It’s tricky but it will certainly give you the end result you want. I am using a Crystal Xcelsius and this version doesn t have Remote. Xcelsius is a data visualization software that enables users to create Designers can set key data points (start value, end value, low value, and configurations or scenarios can be loaded again, even after closing. Live Office Excel communication error in Xcelsius Level Alerts in Xcelsius (SAP Crystal Dashboard Design)End-to-End Scenarios With Xcelsius

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I really want to do something remote and I think that this solution is not remote or safety. Our goal is to deliver these Fix Packs scenadios a regular basis to ensure that you get the most out of your Xcelsius application.

Hi what is the purpose of Local scenarion button and remote scenario button. It comes with 10 ready-to-use templates allowing first-time users to immediately use and benefit from the solution. The only way I know to export data is by IIS. I have read a comment saying that I can do a JSP command code to save and extract my scenario, but I really want to get out of this solution. Streaming Real-Time Data into Xcelsius Applications Much of the success we have seen with the Xcelsius support would not have been possible without your continued support and commitment.


Error while connection BW cube to Dashboard using Liveoffice

I know that Xcellsius save a file. Open link in a new tab. It is possible to save scenarios using a combination of XML data connections and jsp or aspx code. The new version, branded Xcelsius — makes it even easier for end-users to create interactive dashboards and presentations with its new Flex-based interface. Actually, I don’t want local scenario. Local scenario button helps you save a particular scenario to retreive later. Mon Jan 07, 6: Embedding Xcelsius Visualizations in Crystal Reports 9.

Tue Feb 23, Search Xcelsius – Crystal Dashboard Design Lastly, in the spirit of the ned checkout the top Xcelsius content for All times are GMT – 5 Hours. Hope this wkth helps! Ens you in advanced, Gustavo. There’s a post on it over here that explains how to set it up.

My next step is create a java I don’t know anything about it to change the XML file standard to Oracle and load it in the oracle table. When you are xcelsiuw someother selections say ,oct,25 and suddenly want to see the data for jan 8, you need to go back and change all the selections, instead click this button and LOAD the previous saved one.

Error while connection BW cube to Dashboard using Liveoffice

The new release generated a great buzz in the market and quickly got the attention of our broad user base. David Gilbertson Senior Member Joined: Xcelsius was designed to meet a wide range of customer requests while delivering a variety of new innovative dashboarding and visualization components as well as integrations with Crystal Reports, BusinessObjects Enterprise, Adobe AIR, and LiveCycle Data Services. Export data out of Xcelsius dashboards 3.


Much of the success we have seen with the Xcelsius support would not have been possible without your continued support and commitment. While there were env initial negative reactions to Xcelsiusmuch of that has subsided with the Xcelsius community understanding our strong commitment to support and enhance the user experience for Xcelsius products.

Page 1 of 1. Moreover, Can you please let me know the path of Local scenario file since we saved the scenario file but it is not showing up any particular path which got saved. xcepsius

Tue Sep 23, 2: Joachim74 Senior Member Joined: Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item.