This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the ER-1 from Korg. Korg ER-1 Electribe R Rhythm Synthesizer () Drum machine: 8 voices mix of analog modeling and PCM samples with sequencer and Midi sync. Listen to. Check out the Korg Electribe ER-1 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) own Patterns in a Pattern Set see page 31 in the ER-1 owners Manual.

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This data is called a Motion Sequence refer to p.

If you do not wish to save the pattern you created, simply select a different pattern without per- forming the Write operation. Conversely, if you do not wish to save the modified set- tings, simply turn off the power without performing the Write operation.

Appendices Error messages Er.

MIDI channels Similarly to a television, data can be received when the channel of the receiving device matches the channel on which the data is being transmitted. Hold down the Shift key and press step key 14 Delete Pat- tern. The EG will start when trigger-on occurs the instant you play the keyboard. A “motion sequence” allows you to record movements of any one of the parameters of the Synthesizer section for an individual part.

The Electribe-A EA-1 is a unique and easy-to-use synthesizer that uses DSP synthesis technology to help anyone from beginners to hard-core users to produce truly original sounds and phrases.

Korg Electribe ER-1

The metronome will sound only during recording. The pattern’s own tempo will be applied from the point at which the pattern was stopped. For example if step data is moved for “-3 ” steps, the data that was in steps 1 through 3 will be moved to steps 46 through Note triggers will be erased from the selected part whose key is lit while you hold down these keys.


When the pattern finishes playing, it will return to the begin- ning and continue playing.

ELECTRIBE-R mkII/Owner’s Manual

During step recording, use msnual key to input a rest or a tie. Either use Clear Event to delete unwanted events from a song, or record blank data to clear the memory. Move the knobs and keys of the Synthesizer section to apply filtering or effects to the input signal. Table Of Contents Contents 1. Care If the exterior becomes dirty wipe it with a clean, dry cloth.

What is a Song? Cutoff frequency Cutoff 1 t EG Int. For a pattern with a pattern length of 2 or more, you can use the Select keys to move the red select LEDs to left or right to change the length location that you will edit.

Press the step key for the step whose pitch you wish to edit the key will blink. If you input a note ee-1 mistake, hold down the Shift key while the pattern continues to manua, and then hold down the Rec key.

Pattern mode Elecrtibe this mode you can play patterns, or edit them to make new patterns. E 80 C59 Transceiver S. With playback stopped, press and hold the Keyboard func- tion key and press the step key for the location that you wish to assign a pattern.

Adapter cable holder Hook the adapter cable around this so that it will not be disconnected accidentally. Press the Song mode key to enter Song mode. Use the Part select key rlectribe select the part whose pitch you wish to shift. Select the pattern or song whose volume you wish to adjust, press the OSC1 key to select Audio In, and begin playback. Each time you press this key the setting will alternate between Off darkSmooth, and Trig Hold.

The pattern you select here will be the pattern for position ” Pattern mode Copying a part Copy Part You can copy the sound settings and rhythm pattern data in- cluding motion sequence from another part to the selected part.


Full text of “Electribe EA 1 Manual”

ee-1 The modulated sound will be output from OSC2. Here’s how you can make the EA-1 playback in synchronization with the tempo of the ER At this time if the Keyboard function key is off darkthe step keys will indicate the trigger locations refer to p.

Key 12 will blink. Elecyribe can create and save up to sixteen songs in the internal memory of the EA Raising the Depth excessively may cause the sound to distort. Front and rear panel 5. It is highly effective to raise the reso- nance and use distortion. Front and rear panel Sequence Control section 1. The next time that the power is turned on, the value will electrib 0. Press step key 13 once again, and a pattern will be inserted in front of that position. Striking Keys To Play Parts 3.

Korg Electribe R MkII – part of the following second manal generation, quite the same as Mk1 but Korg added a cross modulation effect between oscillators. Copying A Part copy Part 4. As an example, here’s how to record the Portamento parameter in a motion sequence. What is the synthesizer section?

Adjusting the volume of the Audio In Input Gain The EA-1 will calculate the interval at which you pressed the Tap key, and will change the tempo accordingly. There are two types of motion sequence Smooth and Trig Hold.

Got it, continue to print. Press the Global mode key to enter Global mode.