When Marianne is allowed to visit the beautiful Edenbrooke estate and reunite with Cecily, she is Debut novelist Julianne Donaldson is a hopeless romantic. Edenbrooke, by Julianne Donaldson () In the instance of Edenbrooke, a debut novel by Juliann Donaldson, all the features worked to. Edenbrooke: A Proper Romance. Julianne Donaldson. Shadow Mountain, $ trade paper (p) ISBN

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To all the people who predicted I would love Edenbrooke: It kept me on tender-hooks which is always the best way in a story. NO, it is not. So much so, that I wish I could give it more than five stars. When Marianne is allowed to visit the beautiful Edenbrooke estate and reunite with Cecily, she is overjoyed, despite her anxiety about the social niceties she abhors. Ooh, I love both Austen and Heyer, so I would definitely give this book a go, but probably not for a while as I have so many others I need to read, and like you say, this book is on the pricey side.

La autora tiene una delicadeza y sencillez escribiendo que me dnaldson sorprendido muy gratamente, transmitiendo mucha dulzura y picaresca a la vez. My disappointment, and there are only a few niggling objections, is with the length of the novel at pages.

There are many mistaken assumptions and misunderstandings throughout the novel.

Lists with This Book. Trivia About Edenbrooke Edenb Her gran, a cranky and unpleasant old biddy, decides to disinherit her no good scoundrel nephew and bestow her fortune of forty thousand donaldspn on Marianne, as long as the girl will learn to behave like a proper lady she likes running about out of doors without a bonnet, and prefers the countryside to town life – dreadful stuff.

Want to Read saving…. Edenbrooke is first and foremost a love story.

Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson Content Rating and Review | The Literate Mother

I applied the lesson of the doll and decided it was better to want something different from Cecily instead of lose to her. It has everything you want in a Regencya dashing hero, a beautiful heroine,traveling,shy looks,stolen kisses, a duel,trickery,kidnapping,rescuing. At said inn, she’s insulted by a gentleman, because of her dishevelled appearance. Marianne is a likable heroine, a bit blind at times and so modest that she couldn’t possibly imagine that anyone would chose her over her beautiful twin Cecily.


Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson. If ever a hero deserved the word, it is him! Her father’s scarpered off to France to grieve, her twin sister’s in London with family friends enjoying a season, while poor little Marianne is wasting away with boredom at her grandmother’s in Bath.

Hope there juliannne more to come! Luego la trama es bastante sencilla y superficial y de nulo calorreo! But, the same style?

The mere mention of Georgette Heyer pulls me in automatically. Then a new coach with a coachman shows up to drive Marianne and her maid to their destination, this coachman with instructions, apparently to ABDUCT Marianne forcefully into eddenbrooke coach if she were to refuse this sudden charity.

There is Philip’s mom, a widow, his aunt — and that’s it! This book had been recommended to me ever since I joined Goodreads, and by so many people that I have lost count.

I remember when it first came out I was drawn to its beautiful cover, it really fits the story so well. Such was my attitude when Cecily and I came of age to be presented to society and enter the marriage mart in London. Thinking she’ll be able to relax and enjoy her beloved English countryside while her sister snags the handsome heir of Edenbrooke, Marianne finds that even the best laid plans can go awry.

It was darling, and the characters were each well written.

No matter how much Cecily held and caressed the doll and talked about how pretty it was, I remained stoically insistent that I did not want to touch it. Her degree in Donalxson has only fueled her passion to write. How dare he speak to me like that? There are exactly 5 people at the dinner table, four of which are family members. Where is your compassion when I need it most? There are many other page turning episodes which I will not reveal further, but readers can look forward to a ball Yes, what Regency-era novel would be complete without one?


If you are a regency era fan this is the next book you need to grab and read! Therefore, I believe that most of the ratings on here are FAKE and I odnaldson despise books and the authors that get their friends to increase ratings.

She refuses his help, naturally. After the tragic death of her mother, she is separated from her twin and sent to live with her grandmother in Bath. I had to find out.

The Jane Austen Diaries: My heart was pulled back and forth the entire time and I couldn’t put it down!!! She lives with her grandmother and aunt and is trying to behave like a proper lady but sometimes can’t help using her wits and speaking her mind, or twirling or running out of doors. Feb 05, Charlie Donaldsoon rated it it was amazing Shelves: We know she loves twirling because she cannot stand outside without wanting to twirl.

Open Preview See a Problem? It definitely left me wanting more. Boy behaves badly for about two seconds.

This book is special. He enjoyed reading too—and has an extensive library at Pemberley—the work of many generations!