I can not really give an objective opinion I just threw a synth bass turns without touching the compression settings.

I sold mine to get an eventide eclipse and overall I’m pleased. Hence the time we spent. I found out about the DP4 originally through the early plastikman stuff.

The Ensoniq DP4 is a unique multi-effects processor, capable of processing up to four stereo effects at once. Are often found in the EQ algorithms and the hair is because it does not always respect the Aiges. One delay will synchronize with other machines, damage, but overall I liked the delay, but rather organic. I’m interested mainly into the modulation effects.

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But it is logically organized trs and navigation is simple plutt. It isn’t as cutting edge as it was when it came out, but the DP4 is still a useful studio effect.

By tonight there should be two entries “feedees” by 2 busses to the console and the other two that I will use as an insert on the edges, I think. Tom Metcalf and John Senior and I spent an enormous amount of time developing the algorithms for guitar distortion. Here are just 3 or 4 shots mconaissables electronic percussion in the algorithm Flanger-DDL using a single unit that I modified, the rest is the module that DP4 problem of resonance n ‘not optimistic that the race of knobs: I missed it so much I ended up buying another one which is a non plus version.


I put 10 for the home studio, 10 for the guitar, synths and samples for singing, the choice of a lexicon reverb or other necessary.

Ensoniq Dp/4 Parallel Effects Processor 4 Channel Studio Unit Dp4 Plus | eBay

Thanks and all my love to you beautiful people. I know a xp4 of people use them, and I see them in studios a lot, but what do you all think about them.

It’s like everything’s just a matter of habit. The stompboxes are great but as soon as you buy more than one I think you’re much better off grabbing an eclipse. Please see the year-end funding drive post in the Announcements subforum.

In conclusion, it is a very good machine ddp4 will satisfy those who want a warmer and denser than the effects plugins. I love the dp4. If you’re interested in hearing what do4 sounds like listen to sheet one, musik and recylced plastik