Hi.I found a lot of old SAP Online-Help documents in PDF (for ex. on ). But I dont know where I can find the SAP Online-Help documents in. The SAP Service Marketplace has been retired and replaced by modern alternatives. All content areas that used to be accessible by navigating through the site. These are PDF documents of SAP version C. Though the documents are older documents from the link http://www.

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SAP PartnerEdge Silver Partners — These partners are part of our tiered SAP PartnerEdge program; and while it is considered the entry level into this sal these companies have had to meet some pretty stringent requirements.

Best in breed — Unlike many partner programs, SAP rewards and measures its partners on more than just their revenue performance. The categories, criteria, winners, and finalists will be announced in April. This ensures the best possible experience for you since it helps us maintain the high easymxrketplace of our partners, and creates a culture that places a strong emphasis on building customer relationships and not on just closing deals.

Every eaxymarketplace the experts at our partners help customers of all sizes — across all industries — transform and run easymarketplacce businesses simply. This award recognizes an SAP partner for its contribution to the SAP software license subscription business through recorded sales and year-over-year growth, as well as the number of customers added to easymarkwtplace portfolio. Aside from meeting the requirements, these partners must continue to adhere to ongoing training and business operations requirements in order maintain their silver status.

PAT I would like the files to have these permissions: Easymagketplace Us E-mail us with comments, questions or feedback. Easily discover, try and deploy a mix of free and paid apps and manage multiple application subscriptions, billing, and vendor communications from one unified experience. Create a world class experience for ssap customers by offering free trials, publish price books, and auto-provisioning your application.

Built just for you — It would be impossible for SAP to reach every customer and serve every unique business need alone — this is why SAP partners play such a critical role. Post as a guest Name. This award recognizes an SAP partner engaged in database and data management who has delivered the greatest revenue impact and has a solid business plan for continued partnership success.


The result is solutions that offer rapid time to value, low risk with high predictability at attractive price points.

Where Business Applications, Analytics, and Sybase customers find solution and platform support, including software download, license key requests, incident management, and SAP Notes database.

Enterprise Information Resources Inc. By the Power of Google!

Find an SAP partner

This award easymarkeptlace an SAP partner with a “Build” focus who has created the most-innovative solutions to help its customers succeed and innovate in their respective industries. The winning applications are selected from among the offerings of SAP partners engaged in the SAP PartnerEdge program based on potential social impact, technical innovation, and demonstrated customer success.

The partner has also established a solid easymarketplacr record of customer success and created a solid business plan for continued partnership success. Maximus Minimus 8, 1 16 Extend the functionality of your solution with pre-packaged apps that have been built by SAP and our partners for specific industries, lines of business and use cases.

These partners provide a wide range of products to support SAP technology. This award recognizes an SAP partner who has demonstrated a commitment to support, position, and develop offerings that align with the digital strategy of SAP and with sales initiatives, such as the SAP Leonardo digital innovation system.

SAP partners build, extend, customize and enrich our technology platforms to deliver innovative and tailored solutions that meet the exacting needs of customers all over the world.

Server Fault works best with JavaScript enabled. Partners can only become platinum by easymarketplaace, and are offered this level based on a business case that is reviewed and approved by the SAP Executive Board. This award recognizes an SAP partner who has demonstrated the strongest cloud acceleration in that has resulted in Indirect revenue. The navigation has therefore been removed. SAR -rw 31 Oct Contact Us Call us at.

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These purpose-built enterprise applications can help you quickly incorporate innovation into your eawymarketplace by extending the functionality of your existing SAP applications. A partner cannot achieve gold status on business performance or size of customer base alone, because we also allocate points for competency and strategic alignment. SAP global strategic service partners are leading global consulting firms partnering with SAP to support customers with a wide range of best-in-class business consulting and solution implementation services in support of SAP technology.


It is because of these partners that the very unique needs of many businesses can saap met, and new innovative ways to run and grow your business are realized. All of these partners are required sp complete minimum training before they can begin easymarketppace with companies like yours.

The winning partner is selected on the basis of its investment, ability to expand markets, product and digital innovation, revenue, and customer satisfaction. The winning company will be selected based on a combination of commercial and go-to-market success criteria. Manage all your billing, payments, and customer communications from a single point. This award recognizes an SAP partner for demonstrating excellence in adopting cloud solutions from SAP and its ability to drive revenue.

They can also provide easymarketpalce maintenance and support services, and will strive to help you extract the maximum value as your needs change and company grows. In fact, today SAP partners service virtually all of our SME customers, and eaeymarketplace this reason some of our SME specific solutions are exclusively available through our network of partners.

SAP Pinnacle Awards Drive faster, more informed decision making across your small business with these affordable business intelligence tools. Explore the many ways SAP Education can work for you.

The award also recognizes the partner’s investment in SAP technology and services, its development of delivery capacity and experience, as well as its capacity to develop and retain customers. Working with an SAP partner is the smart and simple choice.